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Website: https://centrecourt.com/
Industry: Real Estate
Location: Toronto,Canada
Technology: Azure, SharePoint

Custom SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Development

Using SharePoint to Improve Document Management for a Canadian Real Estate Company

About CentreCourt

CentreCourt is a fully integrated real estate developer in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that operates across all areas of development including land acquisition, zoning, design, marketing, sales, construction, and customer care. They manage 19 high-rise residential projects (completed and in construction), collectively representing over 10,000 homes across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Why Did They Need to Rethink Their Document Management System?  

As a major real estate company, CentreCourt gathered tons of information from their customers, contractors, and other stakeholders. The information was digitally stored in files which were shared and accessed by several users, using different devices from various locations. They also needed to ensure a high level of security for their legal documents. To store such a large volume of data, they used a local network.

Document Management Challenges Created by their Local Network  

Their existing document management system that was based on a local network, posed several challenges. For starters, it lacked customization capabilities which made it less adaptable to their specific needs. It also had limited functionality and could not integrate seamlessly with applications like Microsoft Teams. This made managing documents tedious and time-consuming.

As such, CentreCourt needed a document management system that will easily integrate with their existing systems and enhance collaboration across geographies. They needed a solution that would act as the central repository for all their documents and allow employees to work together on the documents whenever they need to.

Developing a Customized SharePoint Solution to Improve Document Management

Since the client wanted a robust document management system, along with a collaborative environment, SharePoint was the ideal solution. At Evolvous, we conceptualized and designed a custom SharePoint environment, where individual pilots will have their own SharePoint sites. We also devised a plan wherein the documents and case files will be organized under their respective sections.

Ensuring Role-Based Access for Better Security

The client also wanted to make the specific files accessible to only a select group of users. This was achieved by utilizing the advanced permission control capabilities of SharePoint. The admins will be able to assign roles and permissions which will allow only particular individuals/groups to access the files. Our team decided to configure the permissions on site level, document level and folder level.

Improving the User Experience on SharePoint Intranet

User Experience was another focus area for us. To ensure a consistent user experience, we incorporated their brand identity into the theme of the SharePoint intranet, including their logo and branding colors.

How Did We Implement the Customized SharePoint Solution?

After having a detailed discussion with the management, we started the work on building the foundation of the SharePoint environment. After successfully completing the initial stages, we executed SharePoint migration, where we transferred all the files from their local network drive folders to the new SharePoint environment, maintaining the integrity and security of the crucial data.

Using SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to Improve Usability

Once the data was in place, we designed individual sites, and connected them to a central ‘hub site.’ Using SharePoint Framework (SPFx), our team designed the home page and added custom web parts and features to make all the folders accessible at one place.

Ensure Data Security by Controlling SharePoint Permissions

We configured the permissions on the folder level and site level and assigned the respective security groups at top level navigation sites and on home page tiles. The file sharing option was also enabled across the SharePoint intranet so that users could easily share important files if they had the requisite permissions to share and access the file.

The Impact of Our Customized SharePoint Solution on Organizational Efficiency

After migrating their document management system to SharePoint, CentreCourt observed a significant improvement in the efficiency of their work processes. They now have a user-friendly and accessible centralized repository for all their important files. The team can now manage data more effortlessly, reducing confusion. Retrieval of documents also became quicker as they could easily search for the right file using metadata search and other advanced search capabilities of SharePoint.

By successfully implementing permission control, we made sure that managers did not have to worry about the legal and other sensitive documents being accessed by unauthorized personnel. With SPFx, we also customized access for all pilots at one place.

Key Performance Improvement


High Value Projects Impacted

100 +

Users Benefitted

63 %

Reduction in Document Retrieval Times