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IT Managed Services Provider & benefits 

Let’s begin this blog post by discussing managed services and managed service providers in general terms. Tasks handled by a third party are referred to as managed IT services, frequently in the context of business information technology services. To cut costs, enhance service quality, or free up internal teams to work on tasks that are unique to their business, one option is to delegate general tasks to an expert using the managed services model. A managed service provider is a business that offers these services (MSP). 

What is a IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)? 

An outsourced third party that takes on responsibility and control of daily operations is known as a managed service provider (MSP). This can include network monitoring, hardware upkeep, and infrastructure management. Numerous operational responsibilities that are essential to a company’s success can be handled by a managed service provider. To improve infrastructure, free up time for overworked IT teams, and enhance network monitoring across their entire organization, many organizations strategically decide to outsource operational processes.  

IT Managed Service Partners in Calgary & Toronto - Evolvous

Let’s examine how we, as a managed service provider, assisted businesses in finding solutions to their operational issues, in order to better understand this

A US-based business that offers a wide range of construction and maintenance services to oil and gas companies is our client. They have been in the business for almost a century and follow strict safety guidelines as well as efficient time management and cost-cutting methods. 

Now let’s discuss their problem– They had a wide variety of project participants with distributed functions thanks to their long experience in the industry. Every project required managing multiple projects at once and had intricate document workflows at every stage. They were looking for a solution to reduce the amount of manual work and time spent managing documents, reduce errors, lower project costs, and adhere to industry standards. They also needed a corporate portal that would allow staff to collaborate on various organizational projects, manage documents, and stay informed about corporate news, events, and announcements. 

As a Solution– Our experts at Evolvous, who have been using SharePoint, recommended and discovered Power BI and SharePoint Intranet to be simple and affordable solutions. For each stage of the project, Power BI will provide the necessary reporting and business intelligence requirements. With the help of the Microsoft SharePoint intranet, staff members at our client’s company were able to collaborate more effectively and gain better access to a variety of information thanks to a controlled permission management system. 

So, this is how we assisted the company in growing its business as a Managed Service Provider. 

Now let’s understand what kinds of Managed IT services are available. 

Depending on your needs, managed IT services can be general or niche. The management of IT systems, the remote monitoring and management of servers, network monitoring, and other support services are examples of common services. A break/fix model is the conventional strategy for managed services, which monitors systems until a problem needs to be fixed. Patch management and predictive maintenance are just two examples of the proactive approaches to maintenance and management that are used by many modern managed service providers. 

Platforms and infrastructure as a service are two examples of cloud-based managed services. Specific applications delivered “as a service” (also known as SaaS) are another (IaaS and PaaS). Without the associated data center and IT infrastructure costs, these services can assist businesses in rapidly scaling up to meet rising demand. Greater access to data, analytics, and storage can also be offered by cloud-based services. Managed security services are offered by other businesses for both traditional bare metal infrastructure and cloud services. Companies with hybrid cloud infrastructure should place a high priority on having trustworthy security professionals. 

Let’s move on to understanding Who Might select a Managed IT Service Provider 

Usually, managed service providers’ clients are small to medium-sized businesses. Since many smaller businesses have limited internal IT resources, working with a managed service provider can be a great way to expand your IT knowledge. Large corporations may still enter into agreements with managed service providers, despite this. The ideal provider, regardless of physical location, will be able to provide 24/7 support if they have a global presence across several time zones. 

Government organizations might even hire a managed service provider to augment their internal IT staff if they are under financial constraints and have trouble filling positions. Customers of all sizes can enjoy the advantage of predictable IT support costs by choosing a subscription model. Managed service providers can avoid many common IT issues and guarantee more dependable and consistent business operations by frequently adopting a proactive monitoring strategy. 

Managed Service Providers Infographic - Evolvous

Managed Service Provider Benefits 

A managed IT service provider can provide several advantages, such as 24/7 support, all year round, lower monthly expenses, and comprehensive network management. Both large organizations and small businesses, as well as start-ups and established businesses, can benefit from MSP. The following are the main advantages of using managed services: 

Addressing the skills shortage: For teams that don’t have the time, expertise, or experience to manage specific business functions on their own or who prefer to concentrate their efforts on other projects, managed services can be beneficial. Your teams can concentrate on innovation without getting bogged down in routine tasks by relying on an expert to provide a service. 

Cost reductions: Numerous managed services are connected to varying cloud costs. You can spend less on staff and training thanks to these services. Other msp fees are typically included in a fixed monthly fee. Instead of developing internal IT operations, hiring a expert can be more affordable and the costs can be more predictable, which is beneficial for budgeting. 

Reliability: Because the managed service provider oversees ensuring that the service is always available, you don’t need to worry as much about outages. A service level agreement governs the provision of services and IT support, making it clear what can be expected and when. An in-house IT team frequently juggles several tasks, but an MSP can concentrate on perfecting the delivery of its service. By concentrating on the service’s safety and security, patches and upgrades can be implemented as required. 

Why choose Evolvous for Managed Services Partner?  

At Evolvous have 11+ years of managed services for IT and digital business transformation expertise. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and an Adobe Bronze Partner. We have assisted businesses just like yours in selecting the tech tools that would be most beneficial for their requirements and integrating those tools into a system that will serve the whole business. In their own terms, we have assisted customers in making the most of SharePoint, Intranet, Microsoft Teams, Power BI (Business Intelligence), Power Apps, Power Automate, and other effective Microsoft products.  

Evolvous Microsoft Gold partner - Evolvous


Decision-makers frequently underestimate the importance of an efficient technology environment, yet it is difficult to emphasize how much good technology can enhance your company’s operations. The correct tools and integrations can boost output and employee happiness, facilitate safer information sharing, and free up staff members to concentrate on their jobs rather than technological difficulties.

And as we’ve discussed in this article, a managed service provider like Evolvous can make that process simpler by assisting you in identifying your needs, choosing the right technological solutions to meet those needs, and integrating those solutions into a helpful whole that functions throughout your business, and ensuring that all these pieces continue to function properly with one another. So, if you are looking for ways to improve how your business interacts with its customers through better data and stronger digital connections, contact us today!  


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