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How Dynamics 365 Business Central Addresses 5 Common Challenges in Construction ERP  

Are you facing construction ERP challenges that are leading to a slump in productivity and project performance? When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software, construction businesses across the world deal with a lot of challenges every day. Most of the challenges include. 

  1. Challenges in project management, which often lead to delays. 
  2. Issues with fiscal management that increases expenditure and reduces profitability. 
  3. Managing material, equipment, and other resources across multiple projects. 
  4. Managing relations with subcontractors and keeping the project online. 
  5. Ensure compliance with various industry safety and operational standards. 

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get access to potent construction ERP software that solves such critical business challenges in a simple and effective way. 

Evolvous helps your business to evolve with the power of Dynamics 365 Business Central, with the purpose of increasing overall productivity. Let us look at how Dynamics 365 Business Central and our innovative solutions can help you improve the performance of your construction project 

What is Dynamics 365 Business Central for Construction ERP Software? 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution designed for small and medium sized enterprises. With this single platform, you can integrate various business functions such as sales, purchasing, inventory management, and even customer service. Dynamics 365 Business Central can also combine seamlessly with SharePoint, Power BI and other Microsoft and third-party tools. 

At Evolvous, we help you configure Dynamics 365 Business Central to fit with the unique demands of the construction industry. By using it as your construction ERP software, you can manage project operations more effectively, ensuring on-time completion and effective utilization of financial and material resources. 

Advantages of using Dynamics 365 Business central in Construction Industry - Evolvous

Did You Know? 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is not the only module within the Dynamics 365 suite that can be used for construction. There are a range of other ERP modules like Finance & Project Operations which can be configured to suit the needs of the construction industry. Click here to know more.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Addresses Construction ERP Challenges

As said before, Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used to solve construction ERP challenges in a range of diverse ways. Here are some of them. 

 1. Using Dynamics 365 Business Central for Construction to Enhance Project Management 

Scenario: A construction company is working on a large-scale commercial project to construct a new office building. The project involves various tasks including site preparation, laying foundations, structural work, electrical and plumbing and the like. 

How Does Dynamics 365 Business Central Help?

  • Project Setup: Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used as construction ERP software to set up the project, defining parameters such as budget, timeline and required resources. 
  • Task Management: The project management module can be used to break the project into individual tasks, and assign them, manually or automatically, to individuals or teams. This makes it easy to track progress. 
  • Reporting: You can generate comprehensive and insightful reports into KPIs like project progress, issue resolutions and other metrics. 

How Does Evolvous Enhance the Solution?

  • Customization: We can customize the Dynamics 365 Business Central to align with the specific needs of the company, incorporating industry-specific and/or project-specific features and workflows. 
  • Integration: Our team can integrate scheduling software, CAD tools and others to streamline data flow and improve overall efficiency. 

 2. How Can Dynamics 365 Business Central Work as a Construction ERP Software to Utilize Resources? 

Scenario: A construction company is managing multiple projects simultaneously. It needs to efficiently allocate resources like technicians, equipment, and materials across the projects with the objective of maximizing productivity and profitability.

How Does Dynamics 365 Business Central Help?

  • Resource Allocation: Business Central can be used to allocate available resources to different projects based on the requirements, resource availability and skill compatibility.  
  • Real-Time Monitoring: You can get real-time visibility into resource utilization across all projects. This allows you to monitor usage, identify bottlenecks or underutilized resources. 
  • Efficient Scheduling: Dynamics 365 for construction can also be used to create detailed schedules, considering factors such as timelines, dependencies, and availability of various resources. This aids in better collaboration across projects. 

How Does Evolvous Enhance the Solution? 

  • Customizing for Smarter Resource Management: Our team of certified Microsoft experts can help you create advanced scheduling algorithms, resource forecasting, even integration with the IoT network. 
  • Strategy Optimization: We can leverage data analytics tools like Power BI to predict resource demand, identify trends and optimize resource allocation strategies. 

 3. Improving Fiscal Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central for Construction 

Scenario: A construction company specializes in residential and commercial projects. They are finding it challenging to effectively manage financial resources while handling expenses related to materials, labor, equipment rentals, permits and other associated costs. 

How Does Dynamics 365 Business Central Help?

  • Budgeting and Planning: As a construction ERP software, Dynamics 365 Business Central to create detailed budgets, including cost estimates for various expenses and even set apart a ‘contingency fund.’ 
  • Project Cost Control: You will be able to monitor actual project costs against budget estimates. This would allow you to identify the possibility of cost overruns and take corrective actions to mitigate financial risks. 
  • Cash Flow Management: With Dynamics 365 Business Central, can provide visibility into incoming payments and outgoing invoice clearings. It can forecast cash flow in an efficient way. 

How Does Evolvous Help to Enhance Performance?

  • Customizing Financial Reporting: We can customize reports such as job costing reports, profitability, and expenditure reports. This facilitates strategic decision making. 
  • Integration with Accounting Systems: Our team can help you integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central with other external accounting systems for regulatory reporting and tax compliance. 

How does Dynamics 365 Business Central Typically work for a Construction Business - Evolvous

 4. Facilitating Subcontractor Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central as Your Construction ERP Software

Scenario: A construction company often hires subcontractors for specialized tasks. They are finding it challenging to manage different subcontractors and ensure timely completion of the project. 

How Does Dynamics 365 Business Central Help? 

  • Contract Management: You can create and manage several subcontractor agreements from a single platform. You will be able to define project scopes, payment terms, deliverables – all from within the system. 
  • Work Order Assignment: With Dynamics 365, you can create work orders from within the system and assign them to appropriate subcontractors. You can also track progress and ensure on-time completion. 
  • Invoice Processing: The platform also allows you to streamline the way you receive and process invoices. You can also approve invoices and track statuses. 

How Does Evolvous Help to Enhance Performance? 

  • Workflow automation: Thanks to our experience in the construction industry, we can automate workflows like approvals for change orders, contract amendments and payments. 
  • Training: We will provide training sessions for your employees and subcontractors on how to leverage the unique features of the system to make subcontractor management easier and efficient. 

Ensuring Complete Compliance to Industry Standards by Using Dynamics 365 Business Central for Construction 

Scenario: A construction company operates in a highly regulated environment with strict safety, environmental, and labor regulations. It is important to ensure compliance while managing multiple projects. 

How Can Dynamics 365 Business Central Help?

  • Track Compliance Requirements: With Business Central to track and manage regulatory requirements at both the project and organizational levels. 
  • Document Management: By integrating Dynamics 365 Business with SharePoint, you can store and manage regulatory guidelines, permits, licenses and inspection reports and make them accessible across the organization. 
  • Audit Trails: It can be used to maintain audit trails providing a comprehensive history of critical actions that are needed to comply with the regulations. 

How Can Evolvous Enhance Performance?

  • Customized Compliance Modules: At Evolvous, we can customize modules to include features such as safety incident reporting, and environmental impact assessment. 
  • Risk Management: Our team can build risk management frameworks within Business Central to track compliance records, flag potential issues and generate reports. 

Get Comprehensive Solutions for Construction Industry 

Evolvous offers a range of solutions for the construction industry that go beyond Dynamics 365 Business Central. Explore our range of customized services for construction services here.

Why Choose Evolvous for Dynamics 365 Business Central - Evolvous

Unlock Potential by Utilizing Dynamics 365 Business Central as Your Construction ERP Software 

Contact our team today and get started with the implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central for the construction industry.


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