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Who Should Sign up for the Envisioning Workshop?

Our Envisioning Workshop is ideal for businesses, non-profits, and public sector entities who want to discover new methods for building an easily accessible data network and improving your organization’s daily operations, facilitating information exchange and boosting productivity.

Strategy and Envisioning workshops exploring Microsoft Cloud Capabilities

Register your team for the RPA and Power Platform Envisioning Workshop, which aims to empower your workforce by guaranteeing more innovative resource utilization and enhanced productivity at your organization. We help you discover actionable insights during the workshop through directed discussions with all stakeholders. The workshops are conducted by our industry experts and innovative practitioners, who assess and guide you through the process to improve your existing capabilities. We work closely with your technical and management teams to identify the operational bottlenecks and scopes of enhancing productivity and efficiency. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to build a team of ‘citizen developers’ within your organization.

Participants in our workshops are usually

• C-level Executives

• Digital workforce leaders

• IT and Technology Leaders

• Intranet Administrators

• Process Improvement Teams

• employee experience champions

• Human Resource and Communication leaders

Join us for an immersive experience that will help you harness the power of automation and
intranet solutions to drive your business forward.

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How is the Workshop Conducted?

The session will be divided into four stages. Here is an overview of the process that we follow:

Stage 1


Introduction to the next-generation technologies in automation and collaboration.We will start by understanding your team & processes. The goal here is to identify stakeholders and the specific issues individual teams are struggling with.

Stage 2

Discovery Discussion

Discussions will become more focused. We will try to uncover the gamut of problems that you are facing and their root causes.

Stage 3

Review and define

We will huddle up with the team at your organization. The objective here is to ideate solutions, determine the right tools and technologies, and how the solution will be integrated into your existing systems.

Stage 4

Use Case Discussion

Based on the discussions, we will develop a use case that can effectively overcome the challenges.

*Please note that this is just a rough outline. The process we will follow in your specific case will be finalized after our initial discussion and a pre-survey analysis to identify key pain points.

Find Answers to Your Specific Problems

Are you spending too much time on repetitive tasks like filing reports, manual data entry, or sending emails for approvals? Is human involvement making processes cumbersome and error-prone?
Do you want to measure performance metrics more effectively to fine-tune your strategies Are you looking for ways to consolidate data and ensure team members can access information wherever and whenever they want?
Dynamics 365 Envisioning Workshops in Canada - Evolvous
Our Envisioning Workshop are conducted by industry experts with decades of experience in delivering innovative and future-ready solutions.They will help you find actionable solutions to your organization’s specific challenges by understanding your existing systems and future growth plans.

Each workshop session is tailored to address your concerns and develop solutions that align with your existing processes and play a vital role in future growth.

Envisioning Workshop FAQs

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to the process of business process automation based on software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence (AI) agents. It is simpler than traditional workflow tools, as you do not require to build internal APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or learn dedicated scripting languages.At Evolvous, we offer customized solutions based on Microsoft Power Automate – a low-code automation platform from Microsoft. We also help you leverage the in-built process automation capabilities of SharePoint, Power AI, Power Apps, and other applications from the Microsoft Power Platform family. This helps us to deliver a solution that truly works for you, integrating seamlessly into your existing systems.

I already have RPA systems. How will this Workshop Help?

If you want to expand the use of RPA systems, like automating interconnected processes, or reduce the chances of errors, then the Envisioning Workshop will help you understand actions that you need to take to improve performance.

How is the Workshop conducted?

In most cases, the workshop will be conducted online, allowing you the freedom to schedule it as per your convenience. The following things will be included in the workshop:

    • Assessment of existing systems and processes.
    • Identifying processes that can be automated to enhance productivity.
    • Revising existing automations and making them more effective
    • Guiding you on ways in which automation can help you increase profitability.
    • Get recommendations on integrating automated processes with your existing systems.
    • Get complete training support for faster adoption.

Please note that you can also request personal visits from our team.