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Digital Workplace Tools and their Benefits

After the COVID-19 pandemic, physical office spaces, once occupied with employees during regular office hours, were replaced by digital workplaces. The need for digital workplaces tools has never been felt more critical than now. So, this is the time for organizations to explore the idea of a O365 digital workplace benefits fully.

The idea behind the digital workplace environment is to integrate the technologies used by employees, from emails to virtual meeting tools. The practical implementation of Digital Workplace strategy is the key to success.  

Challenges without Digital Workplace  

Due to the “Work from Home” culture, companies face challenges like time management, various distractions, work without supervision, communication between employees, performance measurements, to name a few. These problems are faced by employees as well.  

Digital workplace challanges

In the era of “WFH” organization needs to understand what information employees need to access, where that information is stored and whether it is possible to access it remotely.  

These problems raise the need to create a digital workplace that enables employees to work collaboratively and securely.     

Digital Workplace Tools and their Benefits  

The strategy of implementing a Digital Workplace plays a significant role in providing employees with the right tool to perform better in job responsibilities.  Let’s have a look at the Digital Workplace tools and their benefits.

The tools can be:  

  • Communication and messaging tools: These tools play a leading role in remote working for effective communication of every information. To make communication easy, Microsoft 365 has vital features like Exchange Online for formal email communication, Yammer for group chats, Skype for phone calls, video calls, meetings, and conferences, SharePoint Online for creating surveys to keep employees engaged and involved.  

Digital Workplace Tools and their benefits Evolvous

  • Productivity Tools: These tools help employees manage their workflow more optimally by focusing on meaningful work & reducing the repetition of work. Microsoft 365 libraries can help employees by organizing their documents.   
  • Collaboration Tools: These tools will help the team communicate and reach a common goal in the scheduled time. Using Microsoft 365 workplace, employees work remotely and gather participants to share ideas and information.    
  • Enterprise Tools: These tools are designed for large organizations to digitize their workflow & include CRM software, HRM software & ERP software. Microsoft 365 integrates with ERP and CRM systems to provide multiple means of communication.  

Tips to transform digital workplace   

  • First, management needs to understand the current culture of their organization; they should not force the new culture, which is not a part of the existing culture. They need to align business strategy and digital workplace strategy.   
  • Secondly, management needs to reduce dependency on individual tools & technologies. They should choose technologies wisely which are innovative and active in the market.  
  • Finally, organizations need to manage the alignment between senior & strategic levels and do not forget, transformation involves both compliance & legal risk.  

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Digital Workplace is the only culture where the world is moving, and this pristine environment will reduce the risk of losing against competitors. The transition towards Digital Workplace includes choosing the right toolkit so that employees across geography can communicate, collaborate, & achieve their goals faster. Evolvous Limited has been offering consultation services and building digital workplaces for years. Our unique and tailored combination of services caters to fit the needs of your organization. Click here to check our Digital Workplace services.


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