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How Chat Bots Can Build Your Brand?

When people think about how Chat bots can build your brand bots, they often think about the little message pop-ups at the bottom of web pages that ask consumers if they need any help (or the unfortunately spammy social media messages asking you to click a sketchy link). And, of course, bots are incredibly useful to automate customer service needs. But, like all technology, there’s more than one way to make it work for you.

For starters, it can be a more personal and interactive way to gather demographics and other information on your target consumers. Instead of the bland pop-up in the middle of your landing page, what about starting a conversation with those who view your page? It’s an opportunity to increase the amount of input you get from visitors to your site, gather more information by keeping them engaged longer, and even gather data that might have been otherwise unlikely to get from a regular website form. Using the same cues that get people to check their Facebook messages may seem like a trick, but if you think about it as a more successful form, you open yourself up to so many possibilities. 

One of those possibilities is to increase your audience engagement through automating positive parasocial relationships. This is where an audience develops a one-side relationship with a celebrity or influencer. Once in a while, though, that kind of relationship can be with a brand. Why else do you think that brands like Sunny D are making the extra effort to act like people on their Twitter pages. You can be one of those brands if you think outside the box. 

Take marketing guru Gary Vee for instance. His most recent technique to strengthen his relationship with his fans is by a Facebook Messenger bot that shares uplifting messages, previews of content, and more. He even invites people to respond to certain messages and let him know what kind of content they’d prefer he share with them. In so doing, he gets to deepen his relationship with his audience, who feel like they have a direct line to reach him and his content. 

Of course, another thing that Gary Vee does with this implementation of bots is share more content with audiences. By using messenger bots to share content, you make it more likely that someone will actually take a second glance at the things that you share (especially if you send it to your consumers using something like Facebook Messenger, where they’re more likely to see it again), and you have the opportunity to personalize it to the consumer you’re trying to convert. 

In the future, we’re sure that you can be even more personal with your audience, treating it the same way you might treat ads. For now, though, asking those you’re messaging (and by you, we mean your bot) for what kind of content they prefer, you can send them exactly what would interest them, and get better data about who wants what and actual click-through to your products and services. 

It’s easy to think about bots, or in fact any other technological tool, as only capable of the things we’ve already seen it do. But, with a little ingenuity and some support from folks like us at Evolvous to help you make what you need, the possibilities truly are limitless. The question isn’t what automated bots can do, but rather, what do you want them to do, for you and your audience. 


Conclusion: Chat Bots are on the rise, and there is no question they can help you build your brand online. Whether you want to increase engagement on social media or drive traffic to your website, bots can be an extremely effective tool for doing so. If you’d like to learn more about how bots can benefit your company, please contact us today!

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