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Are you Looking for a Microsoft Partner?

Silver and Gold are the two levels of Microsoft Partners. The Microsoft Certified Gold Partner levels are utilized to recognize the size of the business the partner is operating at, and the unique capabilities amassed over delivering the service.  

First, understand what Microsoft Gold Partner is.  

A Microsoft Gold partner is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of business customer care and working with Microsoft. By obtaining this Microsoft Gold Partner Certification, Partners demonstrate their dedication to excellence in developing Microsoft technologies and maximizing the advantages clients gain from properly deploying Microsoft solutions. Microsoft Gold partners known for providing cutting-edge corporate solutions. They belong to the top 1% of Microsoft Partners globally.  

Microsoft Gold Partner, Evolvous Certified partner - Evolvous Limited

Now let’s understand what Microsoft Silver Partner is.  

Companies with the highest and most specialized expertise and dedication in a particular business solution area are given the Silver Competency designation. Microsoft honors businesses that have achieved Silver Competency for providing the finest customer solutions and for putting up significant effort in the approval process. A company with a Silver Competency is among the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally.  

Why Choose a Microsoft Gold Partner?  

When integrating Microsoft products into your business operations, working with a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner is your best chance for getting the most bang for your buck. It will be challenging to decide from the hundreds of Microsoft partners specializing in your field of interest. Remember that Gold is the highest level of competence certification status, demonstrating the partner’s standing and confidence with Microsoft.  

The top 5 reasons you need to go for the Microsoft Gold Partner are:  

1st reason – “Always remain updated.”  

Microsoft’s competency standards updated in tandem with the ongoing technological advancements. This guarantees that your Microsoft Partner is constantly knowledgeable about the most current Microsoft products and developments. Consider it like this: Would you feel comfortable having surgery performed on you by a surgeon without any more medical training in 20 years? Although it might be argued that the locations of our organs within our bodies have not changed, our understanding of how they work and improvements in surgical methods provide the surgeon with the most recent training with a distinct advantage. In a similar vein, current Microsoft Partners have a superior understanding of the product or technology and its most effective implementations.  

2nd reason – “Meeting strict criteria.”  

Microsoft certification calls for more than just fundamental information. It needs a specific number of individuals to pass challenging tests, which get harder every year. For instance, out of the 15 people who must pass the core value examinations, five more must pass specific specialist exams. It’s a continuous process; once you’re certified, that’s it. It needs frequent updating from the partner. Once Gold is certified, you are only recognized until your subsequent anniversary date; the process is repeated. The benefit to the customer from this is that you can be sure that the individuals working on your solution are competent. They are experts in the technology or product and know how to make the most of it to satisfy your demands.  

5 reasons why you should choose Microsoft Gold Partner - Evolvous

3rd reason – “Connection to Microsoft directly.”  

Working with experts with the specific skill sets you want is a benefit of working with a Microsoft Gold Partner. With this degree of inside experience, Gold Partners don’t need to contact Microsoft as frequently, which expedites the resolution of your issues. But there are times when a Partner requires assistance. Gold Partners benefit from having access to specialized support partners within the Microsoft Business Solutions domain when they need to open a case with Microsoft. This entails reaction times that are guaranteed and backed by some very wise individuals.

All the instances for Gold Partners have an entitlement associated with them. As a result, if the case isn’t moving forward as it should, it can be immediately escalated by a special escalation team. Microsoft gets more active with Gold Partners right away. When you initially contemplate using one of Microsoft’s products, they bring value immediately, from engagement and discovery to technical assistance for solution architecture.  

4th reason – “Possibility of a proof-of-concept trial run before going all-in.”  

The benefit of receiving licenses for development and demonstrations belongs to Gold Partners. They now have the chance to create proof of ideas for clients without spending money on license purchases. What does that mean for the client? In any case, That’s excellent for the partner. It allows the partner the freedom to test concepts with clients before asking them to commit, giving clients the advantage of experiencing the proposed solution before moving forward with implementation.  

When a Partner possesses a set of Competencies, they are qualified to provide deployment planning services. For the suitable prospect and project, the partner can financed by Microsoft for several days of consultation, akin to a pilot programme or providing a proof of concept. This is ideal for a client who is ready to commit to a solution but is concerned about the financial implications. This is a win not just for the client but also for the partner, who already prepared for the engagement, and for Microsoft, who will sell licenses and have another excellent customer success story to share.  

5th reason – “Satisfied clients and happy employees.”  

We at Evolvous Limited think that satisfied employees translate into happy clients. Our clients won’t experience staff churn if our employees are content at work since they stay with us. Any Gold-certified Partner will have dedicated employees to their work and most likely the partner they work for, which is to your advantage. Microsoft certification benefits the partner and the team members individually via professional growth. Professional development is essential for technical professionals to remain current.  

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Evolvous limited includes these services:  

  • Cloud Platform: With expertise in system administration, virtualization, storage, networking, identity management, and cloud technologies (Microsoft SharePoint), our team is qualified to manage a contemporary data canter.  
  • Cloud-based business application: Evolvous provides solutions for every component of the Microsoft stack, including Office 365, Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It covers a variety of technical certifications that support businesses in the implementation, demonstration, and development of business applications.  
  • Application Development: We utilize Microsoft technologies (Microsoft Power Platform) to build mobile and online applications. It aids in the development of new apps as well as their modernization and migration to Azure.  


Go for Gold Partner. Go for Evolvous.  

Like at the Olympics, while looking for a technology partner, always aim for the Gold to ensure you get the most satisfactory experience, information, and support.  

Evolvous team has the best expertise, which aligns with your business needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your company’s growth. Explore why our clients are pleased with our services by visiting


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