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Website: https://americas.rocg.com
Industry: Business Consulting and Services
Location: USA
Technology: Digital Workplace, Document Management, Intranet, SharePoint Online

ROCG Consulting: case study 

SharePoint Intranet development For ROCG Consulting

Brief Background About ROCG Consulting

ROCG is an international professional services and consulting firm with offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For over two decades, they have specialized in strategy, finance, operations, value building, and business transition for privately owned and emerging growth enterprises. 

Why Did the Client Need SharePoint Intranet Development?

Our client’s existing SharePoint no longer supported external collaboration and knowledge management. They needed a secure communication solution and found it challenging to share content with clients and other external parties; neither was there a centralized process to navigate documents. Having a centralized employee hub to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications was essential.    

Exploring Better Collaboration Opportunities with SharePoint Intranet

ROCG approached Evolvous to get a modified and custom intranet in place. Following an analysis of the customer’s existing business process, our team designed their existing intranet with modern capabilities and corporate branding, leveraging SharePoint Online and integrating Microsoft Streams and Amazon for quick reading access.  

Improvements Made to the SharePoint Intranet Experience

The home page consisted of news and announcements sections, quick links to applications, weather and timing, important documents, company events, links to the company’s Twitter profile and news feed, teams, office location, and FAQs, and everything would get stored in SharePoint. We have also created a dedicated client site with limited page content – news and announcements, events, activities, and a document library.  

Results Achieving After Deploying the Intranet Solution

With a custom-branded intranet in place, the team at ROCG now experiences improved communication throughout the organization as well as with clients and external parties. The look and feel of their intranet sites match their corporate theme and branding. Documentation is organized, and access to information is faster, easier, and more secure. The intranet increased their productivity and streamlined the processes. 

Key Performance Improvement Metrics 

Annual Revenue Generation: $8.1 Million  

Workforce: 46 Employees 

Employee Growth: 7%