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The Global Power Platform Bootcamp event was a massive success in 2021 and 2020. This year’s event set to take place on February 18-19, 2022, with free registration. Microsoft and Evolvous are sponsoring the event. This is two days of Power Platform Festival – free events that are conducted by user groups and communities around the world, for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft’s Power Platform. Major topics to be covered in the event will be:  

  • Power Apps 
  • AI Builder
  • Power Automate 
  • Power BI 
  • Common Data Service
  • Power Virtual Agents 
  • PowerApps Portals 
  • Connectors  

Sessions will be delivered by Microsoft MVP’s and community leaders who are enthusiastic about sharing their understanding and solutions with participants. The session will include deep dive into Microsoft’s Power Platform stack with hands-on sessions and labs led by experts and community leaders. 

Let’s look at what variety of knowledge you will acquire from this event.  

Building Low Code Vertical Apps with the Power Platform

Software as a Service is the new, dominating delivery strategy for new applications, especially with the rise of remote work. This model can and has worked in various industries, including finance, retail, and others. This session will help you understand how minimal code and SaaS on the Microsoft Cloud can enhance the customer experience across various sectors while leveraging the Microsoft Cloud.  

Developers’ Dataverse 

To construct enterprise line-of-business applications, Dataverse brings together the worlds of data and events. We can look at what this implies for professional developers and how to use the Dataverse WebAPIs, construct pipeline-based custom business logic, ingest Dataverse Events in Azure, mine Dataverse Data in Azure Synapse and more in the session.  

Power BI Embedded

Developers can embed actionable analytics everywhere with spectacular data visualizations in any platform, product, website, portal, or service using Power BI Embedded Analytics. This session will help you know how to utilize the Power BI embedded analytics playground, a platform designed by developers for developers to explore all of the features of Power BI embedded analytics. Discover and engage with Power BI client APIs, be inspired to use the newest Power BI features to your apps, and acquaint yourself with the latest capabilities, tutorials, and documentation in the developer sandbox using a sample report or bring your own report.  

Bot Framework Composer

It allows you to extend the capabilities of your powerful virtual agents. Customize your Power Virtual Agents bot by using Bot Framework Composer to create custom dialogues and upload them straight to your bot.  

Power BI

Understand how Power BI can help you develop enterprise-scale analytics solutions that fulfil your governance requirements. And know how to quickly exploit big data investments with native connectivity to data warehouses and data lakes and how to simplify ETL, apply machine learning, and scale for the organization’s largest datasets without sacrificing performance or security.  

So those are the few topics to learn in the Microsoft Power Platform bootcamp. There are several new things to learn and comprehend throughout the event.  

Continue to expand your skillset.  

Register yourself in this free event and learn as much as you can. It is an opportunity to learn more about the new Microsoft Power Platform products and features, enabling you to enhance existing abilities and keep moving forward with new ideas and training possibilities.

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