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How a Low-Code App Development Tool Can Improve Business Application Development 

Building an app is something that you want to do for your business, but you have a lot of doubts about it. It is true that building a business application can enhance the efficiency of a specific task and optimizes the overall process performance. But building an app is always thought to be resource intensive. However, that concept is being proven wrong by using low code app development tools like Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow). 

At Evolvous, we use various low code solutions for enterprises to design, develop and deploy business applications for our clients from diverse industries. Let us look at how Power Apps – the Microsoft Low Code Platform is redefining the way businesses develop applications and what benefits your business will get out of it. 

Find Out More About Microsoft Low Code for Business 

Interested in knowing more about Power Apps? Head to our Power Apps page to find out more about the Microsoft low code app builder and how we help you tap into its immense potential. 

The Major Challenges of Traditional, Code-Based Business Application Development 

When you are using code like HTML, Java, or Python to create a business app, you will face several challenges. Some of the key challenges include: 

  1. Longer Development Cycles: Traditional app development cycles involving writing extensive code can be time-consuming. You must work on the wireframe, create the code for each individual element, and then bring it all together. This requires a considerable amount of time and effort. 
  2. Need for Coding Expertise: In most cases, you will need to hire an entire team of professionals with coding expertise, who will not only build but also maintain the app. This means that you will have to invest time in the recruitment process and make budgetary allocations for salaries and additional system requirements. 
  3. Flexibility and Iteration: Code-based development can be rigid, making it challenging to iterate quickly based on changing business requirements. Any change will require changes in the code, followed by multiple rounds of testing.  

These are only some of the reasons why businesses often fail to realize the full potential of having an app ecosystem. In most cases, they spend a lot of time and effort in developing just a few apps which have limited impact on their overall business. 

You can radically improve your approach and results with the help of a low code app development tool 

What is a Low Code App Development Tool? 

So, what is a low code app development tool and how does it truly impact the way you develop business applications? Simply put, a low code platform is a software platform that enables users to design, develop and deploy applications with minimal requirement for coding or manual programming. This makes apps accessible to team-members with varying levels of technical expertise. 

Most low code solutions for enterprises use a visual interface and pre-built components to make it easier for ‘citizen developers’ to create apps. This allows for rapid prototyping and quicker iterations. 

At Evolvous, we often use Power Apps – the simple yet effective Microsoft low code app builder. Let us look at some of the advantages of using this platform for your business app development. 

The Benefits of Microsoft Low Code App Development Tool 

Let us dive into the advantages that you get when you use Microsoft Low Code App Development Tool, i.e., Power Apps for developing your business applications. 

  • Faster Deployment: Power Apps comes with a simple, easy-to-use interface and an extensive range of pre-built components. This will cut the time between conception and deployment of the business application. 
  • No Coding Expertise Needed – One of the biggest advantages of Power Apps is that you can design apps without any extensive coding knowledge. This allows your existing team to develop professional apps and solve work on complicated workflows and resolve issues with usability. 
  • Better Flexibility and Faster Iterations – If you need to make changes, you do not need to take apart the app completely. You can simply make changes to the specific component and logic with just a few clicks, and you are done. This reduces downtime significantly. 
  • Deploy Your App Across Platforms – Business applications developed using Power Apps can be deployed on websites, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and various other web-based platforms. You can also use distribution options like Microsoft Endpoint Manager or similar third-party MDM solutions. You can also use private enterprise app stores like Microsoft App Center, Apple Volume Purchase Program, and Managed Google Play. 
  • Embrace the Power of AI – You can integrate Microsoft AI Builder or Azure AI services to integrate the desired AI features into your business application. This helps you to design an app that taps into AI’S potential to deliver better performance. 

Discover More Potential Benefits of Microsoft Low Code Power Apps 

Power Apps can have a range of benefits for your business, depending on the specific use case. Contact our team to discover the advantages that you can get when you develop an app with our custom Power Apps consulting services

The 5 Stages of Designing a Business Application with Microsoft Power Apps - Evolvous

Get Comprehensive Microsoft Low Code Consulting Services from Evolvous 

Evolvous offers a wide range of support and consulting services that help your business to unleash the true potential of Microsoft’s low code app development tool. Here are some of the services offered by our team of dedicated experts. 

  1. Consultation and Needs Analysis: We will assess the unique requirements of your business, processes, and challenges to determine how Power Apps can be used to address your specific needs. This helps us to understand your operational workflows, data sources and user expectations. 
  2. Custom App Development: Our team of experts will design, develop, and deliver customized apps based on your requirements. We will also identify the right distribution channels and integrate proper data connectors and other third-party services. 
  3. Training and Change Management: Your team will need proper training, complete with course materials and one-on-one sessions, to ensure they can adapt to the new systems. We will also help you develop change management strategies that will smoothen the transition. 
What’s Next? 

Ready for the next step towards smarter business app development? Click here to register for our envisioning workshop to discover how our Power Apps Consulting Services in Canada can impact your business, with the help of our experts. 

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