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Website: https://www.sovereigninsurance.ca/
Industry: Insurance
Location: Canada
Technology: Power Automate, Power Platform, SharePoint

Automating site creation on SharePoint Online: Sovereign Insurance Case study

Automating site creation on SharePoint Online: Sovereign Insurance 

Background and History   

The Sovereign General Insurance Company (Sovereign Insurance), a mid-to-large commercial insurance provider, has been empowering Canadian businesses to succeed by developing and distributing risk solutions for years. 

The Problem 

Sovereign Insurance operates throughout Canada as a mid-to-large commercial insurance provider with a network of people working with them. The scale of that teamwork is truly immense. They required an intranet, and previously Evolvous assisted them in implementing SharePoint Online from scratch. They were running multiple programs requiring continuous collaboration, which resulted in creating multiple sites. Their primary focus was on making collaboration easy and as secure as possible.   

Our Solution 

Collaboration requires exquisite attention to protecting internal data. Our team at Evolvous automated the site creation process for Sovereign Insurance. Our team created their home page and automated the process of Home page configuration, backend lists and libraries. Using Power Automate, we created a flow. This enables the Power Automate app to trigger the flow whenever an item is created. 

The Impact 

With the automated Intranet in place, the team at Sovereign Insurance now experiences improved capabilities. Site creation is now much faster and easier. Automated Intranet has increased their overall productivity as well as streamlining the processes. Eliminating manual steps has saved hours for their team by leveraging the easy-to-use, low-code solution and giving significant benefits.