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The Solution

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Website: https://www.rybka.co.uk
Industry: Construction
Location: United Kingdom
Technology: Application Development, Digital Workplace, Power Apps, SharePoint Online

RYBKA Case Study: Digitizing Expense Management

Digitizing the process of Project, Time and Expense Management using Power Apps and SharePoint: RYBKA

RYBKA Background and History

Since the 1930‘s RYBKA has been successfully delivering mechanical and electrical engineering design solutions for various sectors. They strongly believe in offering environment-friendly and cost-effective engineering solutions. 

Their Problem

Using Microsoft Access, RYBKA faced the combined challenges of employee, project, and expense management and maintenance of time sheets. They hadn’t updated their workflow management in a while, and numerous business-critical workflows finally became obsolete. Despite high operational costs and error rates due to human data processing, the customer was unsure of the breadth of automation needed to advance their company.  

Considering the advantages of Microsoft Access, RYBKA faced certain significant limitations using Microsoft Access; firstly, Microsoft Access is unavailable over the internet. Second, Microsoft Access is unavailable for Mac or any other operating system. Third, extensive database security is also not available in Microsoft Access.  

They required a solution that would give them the flexibility to operate and manage everything on a single platform and accessibility available from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Our Solution

Evolvous saw an excellent opportunity to bring digital transformation to the customer’s business. Our team reviewed RYBKA’s legacy systems to identify areas for improvement and replacements. On a priority basis, our team designed and implemented a custom application to achieve the goal of a streamlined process for project and time and expense management using Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint as backend databases.

The platform had the functionality of adding the timesheets in a weekly format and submitting the sheets for approval. Admin would get notified after submission and can approve the sheets directly from the platform. A similar feature was added to the expense management, which gave the users the room to add the expense, description and charges. It also had the functionality to approve or reject the invoice. The best part was that the platform was device responsive. The platform can auto-adjust the control based on the screen size. 

The Impact

With several business workflows automated by Evolvous, RYBKA made an essential step towards digital transformation and improved experience. Now they have: 

  • Significantly reduced the manual effort for document collection and processing. 
  • Do not solely depend on the computers but have the flexibility to access the platform from any device preventing any delay or error. 
  • The platform is accessible beyond office hours from anywhere in the world. 
  • Track and plan accurately.  
  • All the data got stored centrally in SharePoint.  

Setting all the required components within a few weeks was possible because Microsoft Power Platform made it easy and intuitive and was a complete productivity-boosting solution.