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Microsoft Volume Licensing | MS Volume Licensing Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a flexible approach to software licensing that allows you to buy licenses in bulk at discounted prices. It can be used for server, desktop, and cloud solutions, and different plans are available depending on the number of users requiring access to the software.  

Small business owners might be wary of making a significant upfront investment for innovative technology. Or they may have been burned by short-term contracts that left them paying exorbitant prices for equipment and software upgrades. These strategies can lead to high costs and wasted time on products that do not fit your needs. In fact, Microsoft products are available through a variety of pricing options suited to your business.


What is Microsoft Volume Licensing (MS Volume Licensing)?  

Microsoft Volume Licensing enables businesses to acquire multiple copies of Microsoft software in one, easy-to-administer purchase. This type of licensing is ideal for organizations of any size—from multinational corporations to small businesses—looking for an affordable way to install the latest versions of Microsoft products on all computers within their organization.  

Microsoft offers three types of licenses:   

  • Retail License  
  • OEM License
  • Volume License  

The main difference in a Volume License is that it allows businesses to purchase a pre-defined number of licenses at a reduced cost compared to retail or OEM licenses.  

Everything You Need to Know: Microsoft Volume Licensing Explained - Evolvous

Microsoft considers three main factors before selling Microsoft Volume Licensing  

The process of selling Microsoft Volume Licensing products is a complex one. There are three main factors that Microsoft considers when deciding to sell a product, & these factors include:  

  • Cost-Effective: – Microsoft Volume Licensing is a popular and cost-effective way of acquiring Microsoft software for an enterprise.  
  • Use Case: – How the product is used, duration and by whom.  
  • Size: – The size of the organization, number of employees, and business model.  

Get the right solution for your business with Microsoft Volume Licensing. Our flexible program offers excellent value, fast deployment, and easy management of licenses.

Understanding Microsoft License Software Assurance  

Microsoft Software Assurance is a program that provides volume licensing customers with free upgrades to the newest software releases, ongoing support, and more. It is the best way to save on Microsoft products & use the latest versions faster than anyone else. It combines the latest software with benefits such as phone support, partner services, training, and IT tools.

Advantages of Microsoft Volume Licensing (MS Licensing Licensing)

  • Advantages: Many companies are looking for ways to upgrade their systems without upgrading the cost. And when you are running a business, saving money is always on top of your list. The concept behind volume licensing programs is that you can save quite a bit of cash if you buy licenses in bulk.  
  • Volume licensing can help you secure deep discounts on software, hardware, and cloud services for your organization.  
  • When you purchase volume-licensed products through a Microsoft partner or reseller, you can benefit from significant savings compared to retail pricing. 

The main reasons why businesses opt for Microsoft volume licensing are 

“Microsoft Volume Licensing” is the most flexible and cost-effective way for organizations of all types and sizes to get the right software for their business. With a wide range of licensing programs, it is easy to find a solution to fit your needs and budget.  

To run a successful business, you need to stay on top of the latest technological trends. In recent years, cloud-based applications have been revolutionizing how companies do business. Cloud technology can provide your business with several benefits, including reduced costs and increased efficiency in several areas.  

License life span  

The several types of licenses for software include perpetual, subscription, and time limited. These different license types offer varying levels of flexibility to the user. Software users need to consider what they want their future to be when choosing a license type.  

If your business requires you to upgrade regularly, then it may be best to go with a subscription plan that provides regular upgrades at no additional cost.  

  • Perpetual License: – This is a site-licensed solution. The perpetual license allows you to use the software on an unlimited number of computers within your company for as long as you have a valid subscription.  
  • Subscription License: – A license agreement is a contract between the licensor and licensee that grants the licensee exclusive rights to use the licensed content. It defines what type of usage is permitted, how much it will cost, how long this term will last & any other restrictions on use or transfer.  

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Volume Licensing 2023, be sure to get in touch with us today at your convenience. We are available 24/7 and would be happy to schedule a time that works for you to discuss your business needs. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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