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  • Dataverse implementation
  • Establishing Dataverse connections
  • AI features optimization
  • Data protection & governance
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Microsoft Dataverse (Common Dataverse) Consulting Services

Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based data storage platform, that serves as the foundation for Microsoft Power Platform (including Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and others) and Dynamics 365 apps.

Strategic implementation of Dataverse can help you store your data securely on the cloud and enables it to be seamlessly consumed across your applications. With our Data consulting services, you will get expert guidance on Dataverse implementation, including strategic planning and Dataverse integration. We also help you with security and governance on Dataverse, AI feature optimization as well as comprehensive training and support.

We also help you with security and governance on Dataverse, AI feature optimization as well as comprehensive training and support.

Our Microsoft Dataverse Consulting Services are available across Canada, including in cities/regions like Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Edmonton, Ottawa, Mississauga. In the US, we offer services in San Francisco, Texas, Washington, New York, Chicago, Denver, Wilmington, and others.

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Our Dataverse Solutions for Enterprises

  • Are you dealing with data silos when working with Power Platform?
  • Is your existing data storage unable to scale up with applications?
  • Do you find it challenging to ensure data security and governance?

Our Microsoft Dataverse consulting services will help you solve all these issues, improving the way you manage and consume data across your applications. By efficiently planning for Dataverse, we significantly reduce data silos and ensure it can scale up easily based on your needs. Our team will also help you configure security and governance settings, ensuring complete data integrity and privacy.

Dataverse Solutions for New Power Platform Users

If you have recently started using or planning to use Power Platform, then our team can help you get started with Microsoft Dataverse.

Here are some of the services that we offer for enterprises who are new to Power Platform

  • Dataverse integration
  • Security configuration
  • Developing governance plan
  • Migration
  • Technical support

Dataverse Solutions for Existing Power Platform Users

Are you already using Power Platform and Dataverse and feel like you can get more from it? Our team of Microsoft Dataverse consultants can help you utilize the system to its fullest potential. Here are some of the

Optimal use of prebuilt tables, extended attributes, plugins, business rules and more.

Overall performance optimization.

Custom solution development

App modernization

Advanced training

Give Your IT Team the Dataverse Support They Need

Does your IT team lack the necessary skills and experience to realize the full potential of Microsoft Dataverse? As a Microsoft Gold consultant, we possess the expertise to help you maximize the benefits.

Here are some of the activities we can support your IT team with, for Microsoft Dataverse

  • Azure Active Directory (AD) Integration
  • Data Encryption
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy formulation
  • Data transformation
  • Dataverse connectors
  • OData Filtering & Querying
  • Custom plugins and workflows
  • API development

Have a Specific Requirement?

No problem! Speak to our Dataverse specialists today and discover how we can solve your challenges.

Efficient Microsoft Dataverse Solutions, Tailored for Your Industry

Different industries consume data across their applications in diverse ways. At Evolvous, we have worked with a diverse range of industries, which made us aware of the specific challenges that they face. Here is how our Dataverse solutions are tailored for different industries

Microsoft Dataverse for Manufacturing Industry - Evolvous
Dataverse for Manufacturing

Build a centralized data hub with Dataverse, connecting data from various sources, streamlining processes, improving production, and cutting costs.

Dataverse for Construction industry - Evolvous
Dataverse for Construction

Unify all data for construction projects, to boost collaboration between teams and sites, improve material tracking, helping you meet strict deadlines.

Dataverse for Finance - Evolvous
Dataverse for Finance

With our Dataverse solutions, you can connect data from disparate systems, enabling insightful analysis, streamlining workflows and better risk management.

Dataverse for Healthcare - Evolvous
Dataverse for Healthcare

Simplify patient data management by unifying data, improving care coordination, enhancing functionality of critical care applications and systems.

Dataverse for Logistics - Evolvous
Dataverse for Logistics

Dataverse connects data from your logistics network, helping with real-time tracking, optimizing delivery performance & boosting overall efficiency.

Dataverse for Oil and Gas industries - Evolvous
Dataverse for Oil and Gas

Discover ways to use operational data, optimizing production, and ensuring optimal safety at various stages of production in the oil and gas industry.

Our Dataverse Solutions for Different Applications

Dataverse for Power BI. Microsoft Dataverse Consulting Services - Evolvous

Dataverse for Power BI

With our Microsoft Dataverse solutions for Power BI, you can get clean, unified data storage that fuels your custom dashboards and advanced analytics.

Microsoft Power Apps for Dataverse. Microsoft Dataverse Consulting Services - Evolvous

Dataverse for Power Apps

Supercharge the performance of your Power Apps applications with our custom Dataverse solutions that ensure high levels of data quality and security.

Microsoft teams for Dataverse. Microsoft Dataverse Consulting Services - Evolvous

Dataverse for Teams

With our custom solutions for Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, you can build & share data-driven apps, boosting collaboration & productivity of your team.

Dataverse for Dynamics 365 logo - Evolvous

Dataverse for Dynamics 365

Our Dataverse solutions can act as the heart of your Dynamics 365 environment, unifying customer, and resource data for seamless user experience.

Why Choose Dataverse Consulting Services from Evolvous?

Here are some of the reasons that make Evolvous one of the most preferred partners for Dataverse consulting services:


As a certified Microsoft Gold consultant, we have experience in working on a diverse range of projects based on Dataverse, helping businesses solve their challenges.

End-to-End Solutions

You get the complete range of solutions – starting from planning to execution and beyond, from our experts. This helps you to realize the full potential of the platform, without any hassles.

Better Results

Our expertise, combined with our customized solutions for your business, ensures that we achieve the goals that you have set for your business.

Power BI FAQs

What does a Power BI Consultant do?

A Power BI Consultant would help you with setting up the environment, connecting data resources, setting up the Power BI dashboard, getting detailed reports and more.

When to look for Power BI Services?

The right time to get Power BI services is when you are looking to setup your Power BI environment. If you are planning for Power BI migration, then it is better to get help from an experienced Power BI consultant.

Where can I find Power BI Consultants near me?

If you are searching for Power BI Consultants near me, from places like Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Brampton, Vancouver, British Colombia or other cities and provinces in Canada, then you can contact Evolvous. If you are based in the U.S, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, then you can contact our international offices.

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