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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Industry: Agronomy
Location: USA
Technology: Integration, Migration, Power Apps, Power BI

Soilcraft Case Study

Migration from Trello; Integration with QuickBooks; Automation with Microsoft Flow: Soilcraft

Soilcraft Background and History

Soilcraft is a product-based company offering a wide range of crop fertility products Including organic, biological, and conventional.

Their Problem

Soilcraft used Trello, which did not provide any room for custom development and was going over their budget. Also, Trello did not allow integration with QuickBooks, which made their invoice management cumbersome. They wanted a complete solution for managing their product details, Delivery details and invoices, all in a single platform but with the same UX as Trello.  

Our Solution

Soilcraft decided to migrate from Trello to Microsoft Technologies. Evolvous initiated the project by crafting a detailed plan to ensure a quick and flexible migration of the existing content without affecting the business processes.  

The Migration process included three stages:  

  • To achieve the same uniformity of user experience as Trello in Power Apps  
  • Integration with QuickBooks for invoice management. 
  • To automate the backend process with Power, Automate (Flow)

The Impact

With automated workflows, Soilcraft made an essential step towards digital transformation and improved experience. Now they have: 

  • Significantly reduced cost with this new platform. 
  • Pricing modules are automated from QuickBooks.  
  • Maintaining product details and product updates and managing the checklist items available for all products in a single platform. 
  • Delivery tracking was made easy with the same UX. 
  • Auto filling of invoices through QuickBooks API