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Why should we Migrate to Modern SharePoint?

In this blog, we will discuss what is SharePoint Online and the reasons why companies should migrate from On-Premises to modern SharePoint Online.

What is SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online, part of the Microsoft 365 office suite, is a powerful web-based application used for collaboration and information exchange across an organization. In simple terms, it is the cloud version of SharePoint. Just like SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint Online allows users to store, share and manage content seamlessly. SharePoint Online is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with an Office 365 subscription.

Do you need Microsoft 365 to use SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is one of the products available with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Depending on the subscription plan you opt for, SharePoint Online can be availed as a standalone product without the Microsoft 365 package. SharePoint Online is subscription-based and is licensed on a per-user basis. SharePoint Online is like other Microsoft cloud services, such as Exchange Online or Teams, that come bundled with Office 365. Any organization that has the proper Microsoft 365 licensing can use SharePoint Online.

What is the difference between SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises?

The main difference between SharePoint Online and on-premises is the installation and maintenance. For SharePoint on-premises use, you need to install everything on your premises including the servers, your IT team will take care of the installation, updates, and patches. In the case of SharePoint Online, everything will reside in the Microsoft cloud (Microsoft 365) and Microsoft will take care of installation, updates, patches, etc.

Why SharePoint Online is better than on-premises?

One of the major benefits of SharePoint Online vs on-premises is saving yourself from the need to upgrade. Microsoft’s end of support and end of life is always looming over your on-premises SharePoint servers. SharePoint Online users, on the other hand, benefit from automatic updates.

Why migrate to SharePoint Online?

Modern SharePoint is the new and improved version of its classic on-premises predecessor. It has matured over the last four years and now is the time to upgrade.

Here are some reasons organizations should consider migrating to modern SharePoint:

  • Superior and more user-friendly interfaces

User-friendly interfaces associated with out-of-the-box modern SharePoint are hugely superior to classic. With more attractive and intuitive digital workplaces and intranets, supporting better adoption. It also means super-users and site owners can now manage their sites with greater ease and confidence. Allowing digital workplaces to flourish and evolve.

Why should we Migrate to Modern SharePoint? - Evolvous

  • Access SharePoint Online anywhere anytime

Since SharePoint Online is cloud-based, you can access files from anywhere and on any device — all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. This makes collaboration effective and boosts productivity even while you’re on the go.

  • A central hub for your content

SharePoint Online will have the functionality to bring all related Communication and Team sites together in one place. You’ll be able to increase the visibility of associated sites through cross-site navigation. Provide a single place for users to read aggregated content, news, and related sites. And most importantly of all – a consistent look and feel across SharePoint.

SharePoint a central hub for your content - Evolvous

Microsoft provides in-built templates to achieve a consistent look, feel, and permissions to all sites if required. Also, we can create custom templates for organizations as per our requirements with customizations.

Why we should Migrate to Modern SharePoint?

  • Management of external user access becomes easy

The SharePoint Online version fixed the On-prem environment limitations on users’ abilities to share content with external users. Users can share sites, folders, and individual documents with anyone who has a Microsoft Account linked to their corporate e-mail address. Guest links can be assigned to users for specific read or edit permissions.

With easy external user access, it has become easier for enterprises to collaborate with their clients wherein the clients can raise tickets and regularly monitor the project progress.

  • Get exclusive features not available on-Premises

Power Automate (formerly Flow), PowerApps, Delve, and Graph is some of the services available under the Microsoft Office 365 hood and with SharePoint online.

Get exclusive features not available on-Premises - Evolvous

  • Seamless Integration with the rest of the Microsoft 365

A huge advantage of modern SharePoint over classic is that it integrates far more easily and tightly with the rest of the Microsoft universe, including Microsoft Teams. Allowing you to add elements more easily from across the Microsoft 365 suite such as Planner, Yammer, Calendar, Outlook, and Stream.

  • Better news, articles publishing

Modern SharePoint provides much better support for news publishing, with attractive web parts, plus users can create and publish an item at both team and function levels – giving everyone the ability to publish.

Through Modern Communications Sites, teams can quickly create engaging news and roll-up content from multiple areas within SharePoint. Articles, reports, highlighted content, and documents can be dynamically displayed from document libraries, a SharePoint Site, a site collection, or all sites.

  • Stay updated, No waiting for new features and updates

With Microsoft SharePoint Online, Companies enjoy the privilege of owning the best & the latest SharePoint features of the platform instantly on their release. The benefit of the online version of SharePoint is it always stands the first to get all the new capabilities & security patches before the On-Premises tool versions. Upgrading/updating on-premises versions need time, resources, and sometimes pausing operations but on the cloud, it doesn’t work that way, Microsoft manages those minor and major upgrades for you without the need for your minimal efforts.

  • Improvements to OneDrive for business

SharePoint Online also gives your business access to OneDrive, so you can store and share your files in the cloud. OneDrive for Business gives organizations a place to put all their working files, as well as the ability to share and collaborate both internally and externally on any device. When you save your document to your cloud “My documents” folder, you can assign specific access permissions. Also, the new “Sync client” feature lets you sync files from your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sites. Finally, the new OneDrive app offers a mobile-friendly experience as well. It provides you with analytics on the consumption of your documents.

  • Limit your IT resource requirements

When migrating from SharePoint On-prem to online, you avoid having to perform tasks like backups, OS maintenance, SharePoint patches, etc. Your IT team can invest their time in overdue improvements in your intranet or other important tasks. SharePoint Cloud reduces your internal resources because there’s no hardware to buy.

  • Ultimate Security

SharePoint Online comes with advanced security features that authenticate users and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Data integrity is maintained by optimizing access to data and shareability. You can also set security configurations at the document, folder, site, or library level. SharePoint Online has robust, multiple layers of security to protect your data. These include:

Get Ultimate Security with SharePoint Online - Evolvous

Conclusion: As a cloud-based service, SharePoint Online helps companies leverage public-facing websites, an intranet, and many sites for teams/organization-based solutions on a single platform.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with excellent SharePoint expertise, we are ready to guide your SharePoint migration. The team at Evolvous Limited smoothly manages your SharePoint Online Migration process and challenges with the least effort.


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