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PowerApps integration with SharePoint - Evolvous

Unleashing the Potential of PowerApps Integration with SharePoint

Every organization constantly focuses on enhancing internal communication and ensuring smooth business stability under all conditions. And for this reason, many businesses integration PowerApps with SharePoint to create low-code, responsive applications with rich content that give employees, suppliers, and customers a tailored experience. Additionally, the Power Apps integration with SharePoint enables the development of cutting-edge mobile and web applications that improve employee productivity and internal communication. 

Understanding the Dynamics of PowerApps and SharePoint Integration

  • Effortless Data Access and Updates: Explore how the integration of PowerApps with SharePoint provides users with a streamlined experience, enabling easy access to data stored in SharePoint lists and libraries. Learn how PowerApps facilitates real-time updates, ensuring your team works with the most current information.
  • Dynamic Form Creation and Customization: Delve into the world of dynamic form creation as PowerApps seamlessly integrates with SharePoint. Discover the ability to design and customize forms tailored to your unique business needs, optimizing data entry and enhancing user interaction within SharePoint environments.
  • Collaborative Workflows for Enhanced Productivity: Uncover the collaborative power of PowerApps and SharePoint integration by understanding how workflows can be effortlessly automated. Learn how this synergy allows for the creation of efficient, collaborative processes, fostering increased productivity and a more cohesive work environment.

Key Benefits of PowerApps Integration for SharePoint Users

The integration of PowerApps with SharePoint brings a host of benefits to users, revolutionizing the way teams collaborate and interact with data. By seamlessly connecting these two Microsoft platforms, users gain effortless access to SharePoint data, promoting real-time updates and ensuring the accuracy of information.

The dynamic form creation capabilities of PowerApps enable users to design and customize forms tailored to specific business requirements, optimizing data entry processes. Moreover, the collaborative workflows facilitated by this integration enhance overall productivity, allowing SharePoint users to automate tasks and streamline operations.

In essence, the key benefits of PowerApps integration lie in the empowerment of SharePoint users, providing them with a versatile and efficient toolset for data management and collaborative work processes.

It is a part of the Microsoft 365 suit. 

The fact that Power Apps is a code-free app builder makes it unique. Its extremely user-friendly interface created to enable the creation of apps by as many people as possible. It lets you save time and money on training and coding while getting the most specialized solution for your company’s needs. 

Power Apps integration with SharePoint - Evolvous

Setting up custom apps can be expensive, and your production schedule may not always match your developers’ availability. Small and very small businesses frequently cannot even afford it. Fortunately, Microsoft created Power Apps to democratize application development and aid companies of all sizes in achieving their expansion objectives. 

How are Power Apps related to SharePoint? 

Power Apps are a component of Microsoft 365 but separate from SharePoint, as was already mentioned. Power Apps is made to work with a wide range of database sources and can be quickly connected to any SharePoint list, library, or One Drive to extract or store data without needing databases or SQL expertise. It is also fully integrated with the SharePoint web and mobile experiences, which are linked to the data kept in SharePoint lists. 

Why Integrate Power Apps with SharePoint? 

The number of companies wishing to adopt contemporary cloud-based interactive platforms has been increasing over the past few years. Due to the pandemic, more than 50% of businesses now operate online and permit employees to work from home, growing demand for such services. The need for such platforms persisted even after COVID-19’s intensity declined. Integration with SharePoint allows businesses to carry out a wide range of tasks in a convenient and hassle-free setting using a cutting-edge platform like Power Apps. 

The following advantages are guaranteed in a SharePoint and Power Apps integrated environment. 

Let’s take a deep dive into why integrating PowerApps with SharePoint is essential- 

  • PowerApps Available Through the SharePoint Mobile App- Users can easily access Power Apps from the SharePoint App by downloading the app for Android or iOS. By doing so, you can stay current on your work activities while travelling without having to use your laptop or desktop to access Power App on your desktop. 
  • SharePoint libraries are accessible- A sophisticated library built into SharePoint provides a sizable data source for Power Apps. After integration, Power Apps can easily access these libraries, make use of pertinent data, and use them to create fresh, customized apps. Business leaders and owners can also effectively use this data to gain insights and make decisions. 
  • Integrate Power BI- SharePoint and Power BI can be connected via Power Apps. You will be able to visualize complex data and analytics as a result. You can integrate them into your dashboard to quickly and accurately retrieve pertinent data for any business operation. 

Power Apps integration with SharePoint - Evolvous

Now for better understanding, let’s go through this use case. 

  • One of the UK-based construction companies was having some issues. The business used Microsoft Access to address the problems associated with managing employees, projects, expenses, and time sheets. Multiple business demand workflows eventually became obsolete because they hadn’t updated their workflow management in a while. The customer was unsure of the extent of automation required to advance their business, despite high practical costs and error rates associated with human data processing. 
  • Evolvous recognized a fantastic opportunity to help the customer’s business embrace digital transformation. Our team examined the business to pinpoint areas needing replacement and improvement. Our team designs and implements custom applications that integrate Microsoft Power Apps with SharePoint. This helps streamline the process for project and time management, using SharePoint and Microsoft Power Apps as backend databases.
  • Evolvous automated several business workflows, which greatly reduced the amount of manual work required for document collection and processing. SharePoint was used to store all the data centrally. They can access the platform from any device, avoiding delay or error, so they are not solely dependent on computers. 

The Microsoft Power Platform was a complete Production solution that made it simple and intuitive to set up all the necessary components in weeks. If your company’s requirement is similar, then our team can also help streamline your business process. 

Let’s proceed now. 

Power Apps integration with SharePoint - Evolvous

How to integrate PowerApps with SharePoint? 

To integrate Power Apps with SharePoint and create custom apps without difficulty, follow the steps listed below: 

  • Choose “Create” for the Power Apps option under the SharePoint list. When you choose it, your browser will launch the web designer window. 
  • The Power App will automatically create the basic version of the app since you will know precisely which SharePoint list you want to make the Power App from. 
  • Use a web designer to add features that meet your specific needs if you need to make any changes to the application that has been developed. 
  • The internal team members of the SharePoint lists can then access the applications. 
  • The app is accessible through web browsers, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. 


Power Apps are cutting-edge and practical solutions that operate smoothly on various platforms and gadgets. They provide several advantages for all kinds of users. Its ability to be used to create custom apps by people with no programming experience makes it more appealing to users. In the future, Power Apps will likely reveal a sizable number of features and the scope of their functionalities.

By integrating Power Apps with SharePoint, you can give your applications access to cutting-edge SharePoint features like intelligent intranets, search management, and content powered by artificial intelligence, among others. Additionally, the combined potential of Power Apps and SharePoint can help improve internal collaboration, process efficiency, and governing accuracy, among other things. 

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