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Website: https://www.thielmann.com/
Industry: Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Location: Switzerland
Technology: Application Development, Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint Online

Customer Case Study – Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

THIELMANN Case Study: Using the Power Apps and SharePoint for Sales Team Automation


THIELMANN, one of the leading manufacturers of stainless-steel containers, has a profound knowledge of 275 years of container experience and is part of the German HERITAGE Ⓑ Holding (former TEKA). They cover most of the container market and occupy leading positions in several industry segments.

THIELMANN’s Issues with Manual Management

As one of the leading manufacturers of stainless-steel containers, it is imperative to understand the client’s needs and address them. For the sales team at THIELMANN, they would have to visit the client’s location, and meticulously capture the data associated with every order, and then communicate it to the manufacturing department. Having more than one container model and getting different specifications on different orders generated a lot of information to be translated, and doing everything manually was a difficult job.

Leveraging SharePoint and Power Apps for Solving Their Problems

Our team used SharePoint as a backend database to store all the files, images, and documentation related to every order. Leveraging Power Apps, our team developed an automated application for the sales team to directly capture and forward the order details in PDF format to the respective email address.

Impact of Incorporating SharePoint and Power Apps

With an automated application in place, THIELMANN can now maintain all the information in one place. This automation brought down their hours to minutes and minimized the chances of error, thus doubling their overall efficiency.

The sales representative would now have to click on the drop-down and choose from the available options according to the client’s requirement. As an added feature, the salesperson can add any customization to the container based on their needs, review the order with just one click, and send the PDF version of the order directly to the department concerned or person.

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