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How Can Chat GPT Help Your Business? 

If there is one piece of technology that has generated a lot of interest globally, then that is Chat GPT. From student essays & passing law and medical exams to writing script for a Ryan Reynolds ad, Chat GPT is not creating ripples, but generating shockwaves. Pundits are claims that this AI chat engine will change the world in many ways. But what does it mean for your business? Can you use it to power the growth of your business? Let us delve a little bit deeper into the world of Chat GPT and see how it might impact your business processes. 

What is Chat GPT? 

To put it simply, Chat GPT is a chatbot. Like most other chatbots, you enter a query, and the machine answers you back. However, the similarity with earlier chatbots end there. Earlier, you had to ‘feed’ questions and their answers. Whenever, a user typed in the query or something similar, it used to display the answer. This made the entire process seem very mechanical and, in most cases, quite inadequate. 

Chat GPT, or Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, is an advanced chatbot that uses AI to converse more naturally with the user. It uses information available on the internet and then processes the information to power conversations. So, if you ask it to write a web page content, it will analyze the content that is made available and then uses its ‘thinking’ capabilities to process the information and learn from it, just like a human brain would and then develop a unique piece of content as per your needs. 

This all sounds exciting, but how will impact your business in the future? Can you drive some real benefits by adapting to this new piece of technology? Let us find out. 

Ways in Which Chat GPT can Help Your Business 

Chat GPT can have significant uses in multiple departments of your business. In fact, many businesses across the globe have already started to explore the different applications of Chat GPT and in an interesting number of cases, they have been successful in optimizing their operational efficiency. 


Marketing is the department that will be most impacted by Chat GPT. You can use this AI chatbot to write content for your flyers, brochures, and other types of content. Businesses have also been using it for writing scripts for TV ads. One of the recent Mint Mobile ads (the company partly owned by superstar Ryan Reynolds) is created from scratch by Chat GPT.  You can also write website content as well as online articles, and social media posts, without having to hire additional copywriters to your team. 


One of the biggest features of Chat GPT is that it can understand the concept of ‘tone.’ For example, if you want it write a product description in an enthusiastic tone or in a professional way, it will understand the subtle differences between the two approaches and then create the content accordingly. This makes it ideal for writing sales pitches and/or writing the text for your sales presentation. 

Want to create mails for following up on payment or upselling a product/service? But not finding the right set of words or able to decide on the tone? Chat GPT can help you out here as well. It can help you write (or give ideas to write) engaging emails that would get you the conversions that you need. 

Tech Support

Few businesses have been using Chat GPT to write programming codes. It might find it tough to deal with complex coding tasks, given that the technology is still at its nascent stage. However, if the task is simple, like bug fixes or fixing error in a line of code, then Chat GPT can do it effortlessly. You can also write the code for creating a website or adding basic functionality to it. Although you will still need a human developer to validate the code, using an efficient AI tool like Chat GPT will accelerate the process. 

Human Resource Management

Want to draft an offer letter or a performance report for your employee? With Chat GPT, you can create such ‘standard’ letters of communication within minutes. So, no more waiting for days to get the letter drafted by the HR team. All you need to do is just brief the AI tool, get the draft and make edits, as necessary. 

These are some of the ways in which Chat GPT can help your business get more efficient and drive growth. As the tool continues to develop, it will find more applications and impact businesses in greater ways that we can now conceive. 

What Does the Future Hold? 

The technology, although tremendously impressive, is still at its nascent stage. Currently, although the content is flawless and impressive, it might still need some work to create the desired impact. Therefore, human intervention might still be required. 

With Microsoft continuing to make significant investments into the Open AI project and Chat GPT in general, we can only expect the tool to get better. As the tool continue to develop, it will continue to shape the world around and the way we do business. 

Can I Use Chat GPT on Your Website? 

After witnessing the impressive capabilities of AI powered chatbot like Chat GPT, you might wonder whether you can get it for your website. Having an AI powered chatbot that is capable of conversing naturally with the user, will certainly take your customer service up by a few notches. 

However, the answer is no. Chat GPT is not available for your website, or any other form of personal use. It is part of the Open AI project that is available freely on the internet. 

But that does not mean that you cannot have an AI powered chatbot on your website to serve your customers. Microsoft offers Power Virtual Agents, as a part of its Power Platform line of business software. 

You can also explore other possibilities of using Chat GPT for your business, by hiring a specialist Chat GPT expert. Click here to check out the list of some of the best Chat GPT developers you can hire on a freelance basis.

Get AI Powered Chatbots for Your Website from Evolvous 

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Our team of consultants will help you setup your Power Virtual Agents, based on your requirements. You can design chatbots specifically for your customers as well as vendors and employees. With our efficient planning and professional execution, we can help you build a chatbot that is capable of handling unique and complicated queries. 

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