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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

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Build a Customer-Centered Organization with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Getting insights into customer behavior is crucial to deliver exceptional customer experiences, ensuring the long term of success of your business. With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can get the desired insights into customer behavior, improving customer retention strategies.

  • Are you looking for effective ways to build customer engagement?
  • Do you want to retain customers in the long term and build a loyal customer base?
  • Is it difficult to manage customer data on different platforms?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a cloud-based, AI-powered CRM tool that performs a specialized yet critical business function – helping you understand your customer better than ever.

Evolvous is a certified Microsoft consultant offering tailored solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. With our custom solutions, you can get useful insights into customer journeys, allowing you to personalize customer interactions, anticipate needs, and deliver more targeted marketing campaigns.

Explore the True Potential of Dynamics 365
Customer Insights with Evolvous

Businesses are different. So are their customer demands. Therefore, you need to customize your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to help you gain the exact insights that will help you to craft the desired customer experiences.

At Evolvous, we help you customize your Microsoft Customer Insights platform to ensure that you get the desired performance. From customizing the UI to configuring the way your customers are segmented, our team of experienced specialists will help you with it all.

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Maximize ROI by Optimally Using
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Pricing

 Dynamics 365 Customer Insights pricing plans are flexible, just like other Dynamics 365 modules. However, businesses often end up spending more than they need, preventing them from maximizing the value from their Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform.

Apart from offering you perfectly customizing your Microsoft D365. We will help you conduct a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) to evaluate the ROI, making it easier for you to choose the right plan. Once implemented, our team will monitor usage and identify areas where optimization is possible, saving you costs on the short and long term

Applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Journey - Evolvous

Personalized Marketing

Make every customer feel valued by tailoring your marketing around them. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will help you analyze customer records to personalized marketing campaigns.

Personalized marketing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Journey - Evolvous

Smarter Fraud Detection

Customer Insights can help you detect and prevent fraudulent activity by analyzing patterns and anomalies in customer behavior. With our customized solutions, you can easily identify frauds.

Increase Customer Retention - Evolvous

Increase Customer Retention

Get assistance in building a strong, loyal customer base. Understand customer preferences and satisfaction levels more effectively than ever before. Develop loyalty programs for your customers.

The Advantages of Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Unified Platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights gives you a single platform to get all the valuable insights you need about your customers. With our custom solutions, you develop a system that allows for seamless data sharing and collaboration between different business processes and teams, allowing for better movement of materials across your networks.

Cloud-Based Deployment: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a cloud-based solution hosted on Microsoft Azure. This makes the applications easily accessible anytime, anywhere, across your time.

AI Enriched Features: Do more with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features in Dynamics 365. Our team of experts offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services, which helps in better utilization of the capabilities to deliver the desired performance.

Cost-Effective: Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in a range of flexible plans. However, businesses often end up spending more than necessary due to lack of planning. Our team of experts help you choose the right pricing plans, depending on what is required.

Get Complete Solutions for D365 Customer Insights


Needs Analysis

We start the process by having an in-depth discussion with you and your team to understand your needs. We will also perform a needs analysis, where we will analyze your existing systems and processes to understand challenges and find viable solutions.



If you are transitioning from legacy systems or other logistic management platforms to Dynamics 365, we will help you execute your migration process. We offer Dynamics 365 backup solution and ensure the safety and integrity of your data and ensure a seamless transition for users.

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Make customization services for Dynamics 365 sales

System Configuration

Our team of expert Dynamics 365 consultants configures and customizes the solution to align with your organization’s unique requirements. We set up applications, workflows, user roles and other system settings. We work with all stakeholders to ensure that we meet your needs.

Get Seamless integration for Dynamics 365 Sales - Evolvous

Issue Resolution

We use tools and platforms like Microsoft Power Platform, Azure networks, and custom APIs to achieve seamless data flow and real-time synchronization between Dynamics 365 and other business applications.

We can help you in Training using Dynamics 365 sales - Evolvous


Get training and support that helps your team to adapt to D365. Our team will help you conduct training sessions, workshops and create user documentation. This ensures faster adoption.

Maintenance using Dynamics 365 Sales - Evolvous


Our team monitor the system’s performance, address any issues that arise, apply the necessary updates so that your Dynamics 365 application delivers the performance that you want.