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Key success factors in Healthcare Industry - Evolvous

3 Key Customer success factors in Healthcare Industry 

Let’s start this article by talking about the true challenge the Healthcare Industry is facing and how they are making the wise decision to implement Microsoft Solutions (Like SharePoint, Power Platform, and RPA etc.) to permanently resolve their issue. In this article we will see the key Customer Success Factors in Healthcare Industry.

About the company:

Children’s Medical Centers of Fresno first opened its doors in 2002 with the mission to improve access to quality pediatric care for the children of Fresno. Their team aims to provide a quality healthcare facility and an environment for their growth and development. 

The problem and solution:

We are all aware of how busy doctors are and the numerous rules and regulations that the healthcare industry must follow. With such busy schedules, it might be challenging to keep up with all policies, remember when they expire, sign, and update them on time, and many other things. Additionally, sharing and collaboration were made more difficult by keeping all the records close at hand. 

CMC Fresno decided to combine Microsoft SharePoint and Adobe Acrobat Sign to digitally sign their documents. Without changing the operational procedures, Evolvous launched the project by uploading all of the pre-existing content. 

The subsequent steps made up the integration process: Building up policy libraries. Integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign for management of policies. Implementation of Power Automate (Flow) to automate the notification and signature of documents at the back end. Preserving annual records in distinct folders. Use of SharePoint as the primary data source. 

The impact of Microsoft Solutions:

We helped CMC Fresno manage and keep all required policies and records. The time this healthcare industry took to review and log important papers was drastically cut, going from days or weeks to hours. Our team linked SharePoint with Adobe Acrobat Sign using Power Automate, to standardize and automate the process of signing all crucial documents and rules on desktop and mobile devices. 

The best part was that it provided a central repository using Microsoft SharePoint for preserving all the documents, vastly enhancing data management. The process for managing policies is now more effective, coordinated, and updated. The CMC Fresno team found it simple to access and collaborate on the platform because it is in the cloud. Documents or folders with specific rights management settings can be shared with anyone and accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Key success factors in Healthcare Industry - Evolvous

Digital Transformation in the Healthcare industry:

Every firm must undergo a digital transformation to be competitive in the modern digital world. Our goal is to comprehend your issue and provide the best solution to improve productivity, accelerate growth, and streamline your work process. Discuss your real-world problems with our experts. 

3 Key success factors in Healthcare Industry 

  • Implementation of Microsoft SharePoint: 

To provide the best treatment possible, hospital staff needs quick access to the most recent patient forms, procedural documentation, and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Overworked hospitals frequently struggle with antiquated practices like maintaining shift notes on whiteboards and forms on local computers. 

Microsoft SharePoint provides a platform that enhances collaboration and supports the volume of data that healthcare workers use. SharePoint is appropriate for businesses of all sizes and allows you to customize it for your staff. 

  • SharePoint Document Management System for Healthcare Industry: 

SharePoint has document management tools and features that can be quite helpful to hospital employees in their daily work. For instance, your team requires access to the most recent discharge forms. The most recent templates for the paperwork that staff members require daily are kept in one central area via SharePoint. 

The document management capabilities of SharePoint include: 

  • Centralized document storage and access:

SharePoint centrally saves all your documents, making them simple to locate and use. When numerous persons need to access and examine the same document, this functionality is very helpful in healthcare organizations. 

  • Version control:

Healthcare organizations manage private and sensitive information that requires updating. The version control tools in SharePoint keep track of document changes and let you undo them if necessary. 

  • Privacy:

As a healthcare organization, you must secure and manage confidential documents. SharePoint has robust functionality for managing private data. Only authorized staff can access confidential documents due to its secure file-sharing mechanism. 

SharePoint to Automate Workflows: 

The healthcare industry involves many manual and time-consuming procedures, including record-keeping, filing, processing, and registration. The healthcare team members’ time is significantly wasted on these ineffective procedures when they should be caring for patients. 

Healthcare team members can utilize SharePoint’s built-in templates and clause libraries to generate common documents including contracts, admission forms, permission forms, and much more. This problem is efficiently solved by SharePoint. Team members can boost collaboration, maintain compliance with regulations, and streamline procedures using SharePoint. Processes can be followed at any time, on any device, from anywhere you choose. Using SharePoint to automate workflow, you can boost team member communication and increase process effectiveness. 

As a result, using SharePoint as a Healthcare solution allows you to free up time that would otherwise be spent on manual and repetitive tasks and instead use it to care for patients. 

