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A Guide to Dropbox to SharePoint Migration

Dropbox to SharePoint Migration allows you to move your documents, images, and other files to your SharePoint from your Dropbox account. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular document management systems used by businesses – large and small. Its capabilities go beyond what Dropbox can offer. Here we will find out how you can safely and efficiently move your documents from Dropbox to SharePoint. But before we do that, let us look at why you should do that in the first place.  

Why Should You Think About Dropbox to SharePoint Migration?  

Dropbox is a platform for storing and accessing your data in the cloud. You create a file, upload it to the cloud, and it becomes accessible to other team members. You can also integrate it with Microsoft Teams to add files to your conversation. But that is just about it. There is so much more you can do with SharePoint.  

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  • SharePoint is More Productive – There are several steps to go through when you upload a document on Dropbox. You first create the File on your system, then upload it to the system. The steps hardly take a few minutes, but when you add them up, a lot of manhours are wasted like this. You do not have to go through such hassles when working with SharePoint. If you are logged into your Microsoft 365 account on your computer, it gets instantly uploaded to your SharePoint environment. 


  • Collaboration is Easier – Collaboration is much simpler when it comes to SharePoint. In the case of Dropbox, users will have to download the document, make edits and then reupload it. This delays the process. On the other hand, with SharePoint, you can log in to SharePoint online or your Microsoft 365 account and make edits there. As soon as you make the edits there, it gets reflected on the document. Multiple users will be able to make changes to the document at the same time. 


  • Integrates Seamlessly with Other Microsoft Enterprise Solutions – When using SharePoint, you can easily integrate your files with other Microsoft services like Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure Network.  

So, if you want to go beyond just ‘storing’ your data on the cloud and get a seamless and efficient way to manage your data, then Dropbox to SharePoint Migration would be a smarter option.  

The Steps to Follow for Dropbox to SharePoint Migration  

You can manually migrate your Dropbox data to SharePoint as well as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams with the help of Migration Manager in Microsoft 365 account. Let us quickly look at the steps you need to follow to complete the migration.  

STEP 1: Log in to SharePoint and Connect to Dropbox – The first step in the process of Dropbox to SharePoint migration is to connect to your Dropbox account from SharePoint. Here is what you need to do:  

  • Go to SharePoint admin center and then click on ‘Migration Center.’  
  • Choose Dropbox and then select Get Started.  
  • Select Connect to Dropbox. 
  • Select Sign into Dropbox and then enter the credentials of your Dropbox administrator account.  
  • Click on ‘Allow,’ which would let Microsoft have the listed individual and team permissions.  
  • You would get a confirmation message stating that you can start syncing your users and scan their content.  

STEP 2: Scan and Assess – Next, you need to add the source paths to scan and assess your Dropbox files.  

  • Select Add source paths and choose a method among the following:  
  • Find a few team folders.  
  • Use a single source path.  
  • Upload a CSV file with the path.  

Choose the one that works for you.  

  • Highlight all the accounts you want to scan, then click on Scan.  
  • When the Scan is complete, you will get a table summary that will give you details about the users, the size of the content and how ready they are for migration. If there are any issues, it will also point to that.  

STEP 3: Copy to Migrations Tab for Dropbox Migration – The next stage in the process of Dropbox to SharePoint migration is to add the Dropbox account to the migration list.  

  • Select the Migrations tab.  
  • Choose the users who are ready to be added to the migrations list.  
  • Click on Copy to Migrations.  
  • Select the Migration Tab again and then proceed to the next step.  

STEP 4: Review Destination Paths: At this stage, you need to review the destination paths of the accounts that have been moved. This would help you avoid errors during the actual migration.  

You can do it manually if you are migrating to a single destination. If it’s multiple destinations, then you can upload a CSV file.  

For Single Destination:  

  • Highlight the row.  
  • Under destination, click on Edit.  
  • Enter the SharePoint site URL and location. You can also migrate to OneDrive and/or Microsoft Teams.  
  • After you are done, click on Save Path.  

For Multiple Destinations  

Download the MigrationDestinations.csv file template and enter your destinations into it. You can change the name and upload it.  

STEP 5: Map Identities: Here, you would need to match the user and group identities from your Dropbox account and map them to corresponding user and group identities on Microsoft 365.  

  • Select the Migrations tab.  
  • Choose the Map identities on the menu bar.  
  • Select Auto-map to map the identities using the Migration Manager automatically.  
  • Choose import users and groups if you want to upload the values with a CSV file.  
  • You will need to highlight the row if you want to edit a single mapping.   
  • Enter the mapping Microsoft365 user account.  
  • Click on Save  
  • If you want to edit multiple mappings, you can upload a CSV file to complete the work faster. To do that, you should start by selecting Import Users and Group.  
  • After that, download the mapping.csv File and insert your own mapping.  
  • Choose Select File and choose your mapping file.  
  • Select Save and then Close.  

STEP 6: Migrate – At this stage, the actual Dropbox to SharePoint migration process will begin.  

  • Select the accounts to migrate.  
  • Choose Migrate  
  • You will get a confirmation message. Click on Migrate.  
  • Now, you can monitor the progress of the migration.  

You need to follow this process for Dropbox to SharePoint migration. However, the process is full of challenges. Let’s check out some of the common issues that you are facing.  

The Challenges of Migrating Data from Dropbox to SharePoint 

When using the manual method, there are a number of challenges that will make the process seem tedious and prone to errors. Here are some common issues that you might face.  

  1. You have a large amount of data: Certain companies have a large amount of data on different Dropbox accounts, often totaling terabytes or petabytes of data. Migrating such huge volumes of data is tedious and can lead to human errors.  
  2. Security: Since you would be migrating data in batches in most cases, you would face issues with security. At Evolvous, we use secure transfer protocols to protect data.  
  3. Unsupported Characters in File Names: Certain characters are unsupported in SharePoint. If you use them in the names of your Dropbox files, you will need to rename them manually.  
  4. File Path Character Limit: SharePoint has a limit of four hundred characters for file paths. If your file path exceeds that, you need to trim it.  
  5. Migrating Timestamps: Migrating timestamps and other such attributes from Dropbox to SharePoint is difficult if you have limited experience with the technical side of SharePoint.  
  6. Limited Access to Data During Migration: When you are migrating from Dropbox, it might take days to complete. You will have limited or no access to the data during this time.  
  7. Reflecting Incremental Changes: The incremental changes might not be reflected on your data once migrated.  

At Evolvous, we use our expertise as Microsoft Certified Gold Partners to solve all these issues and make the process more secure, efficient and hassle-free. Our dedicated team of migration specialists will use the latest and advanced technology to deal with the challenges and mitigate any risks to your data during the migration 

The Services Offered by Evolvous for Migrating data from Dropbox to SharePoint

At Evolvous, we have helped businesses manage Dropbox to SharePoint migrations without hassles. We help you deal with the following:  

  • User-to-user data migrations  
  • Migrating root file, root folder, and subfolder permissions  
  • Migrating the entire version history of the files.   
  • Migration planning, execution and troubleshooting support.  

Contact our team today and discover how we can facilitate Dropbox to SharePoint migration with our bespoke migration solutions. Know more about our SharePoint solutions by visiting our SharePoint page.

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