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Embrace the Future: Technology Adoption, Training, and Change Management

Technology is rapidly evolving and staying ahead in the competition means embracing change with open arms.

At Evolvous, we have a comprehensive and strategic approach to technology adoption, training, and change management that ensures our customers a seamless transition from legacy systems and upgrade their technology stack organization wide.

Change management is crucial for businesses because its organizations navigate and implement changes effectively.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should implement change management strategies:

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Technology Adoption

Our step-by-step adoption framework guides you through the selection, implementation, and integration of the latest tech solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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Training Programs

Our team has more than 2 decades of industry experience and have carefully designed the training programs to enhance proficiency and confidence in using new technologies, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

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Change Management

We focus on minimizing disruption, addressing the human aspect of change, and setting the stage for a smooth transition, ensuring that your team is ready to embrace new challenges.

What’s Included in Our Training Programs?

Our training programs are personalized, specially crafted by our team to ensure they meet the organization’s specific goals and the individual requirements and aptitude of the employees. Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a digital-first environment with these programs:

1. SharePoint

To store, organize, and access your files from any device.
Discover how you can create SharePoint document libraries, lists, edit metadata, manage user access, create team sites etc.

2. Teams

To chat, call, and meet with your team members and external partners.
Learn how to create channels, integrate apps and sites, manage meetings within your team and with clients, vendors and suppliers.

3. OneDrive

To synchronize your files across your devices and access them offline.
Synchronize OneDrive and integrate it with other Microsoft 365 applications, manage security settings and backup.

4. Power BI

To understand your data and make data driven decisions.
Our Microsoft Trainers will help you create personalized dashboards, custom visualizations, interactive graphs and charts.

5. Dynamics 365

To manage various aspects of your business with ERP and CRM
Combine ERP and CRM functionalities, and learn about the features and functions of different modules like Dynamics 365 Business Central

How Do We Offer Our Training Programs?

The program will be delivered online combining two methodologies – Instructor-Led Learning and Video Training. Certified Microsoft trainers will provide live demonstrations, interactive exercises, and Q&A sessions.

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Understand the benefits and features.

Get an in-depth look at the different features and functions of the platform and discover how you can use them to improve productivity at work.

change management services for training support - Evolvous

Navigate the user interface and settings.

Different platforms have different user-interfaces. Learn how to navigate the interface and configure the settings to meet your requirements

change management services leadership development - Evolvous

Perform common tasks and scenarios with each app.

Know how to execute common operational tasks with the help of the applications. Discover how specific tasks can be completed faster and better.

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Integrate the apps with each other and with other services.

Integrate the applications with other Microsoft 365 and third-party applications to increase the impact and the benefits of the customized solution.

The Process of Change Management

At Evolvous, we follow a structured process to guide your organization through transitions and adapt to new ways of working. While the exact process might differ based on your exact needs, here is an overview of the stages that we follow:

STEP 1: Assessment and Planning

The first step in change management involves assessing the need for change and planning to address the challenges of such a change. We will define the scope and objectives and analyze the current state of the organization.

STEP 2: Designing the Change Strategy

Based on the assessment, we will design a comprehensive change strategy. The strategy will include detailed plans for communication, training and addressing potential resistance. We will ensure that we involve key stakeholders in the process.

STEP 3: Implementing the Change Strategy

Next, we will move towards the implementation of the change management strategy. The plan will be put into action at a predetermined time. At this stage, we will execute the communication, training and other actions as planned. Your team will get the necessary support as they navigate the transition. The leadership team will be prepared to deal with the change effectively.


STEP 4: Monitoring the KPIs

Throughout the change process, we will constantly monitor the set KPIs and assess whether the organization is moving close to the desired state. The team will utilize feedback mechanisms, surveys, and ongoing communication. This will help you identify any issues or areas that need to be improved.

STEP 5: Managing the Long-term Impact of Change

The final step is to ensure that the changes become ingrained in the culture and practices of your organization. To ensure that the change has a long-term positive impact, we will reinforce new behaviors, celebrate individual, team successes, and address any resistance or challenges.

Why Choose Evolvous?

So, what makes our professional change management services the right option for your organization? Here are some of the major reasons why the leading businesses trust us.

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We have a team of some of the most highly trained and experienced change management consultants who have managed hundreds of projects, from diverse industries and geographies.

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Industry Specific Services

As a change management consultant, we have worked with a diverse clientele. Our awareness of the challenges faced by different industries helps us to develop perfectly tailored solutions for your business.

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Complete Support

From assessment to executing actions for change management, we offer complete support at every stage of the process.

Together, let us transform your business processes, cultivate a forward-thinking workforce, and lead the change in innovation.

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