SharePoint Privacy and Permissions in Healthcare Industry: 

Healthcare data is protected by a strong security infrastructure built into Microsoft SharePoint. The security attributes comprise: 

  • Role-based authentication and authorization: Administrators grant roles and permissions to users so that they can only access the data and features to which they have the right. 
  • Selective permissions: You can configure permissions on a per-user basis to limit what information employees can view and update. 
  • Highly secure transfer: SharePoint encrypts data transferred between users and servers using HTTPS. 
  • Prevention of data loss: Administrators might implement restrictions to stop employees from disclosing private information outside the company. 

We provide experienced Microsoft 365 SharePoint conversion and integration, data and document management systems, and content management services. Our Certified SharePoint Consultants can help you boost corporate efficiency by implementing an intelligent intranet. Evolvous provides a wide range of Services, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. 

Implementation of Microsoft Power Platform in Healthcare Industry: 

Personalize patient care:

The Power Platform’s self-service capabilities have the potential to greatly enhance the support you provide to your patients. 

With the help of Power Apps for healthcare, you can develop client-facing healthcare apps that enable users to independently access medical records, make appointments, and perform simple customer support functions. This allows you the opportunity to automate a large portion of the daily administration of your patients, saving you time and making it much simpler for clients to obtain the information they require. 

Chatbot Development for the Healthcare industry:

With the help of Power Virtual agent, you can develop intelligent conversational bots to respond rapidly to your patient and employee needs at scale. It is an easy automation solution and empowers everyone to build intelligent chatbots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agent. 

The no-code bot service Power Virtual Agent will interact with Power Automate and Microsoft Flow, and the healthcare team can even direct actions to be taken elsewhere depending on the information gathered by the bot. The platform’s best feature is its provision of advanced analytics, which will enable healthcare management to make strategic business decisions. 

Enhanced data gathering and analysis:

Data is an enormously significant resource in any sector. Healthcare professionals have access to a multitude of data and knowing how to use it well can greatly improve the level of care you offer. For example, if data is kept in massive Excel spreadsheets, it might not be as easy to see and monitor as is required for quick and effective decision-making. 

Power BI can assist you with all your crucial data. The built-in data analysis tool from Microsoft gives medical professionals the tools they need to derive insights quickly and effectively from the data they analyze. Billing, financial data, patient records, and a lot more could be involved. Whatever the content, visibility can significantly impact the responsiveness and caliber of the service you provide. 

Automating traditional methods:

Healthcare organizations, like other businesses, can only be as effective as their internal procedures. The more quickly these services can be provided, the more efficient, targeted, and cost-effective the service you provide will be. Consider compliance procedures, which typically demanded a lot of time and work from healthcare practitioners. Administrators must spend a lot of time ensuring that data and documents are preserved in the proper locations and are kept for the appropriate amounts of time to comply with processes relating to data and information protection. 

Automation of these processes would benefit healthcare practitioners by conserving their precious resources. And Power Automate steps in to help with that. All types of enterprises can create their automated processes with the use of this process automation software. There is a lot of room to speed up and improve these routine operations, whether it is compliance, getting in touch with patients, or saving information in the proper location. 

We have been offering high-quality services for over 10+ years, and our expertise in Power Platform Consulting Services in Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, and across Canada has yielded positive outcomes for businesses. Our Business Intelligence (BI) consultants, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Virtual Agents. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Healthcare Industry: 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a method of automating business processes in which an automation software, or robot, mimics the actions of a human user. Healthcare businesses can adapt, boost capacity, and respond to a range of healthcare concerns along the care delivery value chain due to AI-powered RPA, which accelerates the industry’s digital transformation. 

  • Boost morale and output: RPA frees up healthcare professionals from tedious digital duties so they can work on higher-value, more productive jobs while concentrating on patient care. 
  • lower the risk of compliance: Maintain audit readiness by using bots to accurately update compliance-based records. 
  • Boost productivity, efficiency, and accuracy: Automate healthcare procedures to increase throughput, achieve 100% accuracy, and lower expenses and serious errors. 
  • Greater patient satisfaction: Reduce busywork and make patient interactions, whether virtual or in-person, more successful to improve the patient experience. 

For getting more details read our blog here.

Evolvous is a major provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consulting services. We help organizations in a variety of industries automate tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming operations, freeing up personnel to focus on more vital responsibilities. 

Modern healthcare settings necessitate the correct technologies for communication and collaboration while reducing costs and boosting security. experts understand the healthcare business and the regulations that regulate it. We are big believers in the benefits that Microsoft Solutions provide for healthcare, and we can bring these benefits to your organization as well. 

Please visit our website for additional information on how we can assist you in your modern workplace. 

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