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Our team of certified professionals will help you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment and ensure seamless integration into your business.

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Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Consulting Services in Canada

Our Microsoft Office 365 Consultant helps you to conceptualize and develop customized solutions based on Office 365, or what is now known as Microsoft 365 applications, which boosts productivity and solves critical business challenges. Evolvous Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Services includes solution discovery, implementation and training for MS Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and other applications.

Leverage M365 and boost collaboration and overall

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Couple of important questions before you start using Microsoft 365 (Office 365)-

  • Are you utilizing all the components of Microsoft 365 platform?
  • Are you using the cloud capabilities of Microsoft 365 in full potential?
  • How will you ensure the security and compliance of the data?
  • What should be the strategy to monitor & optimize the Microsoft 365 environment?
  • Are your team members trained enough to use the modern collaboration tools?
Get Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Consulting Services in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and throughout Canada and United States - Evolvous

With our Microsoft 365 Consulting services feel Empowered with The Easy and Quick Adoption.

Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) Enterprise Functionalities
Get Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) Excel, Word Doc, Power Point, Consulting Services in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and throughout Canada and United States - Evolvous


Enhance the productivity levels at your work:

Get Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Consulting Services for communication includes Outlook, Teams, Skype, Yammer Canada and United States - Evolvous


Communicate and collaborate with your team members, customers and partners:

Get Microsoft 365 Office 365 Consulting Services Cloud services for SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate Canada and United States - Evolvous

Cloud Services-

Store, manage and share files and data securely:

Microsoft office 365 for Security & Compliance - Evolvous

Security & Compliance-

Protect your data and ensure that you meet the regulatory requirements:

Office 365 analytics tool Power BI, Power Apps, Dynamics 365 CRM. Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Services in Canada & United States - Evolvous


Analyze data and gain useful insights:

Discover the Potential of Microsoft 365 with Evolvous

At Evolvous, we have assisted companies in harnessing the true potential of M365 and helped gain competitive advantage.


We work with your team to assess the needs and identify which Microsoft 365 components are most relevant to your business operations.

Customization & Configuration

Get custom workflows, dashboards, configure permissions or access your controls with custom plan that suits your needs.


Microsoft offers loads of APIs and connectors to help you to integrate with your existing systems and applications. We assist you through a seamless integration experience and help you enhance efficiency and streamline your business processes.


Our Microsoft 365 training and change management solution equips you with the necessary skills to make the most of the platform.

Explore the Cloud Capabilities of our Microsoft 365

Cloud computing makes your data accessible to your team, whenever or wherever they want. Microsoft 365 comes with excellent cloud capabilities that can make your business process simplified and data more accessible.

  • Migration- Our team of Microsoft certified experts will assist you with migrating all your data to Microsoft 365 cloud, with minimum downtime.
  • Optimization- Optimize the performance of Microsoft 365 and scale up your cloud capabilities – Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.
  • Configuration- Get complete support for configuring your Microsoft 365 cloud for security, compliance features, integration with other tools, customizing workflows to name a few.

Managed Solutions for Hassle Free Operation

At Evolvous, we offer a wide range of managed solutions for Microsoft 365 so that you can stop worrying about the challenges and focus on getting the best performance from the environment.

Manage day-to-day operations of Microsoft 365 platform – user management, license optimization and compliance reporting.

Backup and Recovery-
Implement data backup and recovery solutions for your Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring that your critical data is protected and recoverable in the event of an outage or data loss.

Training and Adoption-
Get trained from our experts and adopt to the system quickly, effectively and derive the maximum benefits out of the platform.

The Evolvous Assurance

At Evolvous, we have worked with companies from across the globe from different industry verticals and designed customized Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) consulting services that helped them unlock their growth potential. Our team understands the industry challenges and the best suited solutions. We Assure:

A Digitally Transformed Business using Microsoft suite with Office 365 Consulting Services - Evolvous

A Digitally Transformed Business-

By migrating business processes and document management to the cloud with Microsoft 365, you get a more seamless and collaborative work environment that enhances productivity.

Get Better Collaboration with Office 365 Consulting Services - Evolvous

Better Collaboration-

With teams based across various locations, collaboration becomes a challenge irrespective of the industry. With customized solutions from Evolvous, collaboration becomes easier.

Get More Utility Office 365 Consulting Services - Evolvous

More Utility-

Microsoft 365 applications are more effective when used coordinated with each other. Our solutions help you to derive maximum benefits from the platform by helping utilize more components.

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    Why Choose Evolvous for Microsoft Office 365 Consulting and Training Services?

    Evolvous Microsoft 365 consulting Services in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and throughout Canada - Evolvous

    Evolvous is a
    Microsoft Gold Partner
    consultant in Canada,
    helping businesses and
    in Canada, the US and
    across the globe.

    • Experience- We have a team of experts with extensive experience in developing solutions for diverse industries.
    • Innovation- Our team constantly innovates to identify the right processes and implement more efficient solutions to solve critical and emerging problems facing your industry.
    • Committed to Satisfaction- We have a detailed discussion with you and all other stakeholders to form a clear objective so that we deliver complete satisfaction. Projects are delivered on time, while achieving all the set goals.

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