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Five Reasons Why Power Platform is a Better Option than Nintex - Evolvous

Nintex to Power Platform Migration

Modern day businesses often leverage process automation technologies to increase operational efficiency and achieve optimum utilization of resources. Today, you have process automation platforms that make the technology accessible and practical for small businesses. Now, when it comes to choosing the right platform, most businesses, especially the ones with no prior exposure to the technology, tend to gravitate towards two options – Nintex to Microsoft Power Platform migration.

The reasons are not hard to find. Both the platforms are easy to setup and deploy, they have got useful features, and they can be customized to a considerable extent.  

Comparison between Power Platform and Nintex - Evolvous

But what happens when you pit them against each other? Well, in our opinion, Microsoft Power Platform outperforms Nintex in certain key areas. Here are they: 

Power Platform is Not Just About Automation

The focus of Nintex is predominantly on process automation and optimization. On the other hand, automation is just one of the aspects of Power Platform. It helps you to achieve another organizational objective as well. For example, with the help of Power Apps, you can build a custom app for business management. Likewise, Power BI helps you get better insights into resource utilization and operations management. You also get the access to Power Virtual Assistant which makes it easy to manage your day-to-day activities. 

Why Does it Matter: Well, more is always better, don’t you think? By giving you access to a wider set of tools, it makes integration easier. Instead of investing on separate platforms for automation, business intelligence and building a mobile command platform, you get it all in one place from Microsoft Power Platform. 

Nintex vs Power platform - Evolvous

Ability to Integrate a Wider Range of Application 

The efficiency of your process automation system is enhanced when you integrate it with different applications. While both Nintex and Power Platform allow you to integrate with applications like SharePoint, Office 365 and Salesforce, Microsoft Power Platform also works with a host of other applications including Dynamic 365, Azure SQL, Slack, DB2, Mailchimp and the like. 

Why Does it Matter: Integrating with a wider range of applications, helps you to achieve end-to-end automation. For example, you can integrate Power Platform with Mailchimp to automatically send custom email newsletters based on user-generated data. This way, the entire process will have minimal human effort, speeding up the costs and avoiding errors. 

Custom Mobile App Development 

The Nintex mobile app allows you to receive notifications, fill out and submit forms, review and approve documents. You can also connect to your mobile workflows on SharePoint, Office 365, or Nintex Workflow Cloud. However, most of their customers feel that their mobile app is adequate as it doesn’t expand to other areas of the operations, thereby restricting its applicability. On the other hand, with Microsoft Power Apps, you will have a greater ability to design and develop a truly customized mobile app. 

Why Does it Matter: Creating a powerful mobile app, helps you to manage operations on the go. For example, you can get a summary of the production levels with Power BI and then automate processes for optimal results, all from your iPhone or Android phone. 

Better Industry Coverage

The solutions developed by Nintex can be used by a wider range of industries. However, they state that their services are ideal for banking and financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, education, food & beverages, government, and technology.  

On other hand, Microsoft Power Platform can be customized to meet the unique needs of practically any business belonging to any industry. For example, at Evolvous we develop solutions for construction, insurance, and range of other industries.  

Why Does it Matter: If you belong to other industry that is not specifically traditional then you might have to adapt to using features that was not originally designed for your industry. You might have needs and requirement that is specific to your industry. For example, risk assessment is critical in the insurance industry, compared to the banking and financial services in general. So, if you want to automate risk assessment processes, then you would need to get the platform built according to your specific needs. This can be achieved with ease with the help of Power Platform. 

Better Support

While the support team at Nintex can only be reached through phone or online (email/website), Microsoft Power Platforms offer you far better support. They also offer support in multiple languages. The best thing about Power Platforms is that it has a wealth of information available in form of video tutorials and on its online knowledge base, allowing to learn better on your own. 

Why Does it Matter: You never know when you run up against an error or issue. You might not know how to fix them. In such cases support becomes necessary. By providing you with quality learning content, it also helps you to understand the workings in a concise way. 

Unlock the True Potential of Microsoft Power Platform 

Okay, so Microsoft Power Platform does its own share of advantages over Nintex. But how to realize it full range of benefits? The smarter way would be to get an expert in Microsoft Power Platform customization. Not only do they offer solutions that are tailored to your needs, but you also don’t have to go through the hassles of investing in new infrastructure or hiring new personnel. 

At Evolvous, we helped businesses like yours to leverage the advantages of Power Platform and drive business growth. We have successfully helped our clients achieve their desired business goals – whether it’s expanding their operations and increasing efficiency or cutting down costs. Experience how Power Platform is a Better Option than Nintex and explore our customized solutions by, clicking here. 

GREAT NEWS! If you are looking to switch over from Nintex and explore a wider range of possibilities with Microsoft Power Platform, then now is as good a time as ever. We are offering 50% off on first Proof of Concept (POC) for moving one process from Nintex to Power Platform. So, discover how Power Platform can enhance the competitiveness of your business, without making a significant investment. 

READY TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Click here to get in touch with our experts today. 

READY TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Power Platform vs Nintex - Evolvous



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