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Microsoft Teams Features for Family and Friends

Times have changed, earlier socializing was encouraged but now with the outbreak of COVID –19 our world has changed. It asks to keep distance, discourages social gathering – be it celebration or funeral! Even our professional world has adapted to innovative technologies to keep their employees safe and far away from any form of gathering and encouraged work from home. Today we keep discussing about how to boost employee productivity, how to better collaborate, how to share files securely but we hardly discuss how to stay connected better with family and friends. In this article we have explained Microsoft Teams, features for family & friends.

Microsoft has beautifully bridged all the gap in our professional world and recently it has made sure to bridge the gaps in our personal world too. With the launch of new features in Microsoft Teams it has addressed the need of better connection and collaboration in personal space 

Microsoft Teams is a unified platform for communication and collaboration. It lets you chat, meet, call, collaborate all in one place. You have your calendar, emails, messages, apps, to-do-lists, important documents – everything just a click away. On leveraging all these capabilities in our everyday life for personal chores, life will become more organized. You need to swap from one app to the other for coordinating with your family members along with your office team members. 

Let’s check the new features, all available for mobile preview. 

  • Text-Chat-Video calling:

Like any chatting platform you can communicate oneonone or create groups of family members or friends and start your sharing. Microsoft Teams also gives you the fun features like sharing GIFs, photos, videos, documents, and even location already integrated. 

  • Stay Organized:

Once you have created a group or have a single contact you can share your grocery lists, any important documents, and even calendars scheduling the next virtual meet-up with your friends all within the group dashboard.  

  • Efficient and secure file sharing:

Be it office or our personal lives, sharing anything needs a security assurance. Now share your word, excel, or power point straight from Microsoft 365 within the Teams app. And since everything is stored in OneDrive you can access them from any device from anywhere. 

  • Location Sharing:

With this new and cool feature you can let your loved ones know your exact location – be it a crowded concert (which is unlikely to happen in current scenario) or be it a lone park. It also gives you the ability to stop sharing your location at your discretion. This feature is only available when you provide location permission. 

  • Vault:

Teams has integrated a special place called ”Safe” where you can securely store and share important information, like passwords, rewards numbers, or login information all backed by the security of two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption. 

All these features are available for mobile preview and will soon be available over the coming weeks. Microsoft also plans to expand the features to the desktop and web versions of Teams, which can be expected later this year. 

Get Microsoft Teams today and start using it capabilities in your personal lives. Technology experts at Evolvous Limited have years of experience in assisting companies with innovative technological solutions for their technical challenges.  

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