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What is Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security (MCAS)?

Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security, also known as MCAS, to implement efficient security monitoring and strong data security with threat protection and threat detection for the cloud-deployed apps used by your company. MCAS performs the function of a Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB.  A significant push toward applications and storage on the cloud has been witnessed during the past ten years. Though switching to the cloud provides enormous flexibility and scalability, it also presents specific problems, particularly regarding security, since it is accessed over the Internet.

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Do you need to rethink using on-premises software considering this? Not precisely because the advantages of cloud technology are too significant to be overlooked. By utilizing technology, tools, and simplified security tactics, it would be preferable to balance the advantages of the cloud and its security. In Azure Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), a cloud access security broker (CASB) offers features to safeguard data and manage access. 


Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) - Evolvous

Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security, Azure Active Directory Cloud App, and Cloud App Discovery are the three subgroups of MCAS.  

We at Evolvous Limited firmly believe in providing our clients with top-notch services and maximum security. Hiller Carbon, one of our patrons, was having trouble managing its inventories in the mining and metal sector business. They had a small number of regular clients that needed raw materials. Maintaining Excel sheets manually required the creation of a new Excel sheet every 15 days containing all the customer information, delivery information, refill information, order data, and scheduling detail. Having a bunch of excel files, extracting reports was complex.  

For Hiller Carbon to manage everything in one location, our professionals at Evolvous used Microsoft Power Apps to design an application. To serve as a central database for data storage, Azure SQL was connected to the application.  

As a result, we assisted them in switching to the cloud by providing them with top-notch security using the Azure Active Directory Cloud App.  

Why Use Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)?  

This security capability should help organizations better assess their cloud posture across cloud apps and services.

By giving a detailed insight into and control over user activity and sensitive data, Cloud App Security closes security holes in an organization’s usage of cloud services. A cloud access security broker (CASB) is a software platform that helps organizations secure their data and applications in the cloud environment. CASBs act as a gatekeeper between users and cloud resources. The primary focus of CASB-Cloud App Security is data-in-motion, which offers data visibility, data security, threat protection, and compliance.  

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Enhanced capabilities of Microsoft Cloud App Security

Additional features are available with Microsoft Cloud App Security, especially when combined with other Microsoft services. Here are some examples of its added features.  

Azure Active Directory integration: MCAS  

The Microsoft office 365 Cloud App Security’s interaction with Azure Active Directory is one of its advantages and it has Microsoft defender. The cloud discovery feature also adds a real time single sign-on and substitutes the username in log files with the relevant, complete name from Azure Active Directory.  

Through the Azure AD user groups, this matching and replacement make it simple to manage control and access while looking into any shadow IT usage by specific individuals.  

Privacy of users: MCAS

On several occasions, we’ve seen hackers steal usernames, passwords, and other PII from the web and cloud-based apps. To keep data safe, a function called AES-128 encryption is used to encrypt all usernames in logs. If the logs end up in the wrong hands, the data will be useless.

When necessary, administrators can decode usernames to get usernames.  

Custom applications: MCAS

What if your company has a unique cloud app that isn’t among the 16,000 apps available through MCAS? You can find unique cloud applications and IP addresses utilized by your company and expand MCAS’s capability to include them. When you do that, the Microsoft Cloud App Security analyses and provides visibility into the custom apps’ usage patterns after parsing their logs.

Filters: MCAS

Sorting data from app and log files is difficult. MCAS includes app filters that allow you to search results based on these criteria, categories, compliance risk factors, scores, domains, and more.

Connect more apps: MCAS

You may combine MCAS with the APIs of app providers like Azure, AWS, Box, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Workspace, Salesforce, WebEx, ServiceNow, and more to increase its capabilities. Multiple instances of the same applications support, and all contact with these APIs done via HTTPS.  

How Does CASB – Cloud App Security Work?  

The Cloud Security architecture is supported by these four major pillars:  

  1. Identify, manage IT use: The security tool will find your company’s cloud apps and services, analyze usage and assess risks.
  2. Safeguard your sensitive data wherever it stores in the cloud: Recognize and categorize sensitive data. Utilize and implement automated procedures and policies across all cloud apps. 
  3. Defend yourself against online dangers and anomalies:  You can examine high-risk usage and reduce the risk levels in your company by spotting anomalous activity in your cloud apps. Then, you can instantly fix the problems. 
  4. Assess your cloud’s compliance: To maintain compliance within the firm, stop data leaks to non-compliant services and restrict access to regulated data. 

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a cloud security solution that helps protect your data and applications in the cloud. Cloud App Security - Evolvous  

Implementing Microsoft Cloud App Security Challenges  

The most effective security for cloud data in motion and cloud data at rest is provided by the integration of Evolvous with Microsoft Cloud App Security.

MCAS is a potent CASB made to safeguard data at rest in Microsoft programmes and other well-liked cloud services like Drop Box and Box. The Evolvous offers CASB security for data transfer between users and the Internet after it has been licensed.

Using Microsoft Cloud App Security as a standalone solution might be difficult. These challenges include:  

  • IT personnel must collect user activity log collection and transmit it to Microsoft Cloud App Security. It is difficult to build Internet activity logs that are viewable from all sides of the office in a digital era.
  • It’s necessary to build logging servers so that Microsoft office 365 Cloud App Security can analyze the data. Since virtual appliances must be created and managed to construct and operate these logging servers, SaaS apps principles were violated, and expenses increased.  
  • IT team performed overburdened because of the complicated technological natively integrations. The solution is limited to firewalls and on-premises gateways that only protect users within the office.
  • To apply CASB restrictions for data in motion and data at rest, it is necessary to handle several independent policies from various platforms. This adds to operational overhead, raises expenses, and degrades end-user experience since the policies are incompatible.  


Microsoft office 365 Cloud App Security (MCAS) is a handy tool for safeguarding your cloud applications and data while providing a thorough insight into their usage and access. To get more out of it, you can natively integrate it with well-known cloud services and your bespoke apps to expand its capability.  

Do you want to use this service? If not, the moment has come; get in touch with us, and we’ll assist your company in efficiently using the service. 

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