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Top Three SharePoint Migration Tool 

There are many migration tools in the market. Here we will discuss three SharePoint Migration Tools: 

  • Sharegate  
  • Metalogix Content Matrix 
  • Quest 

1st SharePoint Migration Tool – Sharegate: 

Sharegate is a migration tool that simplifies and accelerates migration processes, providing the capability to migrate directly to the latest SharePoint or Microsoft 365 version without any downtime. Well-known and widely used in the SharePoint community, Sharegate is highly regarded as a reliable and easy-to-use SharePoint migration tool. The most common use cases for this tool are the requirement to move to Microsoft 365 quickly, upgrade to the latest SharePoint version directly, or migrate file shares to SharePoint or Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365). 

It’s capable of migrating content from various types of sources, listed as follows: 

  • From SharePoint to Microsoft 365 
  • SharePoint to SharePoint 
  • From File Shares to SharePoint or Office 365 
  • Google Drive to SharePoint or Office 36 

Features Of Sharegate: 

  • Automate your SharePoint migration using PowerShell scripting 
  • Inventory SharePoint and File Share content to estimate the effort required by the migration project. 
  • Migrate Files to SharePoint and Microsoft 365 
  • Direct Upgrade Path to Latest SharePoint Version 
  • Migrate Between SharePoint Versions 
  • Map Folder Names to Metadata 
  • Use Excel to Enrich Your SharePoint Metadata 
  • Replace Illegal Characters 
  • Keep or Reassign Unique Permissions 
  • Preserve File Authorship and Dates 
  • Nintex Workflows and Forms Migration 
  • Migrate Any SharePoint Content, such as web parts, user alerts, permissions 
  • Pre- and Post-Migration Reporting 
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support 

SharePoint Migration Tool. SharePoint Services - Evolvous

2nd SharePoint Migration Tool – Metalogix Content Matrix: 

One can use this tool if a user wants to migrate from legacy SharePoint environments to newer SharePoint versions or Microsoft 365 with less risk and more automation. 

Not every SharePoint data migration tool is the same. Metalogix Content Matrix simplifies the process of migrating to newer SharePoint versions or Office 365. 

Metalogix Benefits: 

  • Comprehensive migration and consolidation 
  • Migrate directly into SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint Online – with zero downtime, fewer scripts, and more automation. 
  • Distributed migration 
  • Scale your high-speed SharePoint migration by automatically distributing workloads across any number of machines. 
  • Reorganize and restructure. 
  • Keep your SharePoint in sync with business needs with pre-migration and ongoing site, content, and metadata restructuring. 

Features of Metalogix migration tool:  

  • Export and import files to/from SharePoint 
  • Supports bulk migration 
  • Migration scheduling 
  • Quick launch 
  • Migration of SharePoint documents 
  • Migrating document templates 
  • Moving files and folders 
  • Mapping content types 
  • Migration reports and tracking 
  • File shares 
  • Supports migrating to Office 365 
  • Email support 

3rd SharePoint Migration Tool – Quest: 

Whether upgrading a legacy platform, migrating to a new platform, moving to the cloud, or undertaking a merger or acquisition, we can use this tool to migrate data to mitigate risk & eliminate impact on users. 

For example, if we want to migrate data from Lotus Notes to SharePoint, we can use Quest as a migration tool. 

About Quest Migration Tool: 

  • Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint (NMSP) can be used easily. You need to define fields that will be used from Lotus Notes, those from the SharePoint site (local or remote as we can use Web Service connection), map Lotus Notes fields with SharePoint fields, and that’s all. 
  • Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint can preserve data like creation date or security settings (it preserves the equivalent of authors and readers fields and Lotus Notes roles). 
  • You can create a SharePoint list based on Lotus Notes fields with this tool. Furthermore, you can easily modify data during migration using formulas (with Formula language) on fields or map Lotus Notes users to SharePoint users quickly. 
  • Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint is a pack of tools: NMSP Designer, NMSP Console, and NMSP Web Service. Jobs creation is done with the Designer. 
  • The console is used to analyze and overview applications in Lotus Notes and manage, organize, and schedule jobs execution. 
  • Each tool can be installed without installing the complete pack. The installation of these components using the wizard is quite simple, and some steps are helpful. 
  • The Web Service is used when it is impossible to use the NMSP Designer on the SharePoint server. 

Quest Techniques: 

  • The Quest LN to SharePoint Migrator includes a powerful facility for reading a local Notes DB. 
  • And remote the Domino DB. 
  • This software’s data query engine extracts document items, views column values, attachments, embedded images, embedded OLE objects, Rich Text, Doc Links, multivalued items, unread marks, and dynamically computed field values from Lotus Notes writes the results to SharePoint Lists. 
  • Notes Migrator for SharePoint products supports all standard List Types (such as Document Library, Discussion, and Events) as well as Rich Text & attachments. 

Quest Techniques migration tools - Evolvous


There are many SharePoint migration tool available, but not all of them are created equal. The top three SharePoint migration tools are Sharegate, Metalogix, and Quest. Each of these tools has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. If you’re not sure which tool is right for you, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you choose.

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