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Is Your Document Management System Ready for 2024? - A Quick Assessment - Evolvous

Is Your Document Management System Ready for 2024? – A Quick Assessment 

Document Management System (DMS) facilitates seamless information exchange between teams and therefore plays a crucial role in business success. Document Management Systems have evolved and continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of modern businesses. As the first quarter of 2024 ends, it is time to ask yourself – is your document management system ready for the challenges of 2024 and beyond? 

Evolvous is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and we have been helping organizations to evolve with purpose and capitalize on existing and future growth opportunities through the innovative use of technology. We guide you through the entire process of building a robust Document Management System with the help of Microsoft SharePoint 

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The 5-Point Assessment to Determine if Your Document Management System is Ready for 2024 and Beyond 

To understand whether your current DMS can meet the data management challenges in 2024, you can take this five-point assessment. Here are 5 questions that you need to ask yourself 

1. How is Your Current DMS Deployed? 

  • Is your DMS completely cloud-based, hosted on-premises or a ‘hybrid’ of the two? 

How does it matter in 2024? 

Today, most Document Management System software applications are hosted on the cloud. This makes documents accessible to the entire team – anytime, anywhere. 

However, in certain cases, you need to have on-premises storage as well. For example, many data compliance regulations require you to store customer information locally. On top of that, on-premises storage also gives you enhanced security. 

In 2024, the right option would be to get a hybrid document storage system or a cloud-based deployment that replicates some of the crucial features of on-premises document management systems. Data security compliance regulations are changing, and newer security threats are emerging. At the same time, you need the accessibility that the cloud offers. In such scenarios, a hybrid system is the best option. 

What Needs to be Done? 

If your current Document Management System is completely hosted on the cloud, then you can consider migrating to a hybrid option. On the other hand, you also have the option of migrating to other cloud based DMS like SharePoint Online, which will give you access to more security and compliance features, like what you expect in an on-premises storage system. 

Explore Our SharePoint Migration Solutions 

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2. Does Your Document Management System Come with Advanced AI-Powered Document Processing? 

  • What are the AI features of your Document Management System Software and how do they make processes more efficient? 

How Does it Matter?

We are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence. AI technology is making processes more efficient, and that includes the way you share information through DMS. 

Most DMS platforms come with AI features like NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These features allow you to extract data from even printed documents and process the information in a simple and effective way. 

However, certain DMS has more advanced features, which are specifically suited to critical business tasks. For example, Microsoft SharePoint can use AI to generate custom metadata and even suggest retention and disposition policies to perfectly meet compliance requirements. SharePoint also uses AI to categorize documents, making it easier to automate workflows. 

What Needs to be Done?

Most of the AI features of SharePoint DMS are in-built. However, you can enhance its AI capabilities by building and integrating your own custom Microsoft Copilot. You can also integrate Microsoft Power Platform applications like Power Automate and Power BI and utilize their AI capabilities to empower your Document Management System software. 

3. Does Your DMS Facilitate Collaboration between Teams? 

  • Does Your DMS have features that make it easy to collaborate between teams from different departments and locations? 

How Does it Matter?

The modern workplace has evolved significantly in the past couple of years. Today, most businesses work with remote teams. Large and mid-sized corporations have teams working in various locations and across different time zones. Ensuring productive collaboration in such an environment is a major challenge.  

You need an DMS that helps you to collaborate with teams in real-time, irrespective of their location. Now, some DMS are lacking in this area. They might allow you to work simultaneously on a document or share it with your team. But that is about it. You need a system that helps you to collaborate effectively with your team and ensure productivity. 

What to Do Next?

How does your system ensure collaboration? Does it allow two or more people to work on the same document at the same time? How does it keep track of who made changes? Can you create an intranet with different sites? 

Very few DMS platforms offer such features. SharePoint is one of them. You can consider migrating to SharePoint as it gives you advanced features that enable better collaboration through its intranet, portals, and other features. 

Learn More About SharePoint 

SharePoint allows you to build a robust, highly collaborative environment that helps you to work with the members of your team in real time. It also comes with advanced AI features that will help you adapt to modern processes and enhance productivity. To know more about our SharePoint solutions, click here. 

Why Do You Need to Hire an Expert? 

When you are considering upgrading to SharePoint DMS Document Management System from your existing system, it is important to get assistance from a consultant. 

Evolvous is a certified Microsoft Gold partner, and we help businesses to build an efficient Document Management based on SharePoint. Here are some of the reasons why you need to work with a professional consultant. 

  1. Experience: A professional consultant will have the necessary experience to guide you on the way you can set up and configure your SharePoint DMS environment. 
  2. Support: An expert consultant can help you manage your SharePoint environment and address issues right away. This ensures your SharePoint environment works at its best. 
  3. Training: At Evolvous, we understand that adapting to new technology and processes is always tough, especially for employees who lack technical skills. This is why we offer a wide range of training services to ensure that your employees learn about training challenges and can get the confidence needed to boost performance. 

Upgrade Your Document Management System for Better Performance

Get complete SharePoint Migration solutions that help you to upgrade your Document Management System to meet the challenges of the future. Contact us for more information.

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