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Digital Transformation in real estate & construction industries

The construction and real estate sectors rely heavily on digital change. Digital technology transforms how projects are completed, managed, and monitored in both industries. Due to its reliance on digitally developed blueprints, plans, and other documentation, construction is one of the first sectors to embrace digital technology at this level. In these domains, what does digital transformation imply? Let’s take a deeper look at where it originates and why it’s so important.

The construction industry has been slow to adapt to the digital age. The industry has seen a major shift from physical assets to intellectual property. There are many reasons for this change, including accessing more affordable resources and more easily connecting with other professionals within your field.

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What does Digital Transformation mean?  

Digital transformation is more than a phrase; it is a means of doing business in every sector. With the digital revolution here to stay, companies are looking for ways to boost employee productivity by enhancing collaboration, integrating technology into existing business processes, and investing in cutting-edge technologies that promise to boost efficiency, innovation, and customer engagement.

The process of combining digital technology, customer experiences, and business models to generate new possibilities is known as digital transformation. The ultimate purpose of digital transformation is to assist a company in innovating and distinguishing itself from its competition. 

Digital Transformation in construction industry  

The construction industry is facing some challenges related to digital transformation. The traditional way of doing business, combined with overall efficiency issues and the need to cut costs, has led many companies to search for new ways of working. Construction is one of the industries that creates the most waste and recycles the fewest resources; thus, progress toward a more sustainable and efficient construction industry is critical.

digital transformation in construction industry - Evolvous

Furthermore, most of the current construction is obsolete and inefficient in energy efficiency, resulting in excessive consumption. The Crossover Digital Platform will be crucial in overcoming the barriers to digitalization and facing future challenges such as climate change or demographic growth. The platform seeks to aid in the digitization of environments and infrastructures and the transition to a circular economy, which is critical for long-term construction sustainability.  

Technology has changed the way business is done in every industry, including the construction industry.

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Digital Transformation in real estate industry

Digital transformation is all about adapting to change, and the real estate industry is no stranger to change. All global markets require digital change. We have seen this tendency increase in the real estate industry over the last five years, with new Proptech companies popping up every day. According to global data, 62 percent of purchasers utilize digital tools while making real estate deals now, and by 2030, this number will have risen to 90 percent (and 100 percent in some countries) due to the active market participation of the generations ‘Millennials’ and ‘Z’. At least 9 out of 10 market participants will purchase or sell a home using the digital environment 

Digital Transformation in Real-Estate industry - Evolvous



In these circumstances, the accuracy of property data and the speed with which the market is delivered will be critical. Nobody wants to waste time figuring out which side of the street the windows face when the same information can be found in two clicks on a different website or app with better data quality.

Why Real estate players are rethinking how they use digital channels and how technology is changing their business processes.

One of the most critical digital technologies for real estate players in the cloud. The cloud allows real estate professionals to take advantage of various applications, such as collaboration software, project management tools and document creation apps (e.g., Google Docs).  

The digital transformation of real estate will significantly impact how agents operate their businesses. It is a fact that the digital space is constantly changing. Real estate agents must be willing to keep up with those changes and adjust to this unique environment.   

The good news is that we can learn from the past, and it is easier than ever for real estate agents to transform traditional methods to modern ones. Here are some tips for real estate agents who want to take advantage of the digital transformation:   

  1. Build your online presence  
  2. Leverage mobile technology 
  3. Enhanced data collection 
  4. Stronger resource management 
  5. Increased profits.  
  6. Improved productivity.  
  7. Increased agility.   

Why should you care about digital transformation?  

The importance of digital transformation is undeniable, and it is here to stay. We’ve all heard the buzz, but what does it imply for your business? It implies that you must learn to adapt or perish. It’s a world without boundaries, where technology will transform and disrupt everything, we know about business in the twenty-first century. Organizations are being forced to change their business ways because of this new reality. It’s a shift they can’t afford to overlook. We can help your business transform; please contact our team or visit to learn more.

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