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How SharePoint is Evolving with AI and What is Means for Your Business? - Evolvous

How SharePoint is Evolving with AI and What is Means for Your Business? 

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized how businesses work and succeed. Microsoft has been at the forefront of the revolution, as it continues to integrate AI with its range of enterprise solutions. Microsoft SharePoint has enabled businesses to build a collaborative environment. Today, Microsoft is aiming to supercharge the performance of SharePoint with the power of AI. Here we will take a closer look at the SharePoint AI evolution, get the lowdown on all the latest features, and see how it can impact your business. 

Enhance Your SharePoint Intranet to Make it Future Ready 

At Evolvous, we help you utilize the latest features of SharePoint to develop an intranet that is ready for the future. Visit our SharePoint page to know more about how our certified experts help you. 

SharePoint AI Copilot: Your Smart Intranet Assistant Just Got Smarter! 

If you have been using SharePoint, or any other Microsoft Enterprise product in the past year, you might be well-acquainted with Copilot and how useful it can be in performing tasks. Well, as part of the SharePoint AI Evolution, Microsoft is making its Copilot more capable of assisting you effectively in critical SharePoint tasks. 

Let us look at how Copilot AI in SharePoint can effectively assist you in a range of different tasks 

Create Intranet Sites with Ease with SharePoint AI Copilot 

With Copilot AI in SharePoint, you can create intranet sites directly from the new SharePoint start page. It can provide you with a set of templates according to your needs, having elements like newsletters, events, project details and others. 

With a simple ‘natural language’ prompt, you can generate a ‘starter site’ with Copilot. It can collect relevant information from the organization and integrate your business branding. 

Add More Value to Your Pages with Copilot AI in SharePoint 

AI Copilot empowers you to create visually stunning and impactful pages with just a few clicks. Your Copilot will transform your documents, presentations, and other files into SharePoint pages with the latest web design visuals. 

Moreover, it can also help you rewrite the passages to enhance its tone and presentation for engaging your audience. 

SharePoint has also built a page coauthoring feature, which makes collaboration on intranet sites more efficient.  

How Does SharePoint AI Copilot Help You to Make Your Pages More Accessible? 

 With advanced Copilot AI in SharePoint, you can make your SharePoint pages more accessible, hence enhancing the usage of the system across the organization.  

SharePoint AI Copilot allows for your SharePoint pages to be sent and previewed as full news posts through email. This will make it easier for your users to consume the content on SharePoint pages as they can access it without leaving Outlook.  

Many organizations across the globe use Microsoft Teams for internal communication. AI Copilot makes it easier to make SharePoint pages to share documents and SharePoint site links to the ‘General ‘channel, or any other channel in Microsoft Teams. 

Did You Know? 

You can build your own AI Copilot for SharePoint, Power BI, and other Microsoft enterprise solutions and craft a more customized user experience, with specialized solution to your unique challenges. To find out how Evolvous can help you with designing and developing your own Copilot, click here. 

Going Beyond Copilot: The Growing Impact of AI in SharePoint 

The impact of SharePoint is not just limited to the integration of Copilot. The SharePoint AI evolution is a holistic one, impacting all its aspects. Here are some of the other areas of SharePoint and how they are impacted by new SharePoint AI features. 

Automatic Transcription: AI-powered automated transcription is natively available for your audio and video files in SharePoint. This service is the same technology that is available in Microsoft Stream. When you are watching a video or listening to audio file, you will get a full transcript directly in the viewer, with support for over 320 different file formats. 

Intelligent Search: With advanced SharePoint AI features, you can search with more than keywords. For example, you can extract text in photos or scanned documents. You can search for a specific product, and you will get a list of all receipts which were generated for the sale of the product.  You can also search for a specific word mentioned in your audio or video files. 

Get Smarter File Insights: You can also get AI-generated statistics for any file stored in SharePoint Document Management System (DMS). This allows you to get detailed information on the users who have viewed the file and their activity, allowing you to make better decisions.  

Improve Compliance: With SharePoint AI features, you will be able to apply native data loss prevention (DLP) policies and conduct native eDiscovery searches with audio, video, and images, improving compliance.  You might be able to leverage the text extracted from photos and audio and video transcriptions to automatically apply these policies and protect this content with the help of AI. 

How Will the SharePoint AI Evolution Impact Your Business? 

So, how will this AI-infused version of SharePoint change the way you execute critical information tasks? Will this improve productivity at your workplace? Here are some of the ways in which AI in SharePoint can help your operations: 

You can make SharePoint environment more user-friendly: SharePoint AI Copilot makes it easier for the average user to utilize its diverse features, even if they possess limited technical abilities. For example, any user can create a fully functional SharePoint site, library, or list with assistance from Copilot. This can reduce the turnaround time for critical tasks and ensure better adoption for SharePoint for more diverse tasks. 

You get more value from your SharePoint documents: With the advanced AI copilot features you can organize your SharePoint documents more efficiently, cutting down time on finding the right document. We can also get smarter suggestions and useful insights that will help you to monitor how the platform is being used across the organization and take effective steps to resolve the issue. 

You can build a system that helps you deal with future challenges: By facilitating seamless communication and collaboration through integration with Microsoft Teams, you can now adapt to evolving work dynamics and remote collaboration needs. 

Why Should You Choose Evolvous to Make the Most of the SharePoint AI Evolution? 

To make the most of the SharePoint AI evolution, you need to adapt and implement the right strategy that effectively realigns your processes with the new features. At Evolvous, we help you maximize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in SharePoint. 

In-Depth Knowledge: We are a certified Microsoft Gold consultant, and our team possesses in-depth knowledge of AI features as well as other features of SharePoint. This enables us to develop solutions that use the features for your maximum benefit. 

Configuring Your System and Processes: If you are already using SharePoint, or looking to implement it for document management, then we will help you with reconfiguring the system so that it can efficiently uses the advanced capabilities to their fullest potential. 

Complete Training and Support: At Evolvous, we also offer comprehensive training and support to your team so that they can use the AI features and various other aspects of SharePoint, with confidence. From one-on-one sessions to detailed documentation, we can offer you the level of support that you need. 

Make the Most of the SharePoint AI Evolution 

At Evolvous, we help you evolve with purpose. The SharePoint AI Evolution gives you the perfect opportunity to boost productivity and make your business ready for the future. Contact us today to get started.


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