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How Power BI and Logic Apps Can Help Your Business

Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to imagine how a new piece of technology can transform your business for the better. With so much being developed or introduced in the world of tech and software seemingly every single day, some of it might just get lost, or you’re not quite sure how you’d implement it. Lucky for you, we have you covered with a few examples of how Power BI and Logic Apps have been used in the past, and how they can be used to help your business grow. 

Power BI for Businesses 

It is a cloud-based data analysis service that gives you access to all your vital information sources and presents that information in new and interactive ways. With it, not only can you and your employees more effectively access and engage with important data about your work, but more securely store that data from prying eyes. And the ‘interactive’ part is important – the data analysis that Power BI develops isn’t just your regular chart or graph, but visualizations that let you dig deeper and make decisions for your company. 

Not too long ago, Evolvous partnered with a client working in community primary schools, wanting to use new technology to improve their innovative approach to education. Their hope was to empower their teachers, school administrators and other staff to work smarter by giving them the power to Analyse their impact with students and play around with different strategies for ensuring academic success. 

Logic Apps for Businesses 

But there’s another tool that these schools used – Logic Apps. With it, you can schedule and automate tasks and processes across your entire company. How does it do that? By letting you design and implement your own app and data integration solutions. To put it simply, it lets you create your own workflow – kind of like a simplified program – that lets you decide what happens when certain events trigger it. It comes in handy when some of your company’s technology and systems are more modern than others, but you still need them to communicate to each other in ways that keep things moving. 

By using Logic Apps, these schools had the ability to automate the analysis of their important data, freeing up teachers and management to simply look at the results and make adjustments to how they approach. But, because of Power BI’s interactive nature, they also had the power to play with the data in order to observe what trends would change with certain variables. Simply put, the combo of Power BI and Logic Apps gave them the versatility to discover how best to serve their students and adapt their approaches to education and administration.  

These two apps can work for you and your company the same way, too. No matter what sort of work you do, you can do it better with data on your side. It means that, with Power BI, you can give yourself a birds-eye view of your market, people’s purchasing practices, and even the work of your own staff, all to the end of making your day-to-day more efficient and effective. But, when you add Logic Apps to the mix, you can do all that while returning to the actual business of, well, running your business. It also gives you the ability to take a look at the data as it comes and make changes in real time, or even just interact with the data to get some future sight into how some changes might affect you. 

And these are just two of many tools that you can use to make your business work faster and more efficientlyFrom intuitive applications like SharePoint to more specific services like Robotic Process Automationthere’s something out there that can help you and your company move to the next level.  

What are the benefits of using logic apps?

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps is a new service which allows you to automate business processes by combining intelligent services. Logic Apps simplify the automation of business processes and its integration with other systems. Logic Apps are easy to use, scalable, flexible and secure.

Are logic apps synchronous?

Yes, logic apps are synchronous. Logic Apps service is based on Azure WebJobs and runs in a similar way. Logic App designer gives you full control over the process flow which includes setting up triggers (HTTP, API, Queue) as well as using variables, expressions and other functions to process the inputs for your logic app.
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