Tailored Software Solutions for Insurance Sector

Get smarter document management, better risk analysis, automate claims process and do a whole lot more with our customized solutions developed using advanced Microsoft Enterprise products. Customized Software Solutions for the Insurance Industry: Streamlining Processes and Improving Customer Service.

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Software Solutions for Insurance Industry

Growth in the insurance sector is determined by your product offering, smarter risk management and having a customer-centric service delivery model.

At Evolvous, we have worked closely with some of the biggest names in the insurance industry in Canada & US and helped them enhance their efficiency with customized solutions.

Software Solutions for Insurance Industry - Evolvous

Here are some of the Software challenges that Insurance Industry face:

  • Managing a large volume of client data and making it easily accessible at various levels of the organization.
  • Accurately measuring and analyzing risk to improve product offering.
  • Make claims process easier for the customer and effortless for the organization.
  • Address customer issues through quick and efficient solutions.

All these and a host of other problems can be solved with our integrated solutions that innovatively combines different applications to develop a robust system that helps you achieve your business goals.

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Manage and Access Data Seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint Logo. Software Solutions for Insurance Industry - Evolvous

Develop your own highly customized SharePoint Document Management System that helps you to upload, access and collaborate on documents like policy documents, customer details as well as various documents for internal use in your organization.

With SharePoint Online, you can store all your data securely on the cloud. This would allow teams at various hierarchical levels and geographic locations, to access the data and collaborate in real-time. This would also cut down operational costs, as you don’t have to invest in advanced data storage infrastructure.

Want to experience the power of cloud data storage without losing out on the dependability of on-premises storage? Get SharePoint migration solutions that helps you to move from existing storage to a combination of online and on-premises storage infrastructure.

To know more about our SharePoint solutions

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Power BI can also help you monitor performance of different departments or insurance products. This would help you to enhance operational efficiency. To discover how we help you with our Power BI Consulting Services.

To discover how we help you with our Power BI solutions

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Measure and Analyze Risk with Power BI Insurance industry Software Solutions. Power BI logo - Evolvous

Power BI is a business intelligence application that helps you to draw useful insights from your data.

With our customized solutions, you can get a tailormade Power BI Desktop that would help you get a holistic view of incident types like severity and priority ratings, locations, lost time injuries, incident investigations and actions. You can also get report on related risks, projects, and compliance authority documents.

This helps in better risk modeling and optimize your product offerings.

Automate Claims Process with Power Automate Microsoft Power Automate (Formerly Flow). Insurance Industry Software Solutions. Power Automate Logo - Evolvous

The insurance claims process often gets prolonged due to repetitive actions required at different steps. For example, when the client raises a claims request, you might need to send emails to different departments to initiate individual processes. You can automate all such processes with the help of Power Automate – a powerful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool from Microsoft.

  • Our Power Automate experts will help you identify all the actions that can be automated, thereby accelerating the claims process.
  • With Power Automate, you can also ensure better insurance compliance.
  • By automating processes, you can settle claims faster, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and utilize your workforce and other resources in a more efficient way.

We help you develop custom workflows and use our industry expertise to meet the unique needs of the insurance industry.

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Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Power Apps and Copilot

Power Apps Logo. Software Solutions for Insurance Industry - Evolvous

With Microsoft Power Apps, you can build powerful mobile applications that would allow your customers to get in touch with your business and carry out important policy-related tasks from their phone.

Apart from such applications, we can also leverage the potential of Power Apps to help you to monitor your business operations on the go.

Software Solutions for Insurance Industry. Power Virtual Agents Logo - Evolvous

Microsoft Copilot is another useful tool that helps to integrate AI powered chatbots that allow for effortless communication with your customers as well as employees.

Whether its addressing customer grievances or processing leave applications from employees, our chatbots designed by using Microsoft Copilot studio help you to handle it all.

To discover more about how Power Apps and Copilot can help you enhance your customer interaction.

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The Advantages You Get

At Evolvous, we have years of experience in developing customized solutions for the insurance and allied industries. Here are some of the advantages that you get.

Digital transformation, Software Solutions for Insurance Industry - Evolvous

Digital Transformation

By migrating your documents and processes to more efficient, ‘online’ storage, you get a more seamless and collaborative work environment.

Software Solutions for Insurance Industry for better risk management - Evolvous

Better Risk Management

With insights from Power BI, you can build much more effective risk models that would help you to accurately predict risk levels for individual cases.

Use Power Automate Software Solutions for Insurance Industry to boost productivity - Evolvous

Boost Productivity

With efficient document management and process automation, you can boost productivity by focusing on things that matter.

Lower the operational cost - Evolvous

Lower Operational Costs

With our custom solutions, our clients from the insurance industry have been able to reduce operational costs by 30%.

Faster Claim processing - Evolvous

Faster Claims Processing

By using Power Automate and other tools from Power Platform family, you can make your claims process more efficient, without compromising on compliance.

How To Get Started

Software Solutions for Insurance Industry Decide - Evolvous Decide

  • Access the current system.
  • Get input from your team about what they like and dislike about the current system.
  • List the functionality and capabilities that meet your needs.

Connect with us Software Solutions for Insurance Industry - Evolvous Connect

  • Find a SharePoint expert.
  • Review the existing infrastructure and understand the impact for all roles, teams, and sites
  • Just to let you know; We’ve experience working on over 200+ successful projects.

Implement Software services - Evolvous Implement

  • Roll out your upgrade and configure Microsoft SharePoint services.
  • Train and set expectations for the post-migration experience.
  • Post-migration support fixing technical issues and overcoming user adoption pitfalls.

Why Trust Evolvous for Insurance Industry Software Solutions?

Evolvous is one of the leading SharePoint and Power Platform consultant in Canada, helping some of the leading names as well as up-and-coming businesses in the industry sector.

Here are some of the reasons that make us one of the most recommended consultants in the industry.

  • Experience – We have a team of experts who have years of experience in developing solutions for the insurance industry.
  • Innovation – We constantly innovate to identify the right processes and implement more efficient solutions to solve critical problems.
  • Professionalism – We have a detailed discussion with you and all other stakeholders to form a clear objective. Projects are delivered on time, while achieving all the set goals.
Why Trust Evolvous.


The entire team of Evolvous were an absolute pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Evolvous for their top-notch SharePoint knowledge, incredible support system, overall professionalism and client experience. They were easily available and did not rest until the end result reflected with our vision for our intranet services.

Ronnit Schwebel

Director of Marketing, Patek Philippe

Very smooth and easy to work with Evolvous. Their team shared excellent ideas,
and we are extremely likely to recommend them.

Oliver Drijovski

BI Reporting Manager, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions

It was a good work with SharePoint experts. The team of Evolvous
provided ideas and insights and were very quick to action. We highly
recommend Evolvous for their promptness & responsiveness.


ecommerce manager


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