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3 Benefits of a Healthcare Nonprofit Adopting SharePoint

We’ve spoken a couple times about how SharePoint can be a powerful suite of services for you and your business. But, if your company is still easing into new technology, or even if you’re just hearing about SharePoint for the very first time, you might not know how it can work for you. Well, instead of just telling you what it can do, how about we show you how other companies have used it to make their companies more efficient. It’s worth saying that our applications and services aren’t just for huge companies. In fact, one of the most interesting uses of SharePoint solution that we’ve ever implemented was for a healthcare nonprofit.

Lots of nonprofits have volunteers or other staff that don’t work in a dedicated office, but rather work from home or on-site wherever their services are needed. That’s true of a lot of companies these days, as well – smaller companies sometimes operate out of home offices, and even larger companies are experimenting with having remote staff. 

Healthcare non-profits can benefit from SharePoint

Healthcare non-profits can benefit from SharePoint in a variety of ways, including Collaboration and information management. Learn how to use the latest technology to your advantage when it comes to managing records, sharing documents and collaborating on projects with this Microsoft Software.

Sometimes, though, that brings up issues with effective communication between staff members, as well as securing important and sensitive information. With this nonprofit, their means of conveying strategies and instructions between social work staff was mostly emails that people hoped were opened in time. With that, a lot of things ended up getting done later than they needed to be, or sometimes not at all. And that’s not mentioning some things getting lost in translation across multiple emails, important attachments being hard to find, and the clutter and confusion it can all brings. 

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  •  Internal cloud-based space

That’s where SharePoint can come in. We developed an internal cloud-based space for them to share and discuss work, collaborate on documents and share information in a more streamlined way. This meant that everyone had access to the digital resources they needed and could communicate with each other on how to work together on certain tasks much faster and easier. An added bonus was that it was easy to get everyone to learn how to get on board. A lot of SharePoint’s functionality is based on Microsoft Office 365, and most professionals have an existing knowledge of how to work with the well-known suite of productivity apps. 

  • Additional programs

With SharePoint, there are also loads of other applications that you can add specifically to make your business’ work easier. With this particular nonprofit, in addition to the regular Office 365 apps, we introduced additional programs that allowed them to quickly and easily communicate with other staff members, share documents relevant to their work from wherever they were, and even always have relevant protocols and procedures always at the ready. 

  • Runs on Cloud

Part of the ease of implementing it for this mostly remote healthcare firm was that the entire service runs on the cloud. That meant that they didn’t have to build a server or constantly maintain software across an entire office’s worth of computers. It also meant that the entire implementation was cost-effective, even for a nonprofit – beyond paying monthly for each user on the platform, they didn’t have any other costs for using SharePoint. 

I’m sure you can imagine the benefits to having a platform like this to help you work. Being able to turn in work from wherever you are means that you can do more and help more people, whether you’re physically in the office or not.

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It also means that staff are more energized and are sharing with other colleagues more often. It also has a positive effect on customer service, because clients can trust that your staff will be able to help them no matter when or where, and they won’t be wrong. If this is what SharePoint can do in the example of this Healthcare nonprofit, imagine what it can do for you and your business. 


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