How Power Apps & Power BI were used to manage and track sales information, customer concerns & generate reports.

Diesel Forward

Designing a Power Apps application to help Greenwell manage projects, customer enquiries, and human resources.

Green Well

Building a fully functional ERP system by combining Power Apps and SharePoint to boost accessibility and overall productivity.


Developing a fully automated application using Power Apps to track status, documentation, expenses, & reporting.

Ghanem forwarding

Developing a custom SharePoint intranet, helping them deliver a consistent experience, in line with their brand identity.

Anxiety House

Automating non-conformance reports improved visibility across operations and helped to reduce overall costs.


Adapting to cloud data management by helping to migrate from SharePoint Server to SharePoint Online.


Improving Teams collaboration & simplifying document management with SharePoint Intranet development.


Improving user experience and branding by modernizing intranet with SharePoint migration.


Moving from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online and building effective intranets.


Improving reports and aiding in decision making by combining SharePoint and Power BI for seamless operations.


Creating a fiscal management application with Microsoft Power Apps that facilitated contract and budget management.