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The Solution

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Website: https://www.wheelton.com.au/
Industry: Vehicle Rental and Leasing
Location: Australia
Technology: Application Development, Document Management, Migration, Power Apps, SharePoint

Wheelton Group Case Study

Migration from legacy SharePoint classic to modern SharePoint

Migration from legacy SharePoint classic to modern SharePoint is a big project. It can be a very complex process which changes the way you work with a set of products, and there are a lot of products that need to be migrated.

We all know SharePoint is built to be a powerful platform for collaboration. It gives an administrator the power to control the look, feel, content, functionality and operations. But with SharePoint’s many functionalities came substantial costs to maintain. It was difficult to budget for small businesses or growing businesses. Small to mid-size businesses that wanted to migrate to modern SharePoint were faced with cost, time and resource constraints. However, these challenges can now be overcome.

Wheelton Group Background and History

The Wheelton Group has approximately 40 years’ experience in the Vehicle Rental Industry as one of the largest franchise holdings with 10 locations based in Victoria, Australia. They are mainly into vehicle renting but have also diversified into holiday accommodation and social welfare. 20% of their annual turnover have been dedicated to support various philanthropic projects both in Australia and Indonesia.

Their Problem

The Wheelton Group were dedicated users of Classic SharePoint which not only caused too many technical issues, but Microsoft is gradually deprecating the technology along with SharePoint Designer and its workflows. Their existing leave management process was also notably outdated.

Our Solution

Our experts at Evolvous addressed their challenge by suggesting:

A complete migration from SharePoint classic to Modern SharePoint for improved functionality.

New Modern Interface by converting classic SharePoint Pages to Modern SharePoint pages for rich appearance and experience with corporate branding.

A fresh leave management application using Responsive Power Apps.

The Impact

Our team worked together in seamlessly migrating over 1 lakh files, 100+ pages along with their layouts, libraries, and permissions. This transition not just added to the rich internal branding but is also faster, easier to use and has been optimized for mobility.

It has saved loads of staff time and increased their productivity. The most compelling benefit is that the user can easily set up effective workflows without any developmental skills.

Paralleling working on the outdated leave management system, our team built a completely new Leave management application leveraging Responsive Power Apps.