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Finding a Microsoft Certified Partner, Solution Provider, Or Distributor - Evolvous

Finding a Microsoft Certified Partner, Solution Provider, Or Distributor

Finding the right partner or solution provider to answer questions about programs, licensing, or customer deals is imperative, especially when there are so many online options. Let’s take a deep dive and understand what points to weigh while looking for the right Microsoft Certified Partner. 

There are different types of partners or distributors in the Microsoft partner ecosystem

Let us discuss the three major types: 

  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program indirect resellers and their indirect providers 
  • Volume Licensing program distributors 
  • OEM distributors 

Microsoft Gold Partner, Certified Consultants, Microsoft Solution Provider - Evolvous

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program: This program offers opportunities for partners to work together in: 

Indirect provider-indirect reseller model-

Where indirect providers and indirect resellers work together to sell Microsoft cloud-based services to organizations in different locations, verticals, and industries. Indirect Providers are also known as distributors who purchase products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft. Indirect resellers are those who work with indirect providers having a direct relationship with Microsoft along with an infrastructure to provide customer support as well as billing. 

Multi partner support model

Works when a particular customer needs to work with more than one Microsoft partner. For instance, they may want to hire one partner for Microsoft 365 and a different partner specializing in Microsoft Azure. 

Multi-channel support model

When a particular customer needs to hire a partner to manage and support a subscription they have purchased previously from Microsoft or through the Advisor, Open, or EA programs or a third party not in the Cloud Solution Provider program or not a Microsoft Syndication Partner. If you already have a License-based service, you must request permission from the customer to manage the subscriptions. But, for Usage-based services having subscriptions from another channel, such as Advisor, Open, or EA, you will have to create a new subscription in Partner Center by manually entering the subscription details and then cancelling the individual services or the entire subscription.  

Microsoft Volume Licensing program distributors or providers


Microsoft partner Ecosystem Finding a Microsoft Certified Partner, Solution Provider, Or Distributor - Evolvous


For businesses or organizations of all sizes looking for a flexible approach to software licensing and wanting to acquire multiple copies of the software in one, easy-to-administer purchase, it may be best to go with a subscription plan that provides regular upgrades at zero additional cost. It helps reduce administrative overhead and software management costs. To understand more about Microsoft Volume Licensing, continue reading “Everything You Need to Know: Microsoft Volume Licensing Explained“.  

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) distributors:  

Microsoft Authorized OEM Distributors are those distribution partners whose business model and size qualify them for a direct contractual relationship with Microsoft. They mainly provide licenses for pre-installation on hardware and resale. 

To make sure your selection journey is seamless, you must consider a few things before taking the strategic decision.  

  • List Down the Microsoft Gold certified Partners:

A gold certification certifies and validates the skills and expertise of the solution provider and helps choose the best partner for your business.  

  • Understand their process:

You need to understand the process used. How often will you get status reports? How often will you see deliverables?  

  • Check the Culture Fit:

Understand what drives the partner. The values that guide their decision-making and how they can assist in times of crisis.  

  • Testimonials and Experience:

Check what their clients say about their experiences. If you do not see any on their website, this should be a yellow flag. Ask for similar case studies or ask them what they can do for parts of the project where they might not have the experience. 

  • Pricing:

Know about their pricing model and understand the cost estimates. Ask for a spreadsheet illustrating the detailed cost estimates. 

  • Credibility and Reference:

It is vital to verify the commitment of the consulting partner. One should speak with business leaders for more clarity on the areas of interest.  

These are some of the necessary points when considering your options for a Microsoft partner. At Evolvous, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner with certified experts having years of experience. We deliver cloud solutions directly and impact your business processes. We also partner with organizations open to delivering cloud solutions but do not have the required resources and assist them from losing leads.   

Through our Managed Services Program (MSP), we aim to deliver maximum value and create a win-win situation together. We have a service-level agreement tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs.  


Microsoft Certified Partners, Solution Providers, and Distributors are a great resource for your business. They can provide you with a range of services, from software and hardware sales to consulting and support. This article outlined the benefits of working with a Microsoft Certified Partner and provided a list of resources to help you find the best one for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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