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Dynamics 365 Integration with SAP

Today, innovative use of technology is crucial for the success of a business. Now, your organization might be using a set of technological applications for different tasks. For example, you might be using SAP applications for managing your product lifecycle, or customer relationships. On the other hand, you might be using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a comprehensive platform for managing various aspects of your business. To derive better value from the two, it is always recommended to go for SAP Dynamics 365 Integration

Did You Now? 

Managing Dynamics 365 SAP integration is easier than you think, especially if you have a consultant like Evolvous by your side. We help you to plan and execute the integration with an aim to deliver maximum value to your operations. Contact our team to find out more about how we help.

Why Do You Need SAP Dynamics 365 Integration?

In most organizations SAP solutions and Dynamics 365 might be used for similar purposes. In such a scenario, you might think about what actual benefits you might derive from integrating the two.

There are several benefits of SAP integration with Dynamics 365. Here are some key ones:

  • Data Consistency

When you go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with SAP, you can ensure data consistency between the two platforms. Due to your organizational requirements, you might need to use both platforms. However, shifting between the two platforms can lead to erroneous data. When you integrate the two platforms, you can easily eliminate the chances of errors and discrepancies in the data.

  • Enhanced Visibility

Having better visibility across all your processes is critical for business success. By combining the data and insights from SAP and Dynamic 365, you get a comprehensive view of business operations which makes it easy to take better decisions and develop efficient strategies.

  • Improved Efficiency

SAP integration with Dynamics 365 will also help you enhance the efficiency of your operations by unifying and streamlining critical processes. You eliminate the need for manual data entry and duplication of efforts.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

As your business grows or market trends change, you need technological solutions that can dynamically adapt to the changing conditions. Integrating SAP and Dynamics 365 allows for greater flexibility and scalability. This enables you to adapt to changing needs without disrupting existing processes.

  • Cost Efficiency

By helping you to save time and money in executing tasks, SAP Dynamics 365 integration can help you save on costs, in the short and long term.

Discover Our Range of Dynamics 365 Solutions

At Evolvous, we offer a wide range of customized solutions based on Dynamics 365 that optimizes marketing, fiscal management, sales, human resource management and other key tasks of your business. Click here to know more.

The Process of SAP Dynamics 365 Integration

Now that we know about the potential benefits of SAP Dynamics 365 integration, let us look at the process that is followed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with SAP
There are quite a few approaches to integrating the two platforms. At Evolvous, we follow the ‘F.A.S.T’ process for Dynamics 365 SAP integration. This helps us to reduce the time, enhance efficiency and minimize disruptions to your existing processes. 

Here are the key stages of the ‘F.A.S.T’ process for SAP integration with Dynamics 365

STAGE 1: Foundation

The process starts by laying the groundwork. We initiate the process by having a detailed discussion with your stakeholders. Here are the objectives that are to be accomplished at this stage:

  • Establish a foundational understanding of the goals of the integration. Your existing processes and the SAP/Dynamics 365 environments will also be assessed.
  • It is also critical to define the data structures and compatibility between SAP and Dynamics 365 platforms. Here, data transformation and mapping are important to avoid issues at the later stages.

STAGE 2: Alignment 

Next, the focus moves towards developing a definite plan for integration. The key here is to ensure that the integration process is optimized towards achieving the desired goals.

  • It is important to align the integration with the pre-determined business objectives and address the issues detected (if any). 
  • A detailed, customized plan for the integration is developed. A timeline is also prepared to set the right expectations. 

STAGE 3: Synthesis 

Synthesize refers to the implementation of the strategy devised at the previous stage. Here are some of the tasks that need to be completed at this stage. 

  • Synthesize the integration solution by combining the different objectives. 
  • You also need to develop the necessary connectors and middleware. If required, some of the data might need to be migrated between the two platforms or from others that you might be using. 

STAGE 4: Testing 

The process is not considered to be done unless the system is tested, post-integration. Here are some of the tasks that need to be completed. 

  • Thoroughly test the integration to ensure accuracy and system compatibility. 
  • It is also important to conduct unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing. 

Please note that this is just an overview of the process that we follow at Evolvous. Depending on your existing processes and requirements, the specifics of the process might differ. 

Contact us to discuss your project today. 

The Different Integration Tools or Methods for SAP Dynamics 365 Integration 

There are several methods that can be used for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with SAP. At Evolvous, here are some of the tools and methods that we use: 

  • Azure Logic Apps 

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps provides a visual designer which makes it easier to design and implement SAP Dynamics 365 integration. The workflows designed are automatic in nature, which makes the process faster and more efficient. 

  • Developing Custom APIs 

Depending on the scenario, we create custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for both SAP and Dynamics 365. This makes communication between the applications easier as it is based on endpoints that can send and receive data. 

Direct Data Manipulation 

Our team might also create custom scripts to directly manipulate and transfer the data between SAP and Dynamics 365 databases. In most cases, we write scripts in Java, .NET, or Python for the best results. 

Why Choose Evolvous for SAP Dynamics 365 Integration? 

Evolvous is a certified Microsoft Gold consultant in Canada, helping businesses in Canada, US and across the world with managed Dynamics 365 integrations. Over the years, we have helped businesses from diverse industrial backgrounds to integrate Dynamics 365 with other platforms to boost productivity and efficiency in your operational processes. To know more about us and what makes us the right option for your business, click here. 


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