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    Attlasian Ending Server subscription for Confluence. Confluence Server to SharePoint Migration - Evolvous

    Attlasian Ending Server subscription for Confluence

    Confluence has been one of the most widely used platforms for document management by businesses and organizations. Till now, Confluence has been available on the cloud and on servers. Server based storage solutions remain popular as some organizations need the confidence and control that such systems deliver. However, a recent news report has raised concerns from the Confluence server users. 

    What is the News? 

    Atlassian has recently announced that it will be discontinuing support for its server products. The company will pull the plug on Confluence server on February 15, 2024. Atlassian and Marketplace partners will no longer provide technical support, security updates, or bug fixes for vulnerabilities on server products or apps. Data Center and Cloud-based solutions will remain active. 

    What Does This Mean for Confluence Users? 

    If you are using Confluence server subscription, then you will have to migrate. You can migrate to cloud or data center-based solutions. However, you will be able to retrieve your data after the date for discontinuation, but your sensitive data will be vulnerable. Therefore, it is recommended that you migrate your data to a new platform before February 15, 2024. 

    Server-based document management systems do give you better control over your data as the data will be stored on your premises, on your own infrastructure. This gives you a sense of security and privacy, which are often considered the top priority for many organizations. 

    If you wish to retain the control and confidence of on-premises, server-based document management, then you can move to SharePoint server environment. SharePoint offers several advantages over Confluence, which makes Confluence server to SharePoint migration feel like an upgrade! 

    Why Should You Consider Confluence Server to SharePoint Migration? 

    If you want to keep your server-based data infrastructure in place, then the server version of SharePoint is one of the best options that you currently have.

    Microsoft SharePoint has some of the same capabilities that Confluence has, which makes it easier to adapt for confluence users. At the same time, there are some advantages of using SharePoint over Confluence. 

    The Advantages of Confluence Server to SharePoint Migration 

    Here are some of the key features that you get when you migrate from Confluence Server to SharePoint migration.  

    Better AI Features  

    We live in the age of AI, so having a document management system with AI-enriched features is something that every business needs. With SharePoint, you get AI capabilities for intelligent search, offering features like personalized search results, query suggestions, relevance based on user interactions.  

    SharePoint also integrates with Azure Cognitive Services for advanced text analytics, which enhances the results you get from natural language queries. By using Machine Learning algorithms to automate content tagging, SharePoint also makes it easier to categorize and organize documents without manual intervention.  

    More Efficient Workflow Automation  

    SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Power Automate, Microsoft’s low-code process automation application. This allows you to automate complicated tasks involving multiple steps, conditions, and actions without any extensive knowledge of coding. 

    Did You Know? 

    At Evolvous, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that help you discover the potential of process automation through Power Automate – Microsoft’s low-code automation platform. Visit our page to know more about Power Platform consulting services

    Better Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem  

    If you extensively use Microsoft applications, then Confluence server to SharePoint would be effective as it integrates more seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem, offering you better performance and higher productivity. You can integrate with Microsoft Teams and make it easier to share documents with your team directly from within the teams.   

    You can also integrate with Azure Active Directory, bolstering user authentication and access control. This gives you a single sign-in experience within the Microsoft ecosystem. 

    Visit our page SharePoint Consulting Services to know more about the benefits of having a SharePoint based Document Management system. 

    Things to Consider for Confluence Server to SharePoint Migration 

    Now, let us look at some of the important things that you need to consider when you are thinking about Confluence to SharePoint migration. 

    Should You Migrate to SharePoint Server, Hybrid or SharePoint Online? 

    When you are looking at Confluence Server to SharePoint migration, it is recommended that you think about which specific version of SharePoint you wish to migrate to. SharePoint has three versions – on-premises (server-based), SharePoint online and hybrid deployment. 

    To make the right choice, it is recommended that you get your system and requirements assessed by experts. Contact Evolvous for a thorough assessment of your system and get expert recommendations on which SharePoint version should you ideally migrate to. 

    Click here to contact us and schedule a detailed assessment for your system. 

    Do You Need to Make Changes to Your Server Infrastructure for Confluence Server to SharePoint? 

    Yes, in certain cases you might need to make changes to your existing system infrastructure. You need to consider differences in database requirements, authentication methods, and point of integration.  

    This is why it is crucial to review the system requirements and compatibility of both platforms, ensuring that your infrastructure aligns with the specifications of SharePoint server.  

    What are the Budgetary Allocations that You Need to Make? 

    You will have to invest in getting a license for SharePoint server. SharePoint 2019 intranet sites are licensed using Server/CAL (Client Access License) model. SharePoint Server 2019 is required for each running instance of the software, and CALs are required for each person or device accessing a SharePoint Server. 

    You need to get SharePoint Enterprise CAL, which will include the following: 

    • Sites: a single infrastructure for all your business websites. 
    • Communities: an integrated collaboration platform.
    • Content: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for the masses. 
    • Search: standard search features plus entity extraction, video search, item recommendations. 
    • Business solutions (includes Access Services and InfoPath Services). 
    • Business Intelligence for everyone (includes Power View, PerformancePoint Services, Excel Services, and Visio Services. 

    Apart from the licenses, you might need to make investments in upgrading your infrastructure and consultancy fees. Contact our team and we will help you develop cost optimization strategies for your business.  

    Confluence server support might stop, but your business should not! 

    Contact Evolvous today and discover how we can help you manage Confluence server to SharePoint migration.

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