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Get customized solutions for legal businesses from Evolvous
Get customized solutions for legal businesses from Evolvous - Evolvous

Delivering the right legal counsel is not just all about the knowledge and expertise of the practitioner, you need access to the right information including relevant laws, precedents, and case files at the right time. Apart from that corporate legal teams as well as independent legal practices also encounter several challenges, including:

  • Ensuring easy access to the right information & collaboration among different expert teams.
  • Enhancing client engagement through appropriate channels.
  • Managing datasets like case status, key dates, client information and biling details in real time and gaining useful insights.

Managing Documents Becomes Easy with SharePoint

Legal businesses often need to manage a huge volume of documents, ranging from case files, a ready reckoner of important laws and statutes as well as documents generated by internal processes.

Our Document Management Systems (DMS) services leverages the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint and our experience of working with the legal industry and delivers customized solutions to meet the unique needs of the legal industry. Here are some of the ways in which our SharePoint DMS solutions can help your legal business.

  • Document Management- You would be able to store, organize, and retrieve documents efficiently. Your team can create document libraries for ongoing and past cases. They can also create custom meta data like the nature of the case and lawyer handling the case, which would make it easier to search for the right file. With SharePoint’s version control, you can also check when the document was edited, what edits were made and by whom.
  • Matter Management- We can help you customize your SharePoint environment that will help you track and manage your cases more efficiently. You or your team can create custom lists or templates to capture case details, deadlines, tasks and related documents. You can also automate approval workflows, document review cycles and conflict checks, that reduces the time and the chances of errors.
  • Client Collaboration and Portals- With our tailored services for your legal practice, you can create secure client portals or extranets, providing a dedicated space for them to access case-related documents, communicate and collaborate with the legal team. They can securely upload their documents, track case progress, review billing information and access relevant resources.
  • Case Intake and Client Engagement:
    Our team will help you utilize Power Apps to develop apps that facilitate case intake and enhance client engagement. You will be able to efficiently capture and organize client information. You and your clients will be able to track case progress, and your team members will be able to receive notifications for deadlines and updates.
  • Time & Expense Management: We can help you build apps that make time and expense management lot easier. You and your team can easily log billable hours, record expenses, and generate reports for accurate billing and financial management.
  • Legal Surveys and Feedback: We can also help you create survey applications that will help you to gather feedback from clients, employees and other stakeholders. This would help you identify the areas for improvement.

Develop Efficient Web Applications with Microsoft Power Apps Power Apps Logo. Power Apps Services for Legal industry. - Evolvous

Building web applications can help you carry critical tasks on the go, right from your mobile.

At Evolvous, we help you utilize the potential of Microsoft Power Apps to develop and deploy applications which can be used on your website or with our Microsoft 365 Applications like Outlook and Teams. You and your clients can also download the app on their mobile and use them without any hassles.

Here are some of the examples of apps you can build with our custom Power Apps solutions

Get More from Your Data with Our Customized Power BI Solutions Power BI Logo. Get More from Your Data with Our Customized Power BI Solutions - Evolvous

Power BI is a powerful data visualization and analysis tool that can greatly benefit your legal practice. Law firms and independent practices generate a lot of data, from clients as well as through internal operations. With our customized Power BI solutions, you can gain useful insights from the data and optimize service delivery as well as organizational operations.

Here are some of the ways in which Power BI can help your legal business.

  • Case Analysis and Management: Legal firms can use Power BI to analyze and manage their cases more effectively. Lawyers will be able to access real time data related to case status, key dates and client information and billing details. This helps in tracking of cases, identifying bottlenecks and making data driven decisions.
  • Data Visualization and Reporting: Power BI allows you to create interactive and easy to understand reports and dashboards. You can gather data from various sources and represent them in charts, graphs and maps. This would help you to gain better insights and improve and optimize your organizational processes.
  • Risk Management and Compliance: Power BI allows you and your team to analyze historical data and identify patterns or trends related to risk factors, enabling proactive risk management and mitigation strategies. You can also integrate Power BI with regulatory databases and internal compliance system and get real-time visualizations of compliance metrics, identify potential compliance gaps and even generate alerts for non-compliance.

The Evolvous Assurance

At Evolvous, we have worked with law firms and independent legal practices in Canada and across the world and have assisted them to improve service delivery and resources optimization. Our team understands the dynamic nature of the legal industry and develops the most effective solutions.

Digital Transformation-

By migrating your documents and processes to the cloud, you get a more seamless and collaborative work environment that increases productivity.

Enhance Service Delivery-

By closely monitoring almost every aspect of your service, Evolvous helps you to enhance service reach and quality.

Take Better Actions-

With advanced analytical tools, you would help you to identify actionable areas which you can improve policy decisions.

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    Legal Industry Software Solution Managing Documents Easily - Evolvous
    Legal Industry Software Solution Managing Documents Easily - Evolvous

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