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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Industry: Legal Services
Location: USA
Technology: Digital Workplace, Intranet, SharePoint Online

SharePoint Intranet Development for a law firm.

Customer Background and History

The Customer is a law firm in the USA that works with multinational firms—offering legal services in litigation support, bank funding and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and other legal services.

Their Problem

The client intended to replace their obsolete, overpriced intranet built on a third-party platform with a more affordable alternative based on SharePoint Online, which would be bilingual to accommodate both French-speaking and English-speaking employees. The Customer requested sustaining the new intranet’s appearance and felt in line with the existing intranet to facilitate the employees’ seamless intranet adoption. 

Our Solution

A seasoned SharePoint intranet provider, Evolvous, was approached by the Customer to create a brand-new intranet. Following an analysis of the Customer’s business requirements, our team developed a bilingual SharePoint Online intranet. As a result of reduced subscription rates, high scalability, connection with Office 365, and other aspects, the Customer was able to lower intranet costs.

For each company’s department, SharePoint provided nine department sites (e.g., Litigation, Compliance, Administration and Finance). Following the Customer’s branding guidelines and design specifications, our team also incorporated custom branding that matched their branding; this included, for instance, a custom header with search, navigation, and a language switcher.

The Impact

By switching to the SharePoint platform, the Customer could lower the cost of maintaining the intranet and take advantage of various social and business features. With the new intranet, employees can quickly identify a teammate or information, access helpful tools and resources directly from it, and stay up to date on business news and activities.