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Website: https://precihealth.com/
Industry: Medical Practice
Location: Zug, Switzerland
Technology: Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 ERP

Using Business Central’s Precision for Effective Management of Preci Health

About Preci Health 

Preci-Health has been revolutionizing the landscape of medical care by developing accessible, safe, and virtually painless blood sampling solutions for use anytime and anywhere. Their vision is to bring forth unprecedentedly accurate diagnostic tools for better management of human health. They aim to build improved diagnostic facilities that can be used easily. With the availability of such health diagnosis tools, they can ultimately improve informed decision-making capabilities in people while aiming to contribute towards enhanced healthcare facilities for patients across the world.  

What Kind of Difficulties Did Preci Health Face Towards Organizational Streamlining? 

Prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Preci-Health relied on a manual system prone to errors, time-consuming, and lacked the necessary features to handle the growing complexities of all their processes.  

  1. Managing multiple accounting systems was challenging.  
  2. They needed a scalable solution that could automate their existing Accounting System, Purchase Order process, Vendor Management, Workflow Management, Inventory Management, Tax Management, Budgeting, and Financial Reports while providing real-time insights. 
  3. They required a scalable solution to meet the demands of their expanding workforce.  

Our Suggestions for their Management Issues 

To us, Dynamics 365 Business Central could prove to be their one-stop solution that could capably streamline all their business operations. With its help they could ensure better compliance metrics and could also use its abilities to enhance their overall efficiency. 

Why Could Dynamics Business Central Impact Preci Health? 

Preci-Health partnered with us to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The decision was driven by the platform’s comprehensive capabilities including its ability to integrate with other Microsoft products, and its flexibility to adapt to their Accounting System, Purchase Order processing, Vendor Management, Workflow Management, Inventory Management, Tax Management, Budgeting, and Financial Report segments. 

A Brief About Dynamics Business Central’s Implementation 

  • Implementation of the Accounting System

Our team worked closely with their team to understand their accounting requirements. After understanding them, we went forth and configured Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for them. We aligned the company’s specific procedures and ensured that the necessary accounting modules were activated. We also configured the basic settings, such as currencies, fiscal calendars, and posting groups, according to their organization’s requirements.

  • Implementation of the Purchase Order & Vendor Management Process

Our implementation of default purchasing parameters like default vendor, currency, payment terms, etc. and defining the number series for purchase orders is how we started organizing it. For continuous improvement, we regularly reviewed and refined their purchase order process to ensure operations were streamlined, efficiency improved, and all these integrations helped reduce their overall operational costs. Also, vendor management provided their business with the tools and capabilities they needed to establish and maintain strong relationships with vendors.

  • Implementation of Tax Management and Budgeting

Implementing tax management and budgeting with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central involved configuring the system to handle various tax rules, calculations, reporting, and budgeting processes. We developed automated tax calculations & budgeting processes by utilizing Business Central’s automation capabilities to automatically calculate taxes on transactions based on predefined rules and settings and budgeting processes, from data collection to approval and monitoring.

  • Implementation of Workflow Management

Workflow management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central involved configuring and automating their business processes to improve overall efficiency, accuracy, and consistency across various operations. 

  • Implementation of Inventory Management

Implementing Inventory management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was a comprehensive process that involved tracking, managing, and optimizing inventory levels and transactions. With this, we offered various features and functionalities to streamline their inventory management processes. Overall, inventory management provided the necessary tools and capabilities they needed to effectively manage their inventory, optimize stock levels, minimize stockouts, and improve operational efficiency.

  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics for a Better Financial Overview

The platform’s robust reporting and analytics tools provided the client with real-time insights into financial data. Customized dashboards allowed stakeholders to monitor payroll expenses, track compliance, and make informed decisions.