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Streamline Document Management with Hyland OnBase to SharePoint Migration 

Hyland OnBase is often considered to be a ‘niche’ document management system, perfect for meeting specific needs of the organization. For example, it allows you to monitor different phases of the document life cycle – which is something that few can do. However, as your organization evolves, just meeting such ‘specific’ requirements might not be enough. In such circumstances, it is recommended to migrate to a better, more comprehensive DMS. 

SharePoint from Microsoft has a more integrated approach to document management, which makes it easier to adapt to your diverse and dynamic requirements. Hyland OnBase to SharePoint migration is easy. At Evolvous, we offer you complete assistance in managing OnBase to SharePoint migration 

Know More About Our Migration Services 

Visit our SharePoint migration page to explore how our team can help you migrate to SharePoint from Hyland OnBase and other document management platforms! 

Why Should You Consider Hyland OnBase to SharePoint Migration? 

OnBase to SharePoint migration might be necessary under certain circumstances or at various stages of organizational growth.  

Here are some of the scenarios where OnBase to SharePoint Migration will be a smart move. 

  1. You need a unified collaboration ecosystem: Collaborating with team members will often become a challenge. You need a system that facilitates collaboration. SharePoint’s biggest USP is its advanced collaboration features. You can build a SharePoint intranet and consolidate document management, workflows, and communication – creating a cohesive workspace. 
  2. You need a scalable and flexible system: As your organization grows, the scalability and flexibility offered by SharePoint can be a decisive factor. SharePoint is quicker to adapt to changing organizational needs and compliance requirements than other platforms, including OnBase. 
  3. You need better integration capabilities: Hyland’s OnBase can integrate with other applications that you might be using. But the integration might not be as seamless as you might wish it to be. Compared to that, SharePoint offers a seamless integration experience, especially with commonly used Microsoft applications like Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Power BI etc. 
  4. You are looking to optimize costs: When you compare the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) including licensing, maintenance, and support, you will discover potential cost savings with SharePoint migration. If you are already on a Microsoft 365 subscription (E3, E5 or F3), then SharePoint is already included. This eliminates the need to pay for additional licenses. 
Discover More Benefits 

Contact our team today and explore more such benefits you might get with OnBase to SharePoint migration! 

Common Myths of OnBase to SharePoint Migration 

Users often feel apprehensive about making the switch because of certain myths associated with Hyland OnBase to SharePoint migration, and migration in general. Here are some of the common myths associated with SharePoint migration. 

Myth: You will lose data 

Reality: When you use the right tools and methodologies, the chances of data loss are zero. At Evolvous, we perform thorough assessment, validation and testing to make sure that the data is accurately transferred from OnBase to SharePoint. 

Myth: The downtime will be high 

Reality: Downtime during migration is a concern, but meticulous planning can significantly reduce the impact. We utilize strategies like phased migration, where data is migrated in stages, which helps to maintain essential services, and minimizes disruption. 

Myth: You cannot migrate metadata, automated workflows, or permissions 

Modern migration tools and techniques are equipped to handle not only data but also metadata, automated workflows, and permissions. We conduct thorough mapping of metadata fields, plan access controls and replicate all necessary workflows in the SharePoint environment, to ensure smoother transition. 

The Process of Hyland OnBase to SharePoint Migration 

When it comes to OnBase to SharePoint Migration, there is no process that fits all. That is why our team of certified Microsoft consultants will tailor the process to meet your needs more accurately.  

However, here is an overview of the process we follow for OnBase to SharePoint migration. 

STAGE 1: Assessment 

  • Evaluating the existing OnBase infrastructure. We will take an in-depth look at the document types, metadata, workflows, and permissions. 
  • Next, we will work towards understanding the dependencies and integration points between your OnBase environment and other systems. 
  • There will be a detailed discussion with stakeholders to decide on the migration goals, timelines and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

STAGE 2: Planning 

  • Based on the findings at the assessment stage, a detailed migration plan will be prepared, clearly outlining the tasks, responsibilities and expected timelines. The ideal migration tool and processes will be determined at this stage. 
  • The team will also create a comprehensive data mapping strategy for transferring documents, metadata, and associated information. 
  • A communication plan will also be developed, ensuring that all stakeholders are routinely updated about the progress.  

STAGE 3: Preparation 

  • Before the actual process of migration, the data needs to be ‘cleaned’ up. This means that we will remove any duplicates or other inaccuracies. We will also ‘transform’ the data, ensuring that they match the formats and conventions applicable to SharePoint. 
  • The chosen migration tools and processes will be tested in a controlled environment, to identify and address any issues. 
  • We will also provide adequate training for your users to ensure they can use the new system. 

STAGE 4: Executing the Migration 

  • Now, we will begin the process of migration. The migration plan will be implemented. The data will be transferred from OnBase to SharePoint according to the determined mapping scheme and workflows. 
  • The migration process will be monitored in real time. Any issues will be addressed without delay. 
  • We will conduct validation checks to ensure data accuracy. 

STAGE 5: Post-Migration 

  • After the migration is completed, we will validate the data and functionality in the SharePoint environment. 
  • We will offer comprehensive training and change management support so that your organization can easily adapt to the new system. 
  • Post-implementation review will be conducted to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement. 

Key Decisions You Need to Make for OnBase to SharePoint Migration 

When executing OnBase to SharePoint Migration, there are certain key decisions you need to make. Our team will give you all necessary support so that you can make an informed decision. 

  • What would be the ideal SharePoint deployment model?

SharePoint is available as Online (cloud-based storage), Server (on-premises storage) and Hybrid (combination of the two) models. You need to consider your organization’s needs and factors like scalability, accessibility, and cost considerations to choose the right deployment model. 

  • What should be the migration approach?

Do you want a ‘big bang’ migration, where all data is migrated in one go? Or would you like a phased approach, where the data is moved in batches? Consider the size of the dataset, business continuity, and impact on users to make the right decision. 

  • Deciding on User Training and Change Management

It is also important to decide on the approach for user training and change management. How are you going to communicate the upcoming migration to end-users? What kind of training programs are needed to familiarize users with the SharePoint environment? 

Why Choose Us for OnBase to SharePoint Migration? 

So, why should you choose us for OnBase to SharePoint migration? Here are some of the reasons that make Evolvous the preferred partner for SharePoint migration. 

Right Experience: We have helped organizations of varied sizes and from diverse industrial backgrounds to execute SharePoint migration. Apart from migration, we also offer a range of SharePoint services. 

Discover Our SharePoint Services 

Click here to explore our range of SharePoint services and how they help you build a robust document management and collaboration platform for your organization! 

Right Technology: Thanks to our expertise in SharePoint, we have access to advanced tools and can choose the ideal one for your migration project. 

Right Support: Our team offers comprehensive support, allowing you to confidently handle all aspects of the migration. 

How We Help? 

Here are some of the services that we offer for OnBase to SharePoint migration: 

Comprehensive Migration Support: From planning to execution, we offer expert guidance at each step of the way, reducing the chances of errors. We also help you ensure complete data security and meet relevant data compliance standards. 

Customization and Integration: We can help you customize your SharePoint environment to align with specific organizational needs. You will also get assistance in integrating SharePoint with existing and planned systems and processes. 

User Training and Change Management: Get help in developing and implementing training programs for end-users to facilitate a smooth transition to SharePoint. With our change management strategies, addressing user concerns and ensuring adoption. 

Discuss Your Project 

Looking for Hyland OnBase to SharePoint migration? Have any questions? Contact our team to discuss your project and get started today!

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