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Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales for Oil and Gas Operations - Evolvous

Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales for Oil and Gas Operations 

Managing sales for an oil and gas operation has its own unique challenges. To manage sales efficiently and develop more effective sales strategies, a strong sales-focused CRM module can be immensely helpful. Dynamics 365 Sales from Microsoft – a part of Dynamics 365 suite of applications, is a perfect tool for managing sales in a dynamic industry like oil & gas. 

At Evolvous, we have been developing unique solutions for the oil & gas sector. When our clients look for an efficient solution to supercharge their sales activities, we develop custom solutions leveraging the unique capabilities of Dynamics 365 sales. Here we will look at how you can implement and derive the maximum benefits out of Dynamics 365 sales for oil and gas. 

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Use Cases of Dynamics 365 Sales in Oil and Gas 

When implementing Dynamics 365 sales in oil and gas operations, it is important to identify the application’s purpose. There can be various use cases, which demonstrate the versatility of Dynamics 365 sales. Here are some of them: 

Effectively Managing the Sales Pipeline 

You can use Dynamics 365 Sales to monitor and analyze the sales pipeline. This allows for more accurate sales forecasting and helps you to identify opportunities for potential deals and increasing revenues. This often proves to be crucial for the oil and gas industry, where long sales cycles and large contracts are common. 

Better Contract Management 

Contracts in the oil and gas sector are often for the long-term and complex. Effective contract management is crucial and depends on access to all relevant information. With Dynamics 365 Sales, you get a holistic view of your contracts. This helps you to manage contract details, deadlines, and renewals and streamline the contract lifecycle. 

Customized Quoting 

Tailor quotes and proposals based on the needs and preferences of your clients. Dynamics 365 Sales can help you create customized quotes, considering project specifics, pricing structure, and contractual terms. 

Did You Know?  

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Questions to Ask When Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales for Oil and Gas 

Before you get Dynamics 365 Sales solutions for oil and gas, it is important to ask yourselves certain questions to get more clarity. During our stakeholder discussion, we often go over the following questions to develop a customized implementation strategy: 

What are Your Specific Business Objectives? 

It is important to clearly define the goals for implementing Dynamics 365 Sales for oil and gas. You can use the system to increase sales efficiency through higher conversions, identify lead generation opportunities or maximize profitability. Whatever your goals might be, make sure to discuss them with all stakeholders to set them out clearly before you start the work. 

Are Your Sales Processes Well-Defined? 

As a Dynamics 365 consultant in Canada, we have seen that businesses in the oil and gas industry have complicated, and fragmented processes. This is why when we work on Dynamics 365 Sales implementation, we assess your current sales processes and identify areas for improvement. After that, we will determine how Dynamics 365 Sales can help in optimizing those processes. 

How Will the System Integrate with Your Existing Processes? 

Your Dynamics 365 deployment will not work in isolation, but as a part of your existing processes. Therefore, it is important that you consider how Dynamics 365 sales will integrate with the other processes, tools, and technologies that you might already be using in your oil and gas operations. 

How Will You Measure Success? 

You need to establish measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to accurately determine the level of success of your Dynamics 365 sales implementation. Commonly recommended KPIs include sales revenue increase, customer satisfaction improvement and productivity enhancement of sales teams. 

What is the Scalability of the Solution? 

Your business will grow in the future and your Dynamics 365 sales can potentially grow with it. Scalability is one of the key features of Dynamics 365. However, it is still advisable to plan for future expansion of your Dynamics 365 environment and try to understand how it can accommodate increased data and user volumes in the future. 

Want to Discuss Your Project? 

Looking to implement Dynamics 365 Sales for oil and gas, but do not know how to start? Discuss your project today and discover how you can get started.  

Infrastructure Requirement for Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales for Oil and Gas 

It is important to understand the infrastructure requirements for implementing Dynamics 365 sales for oil and gas. Although the infrastructure requirements might vary, here is an overview of the things that you need: 

  • Cloud vs On-Premises Deployment

By default, Dynamics 365 sales is offered as a cloud-based solution. However, if your business has specific requirements, then you need to meet system requirements as outlined by Microsoft. 

  • Data Storage and Backup 

Dynamics 365 Sales offers you cloud-based storage. However, if you have specific compliance and regulation requirements, then you need physical servers to back up and store the data. 

  • Required Licenses 

You also need to ensure that you have the required Dynamics 365 licenses. You can get an individual Dynamics 365 Sales License or get licenses to multiple Dynamics 365 products in one package. 

Customization for Dynamics 365 Sales for Oil and Gas  

Customizations are key for utilizing Dynamics 365 for oil and gas. Customizing components in Dynamics 365 require technical expertise. Here are some of the customizations that we help you execute: 

  • Customizing Entities: The entities can be modified to capture data specific to the oil and gas industry. For example, you can create custom entities for managing contracts, drilling projects, equipment, or regulatory compliance guidelines. 
  • Sales Territory Customization: You can also customize sales territories based on geographical and organizational structure of your oil and gas operations. 
  • Document Management: Dynamics 365 has document management features which can be customized to handle contracts, permits or technical specifications of your operations. This would give you a central resource center from where teams can readily access the required documents.  

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These are some of the important things that you should know about when implementing Dynamics 365 sales for oil and gas. Contact us today and discover more about how our solutions can enhance the efficiency of your oil and gas operations. 

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