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Data is the lifeblood of today’s digital businesses and is viewed as a strength in data-driven decision-making. Microsoft’s Power BI, a potent business analytics tool, provides a platform for data collection, Daya Analyzing, and visualization via appealing visualization and interactive reports, empowering businesses to increase profitability and unearth insights. With the help of Microsoft Power BI, you can quickly and easily connect to a variety of data sources and use that data to conduct mobile enterprise analytics. Power BI consulting services can help you get the most out of your data.Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services in Calgary, Toronto & Throughout Canada - Evolvous

For many years, we have been combining the potential of potent tools with our expertise to deliver business analytics services that produce impressive results. Our Power BI services offer comprehensive business intelligence solutions utilizing Power BI, including dashboards, data management from various sources, reporting, unique visualization, and advanced analytics on a single platform. Whether implementing Power BI services in the cloud or on-premises, our Power BI consultants have first-hand experience doing so.

How can Power BI Consultant help you?

A Power BI consultant can provide valuable assistance in several ways to help you make the most out of Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence and analytics tool. Here are some keyways in which a Power BI consultant can help you:

  • Requirements Analysis: Power BI consultants can work with you to understand your business goals, data sources, and reporting needs. They help define clear requirements for your Power BI implementation, ensuring that the solution aligns with your organizational objectives.
  • Data Modeling and Transformation: Consultants can assist in designing an effective data model for your Power BI solution. This includes transforming and cleaning data from various sources to create a unified and meaningful dataset that supports accurate reporting and analysis.
  • Report and Dashboard Development: Power BI consultants have expertise in creating visually appealing and interactive reports and dashboards. They can design and develop customized reports that provide insights into your business data, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and analyze information.

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  • Integration with Other Systems: If your organization uses other systems or tools, a Power BI consultant can help integrate Power BI with these systems, ensuring a seamless flow of data. This might involve connecting to databases, cloud services, or on-premises data sources.
  • Performance Optimization: Consultants can optimize the performance of your Power BI reports and dashboards, ensuring quick load times and efficient data retrieval. This is crucial for a positive user experience and timely decision-making.
  • Training and Support: Power BI consultants can provide training sessions for your team, ensuring they have the skills needed to use Power BI effectively. They may also offer ongoing support to address any issues, answer questions, and provide guidance as your team becomes more familiar with the tool.
  • Best Practices and Governance: Consultants can help establish best practices for Power BI development and usage within your organization. They can also assist in implementing governance policies to maintain data accuracy, security, and compliance.
  • Custom Solutions and Development: For unique business requirements, a Power BI consultant can develop custom solutions, such as building custom visuals, implementing advanced analytics, or creating specific functionalities tailored to your needs.
  • Troubleshooting and Optimization: If you encounter issues with your Power BI implementation or if you want to optimize existing reports, a consultant can diagnose problems, propose solutions, and implement improvements.
  • Stay Updated on Power BI Features: Power BI is regularly updated with new features and enhancements. A consultant can help you stay informed about these updates and leverage new functionalities to enhance your analytics capabilities.

Who is Microsoft Power BI For?

In theory, any business that requires business intelligence and data analysis is the target audience for this potent tool. Since installing specialized hardware is not necessary with Microsoft Power BI’s cloud-based approach, it is also suitable for businesses looking for a low-cost entry into BI.

Power BI service providers - Evolvous

Why does your organization need Microsoft Power BI?

  • Through an integrated business intelligence platform, data can be connected, processed, modelled, and visualized easily.
  • Conducting analyses (in real-time) and easily creating interactive, professional reports without programming experience.
  • Easy publication of reports across various platforms.
  • The ability to use mobile Power BI apps to perform analyses anywhere, even on devices like smartphones or tablets.
  • Getting notifications when data changes.
  • Short time to use due to pre-defined and easily customizable templates.
  • The ability to integrate a variety of other (cloud-based) systems, such as CRM, ERP, or SharePoint.

How to work with Microsoft Power BI?

You first retrieve your data and produce a report using Power BI Desktop. After publishing the report in Power BI Service, you can include new visualizations. A dashboard can also be created using one or more reports. Finally, you can share your dashboards with other users of the Power BI Service, particularly mobile users. Power BI Mobile apps enable them to view your dashboards and reports.

Power BI Desktop-

You can connect to your data using this software and then model and visualize the data after that. You can transfer your data to Power BI from almost any available data source. Also, you can filter the data using dynamic queries to produce expert analyses. A dataset can only be created with the Power BI Client, so Power BI Desktop is unavoidably required for report creation.

Power BI Service-

You can create a new or edit an existing dashboard and then use this service to add the reports shared by the desktop client. This enables you to instantly analyze every piece of the project- and company-specific performance data.

Power BI Mobile Apps-

This app is used to view and interact with shared dashboards and reports in a mobile setting. Both iOS and Android are compatible with it. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always keep an overview with the help of real-time reports and dashboards. Access local SQL Server data as well as cloud-based data. Keep an eye on KPIs and reports: Power BI Mobile apps give you access to your data wherever you are.

Power BI Reports Server-

The data is located behind your company’s firewall and not in the cloud, in the case of the Power BI Report Server solution. In a cutting-edge, local solution, the Report Server gives users access to data, insights, and the reporting features of SQL Server Reporting Services for businesses.

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Unlock Business Insights with Power BI Consulting

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that is widely used by businesses in Canada. With its comprehensive set of features and capabilities, Power BI allows companies to gain valuable insights from their data and make informed business decisions.


Why choose us?

While reducing the complexity of intricate configurations and integrations, we give our clients the tools they need to create connections, foster innovation, enhance operations, and forge relationships. In Canada, we are best known for our Power BI consulting services and are among the top Power BI service providers worldwide.

1. Our wealth of practical experience

2. A substantial history of Microsoft technologies

3. Our use of the Power BI tool is optimal.

4. We implemented a Power BI dashboard for fortune clients.

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