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Improve Document Management with Confluence to SharePoint Migration - Evolvous

Improve Document Management using SharePoint

With companies increasingly using cloud-based document management systems, choosing the right platform is critical. As your business and the market evolve, you must adapt to data management technologies that can meet your changing needs.  

When you are using Confluence or similar systems, you might experience certain limitations that might prevent you from realizing the true value of your data. In such cases, migrating your data to a more suitable system might help you unlock the true value of your data. 

Develop a Capable Document Management System with SharePoint Consultants 

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Why Should You Consider SharePoint for Document Management? 

Confluence and other similar cloud data management systems can carry out the basic functions of data storage well. You can upload and access data seamlessly on the cloud. Confluence’s collaboration features are impressive as well. However, as your business grows, the demand for productivity goes up, Confluence can feel to be limited. In such scenarios, it is better to think about migrating to SharePoint, which offers a wider range of advanced features. 

Common Challenges You Might Face While Using Confluence 

Here are some of the key challenges that you might come across when you are using Confluence: 

Difficulty in Search and Discovery 

Confluence has all the basic features that you can expect from a DMS. You can create or edit custom metadata and search for documents based on keywords. 

But what if you want to search for something beyond keywords? Confluence lacks contextual understanding. This means that it might fail to understand what the document is about. So, you need to stick to keywords or metadata-based search, which can be time-consuming or might return inaccurate results. 

Scalability Issues 

Confluence is reported to face issues when handling exceptionally large datasets. You can also encounter performance challenges in complex environments with diverse interconnected spaces, pages, and user permissions. 

In environments, where seamless interoperability with external systems is critical, Confluence might face challenges in handling extensive Intergrations at scale. So, when your business grows or diversifies, using a Confluence document management system might be challenging. 

Lack of Workflow Automation 

Confluence does have workflow automation features, but it might appear to be challenging. You can execute simple workflow tasks through automation. However, you will need significant technical expertise when you are looking to execute complicated, interconnected workflow automation tasks. 

The impact of the automation depends on the diversity of data connectors. Confluence supports a range of different data connectors. However, you might be using certain platforms for which you might not have any data connectors. In such a situation, you will have to be reliant on your development team. This will be time-consuming and expensive. 

Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem 

Microsoft applications like Teams, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 are some of the most used platforms by businesses. Confluence does offer integration features but there are issues.  

For example, Microsoft Teams is often used for communication across organizations. You can integrate your Teams with Confluence, but the integration is not as seamless as you might want it to be. Users often face similar issues when integrating with OneDrive, Outlook, Azure Active Directory (AAD) or other elements of Microsoft Power Platform. 

Facing any Specific Issues with Confluence? 

Contact us to discover how Confluence to SharePoint migration can help you solve more usability issues and enhance productivity at your workplace! 

Improve Document Management with Confluence to SharePoint Migration - Evolvous

The Advantages of SharePoint Migration 

Confluence to SharePoint Migration can offer several advantages to your business. Here are some of the key ones: 

AI-Driven Search and Discoverability 

When you execute Confluence to SharePoint migration, you will be able to access AI capabilities for intelligent search, offering features like personalized search results, query suggestions, relevance based on user interactions.  

You will also get content recommendations based on your behavior and collaboration patterns. 

One of the interesting features of SharePoint is that it integrates with Azure Cognitive Services for advanced text analytics. This helps it to understand what an individual document is about, allowing the platform to go beyond keyword-based search. You can simply enter your query in natural language and the system will return accurate results. 

SharePoint also uses Machine Learning algorithms to automate content tagging. This makes it easier to categorize and organize documents without manual intervention. 

SharePoint Document Management Increases Scalability 

As said before, you need a Document Management System (DMS) that dynamically adapts to your needs. Compared to Confluence and most other data storage platforms, SharePoint is more capable in handling large volumes of data. It can also accommodate several users, as it comes with robust access controls and user management features. So, when your organization grows, the platform grows with you. 

SharePoint also offers robust integration capabilities with external systems and third-party applications. This also plays a crucial role in scaling up the system as per your needs. 

Discover Smarter Automation with Confluence to SharePoint Automation 

SharePoint gives you an accessible and simpler way to automate your document approval, routing, and similar processes. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Power Automate, Microsoft’s low-code process automation application. 

This allows you to create intricate workflows which involve multiple steps, conditions, and actions. You will also get pre-built templates and a range of different data connectors. This makes it easy to implement various automation scenarios which enhance productivity. 

Get Better Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem 

If you extensively use Microsoft applications, then migrating from Confluence to SharePoint would be a smart move. This is because SharePoint integrates more seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem, offering you better performance and higher productivity. 

For example, SharePoint can integrate with Teams straight out of the box. This will make it easier to share documents with your team directly from within the teams.  

You can also integrate with Azure Active Directory, bolstering user authentication and access control. This gives you a single sign-in experience within the Microsoft ecosystem. 

The Process of Confluence to SharePoint Migration 

The process of Confluence to SharePoint migration is easy, especially if you have Evolvous by your side. We ensure that all your valuable data is migrated safely and securely, with minimal downtime. 

Read our blog on the process we follow for Confluence to SharePoint Migration 

Here are some ways we help you execute SharePoint DMS in a safe way. 

  1. Assessment and Planning: Our Microsoft Gold certified consultants help you with a thorough assessment of your organization’s requirements. We will also help you define goals, considering the requirements for data integrity, user experience and acceptable downtime. 
  2. Data Mapping: We will create an inventory of existing content and develop a mapping strategy to ensure a seamless transition, preserving data relationships and metadata integrity. 
  3. Customization and Configuration: Our team will help you customize SharePoint to match your required document structures and preferred user interface. 
  4. Training and Change Management: We will train your team and guide you with effective change management strategies to ease the transition and ensure faster adoption. 

Explore Our Services 

Visit our SharePoint migration page to know more about how we help you with Confluence to SharePoint migration. 

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