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Power Automate Consulting Services can provide valuable assistance in leveraging Microsoft Power Automate to streamline and automate business processes. We can help you with Workflow Design and Automation, Integration with Third-Party Applications, Custom Connector, Data Migration and Transformation, User Training, Cost Optimization and Security.

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Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Services in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec and throughout Canada & United States - Evolvous

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Services

We provide complete Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Services in Canada & United States include Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, Washington, Minneapolis, Texas, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Quebec City can help your business be more productive with minimal chances of errors.

Our Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) expert can help you to solve all the issues by automating critical processes, so you can focus on things that matter more to your business.

Our Power Automate Solutions are designed to meet the needs of diverse industries. Every organization needs to carry out several tasks daily. These tasks, although key for overall functioning of the organization, are often repetitive and takes up a considerable amount of time. On top of it, there is also the chance of human error.

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With our Power Automate Consulting Services, You Can Automate Tasks Such As

Creation of bills, purchase orders etc using Power Automate (formerly Microsoft flow) - Evolvous

Creation of bills, purchase orders etc.

Preparing and filing of reports on daily, weekly, or monthly basis using Power Automate - Evolvous

Preparing and filing of reports on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Making entries into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool easy with Power Automate - Evolvous

Making entries into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.

Sending automatic email notifications as alerts for specific events - Evolvous

Sending automatic email notifications as alerts for specific events.

There is so much more that you can do with Power Automate.

At Evolvous, our Power Automate expert helps you to develop customized solutions, helping businesses like yours to maximize resource utilization and cutting down on operational costs.

Use Business Process Automation Anywhere. Anytime

Power Automate gives you the freedom to use multiple channels to develop and deploy your automated processes. You can use Power Automate Desktop or Web to automate processes from your computer. Want to automate on the go? Use Power Automate for mobile. You can also integrate this into Microsoft Teams. As a Power Automate specialist, we help you identify the right channels to build, deploy and manage Power Automate flows.

The Advantages of Using Power Automate Consulting Services

  • Highly customizable.
  • Easy integration with other Power Platform tools, Azure network, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams as well as third-party applications.
  • Record and visualize end-to-end processes using process and task Mining with process advisor.
  • With customized solutions from Evolvous, you can significantly boost your operational efficiency.
  • Highly secure automation environment.

Enhance Process Efficiency with Digital Process Automation Tools

With the Process Advisor from Microsoft Power Platform and in-depth expertise from Evolvous, you can identify the critical functions that can be automated and then find the most efficient logic to automate them.

Power Automate Consulting Services for Industry Specific Solutions

Different industries have different processes that can be automated.

For example,

A manufacturing company can automate purchase orders and certain aspects of supply-chain management.

Power Automate Consulting Services for Manufacturing Industry Specific Solutions - Evolvous

Different requirements of different industries

As a Power Platform expert, we have actively worked with clients from diverse industries, which has helped us to understand the intricacies of the process and help to use smarter logic to efficiently automate even the most complicated processes.

On the other hand, an insurance company might want to achieve faster settlements by automating the claims process.

Power Automate consulting services for Insurance Industry - Evolvous
Here are the industries we helped and continue to serve:
We Provide Power Automate Consulting Services for various Industries includes, Legal, Retail, BPO, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance & Banking - Evolvous

How can Our Power Automate Consultants Help Automate Processes with Evolvous?

We are an experienced Power Automate Consultant, highly skilled in implementing automation processes. extensive experience in utilizing power automate with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to streamline and optimize business operations. By leveraging their expertise, you can automate repetitive tasks, improve efficiency, and achieve a higher level of productivity.

  • Initial Consultation- We discuss the pain points with all the concerned stakeholders.
  • Identification- The processes that can be automated to achieve the desired performance levels, are identified. Proper flowcharts will be prepared, vetted by your team.
  • Custom Connector- Our developers will start the work on creating your Power Automate environment and connecting with other applications, machines, or offline processes.
  • Building Flows- We would start building individual flows. In case of complicated, inter-connected processes, we would make the right connections.
  • Testing- The flow will be tested against various scenarios. Any issues will be rectified, and the most efficient flows will be finally implemented.
  • Deployment- Once everything is tested, we would deploy the flow on the relevant channels.

Our Power Automate Consulting Services Include

So, why should you get customized Automation services from Evolvous? How do we help you get the most out of Microsoft Power Automate?

Here are some of the ways in which we can help:


We understand your business requirements and help you identify the right processes for automation with Power Automation.


Our team will work on the workflow design, setting up data connectors, and deploy the process after thorough testing.


Integrate the process with solutions like Power BI, Power AppsSharePoint, Azure, Microsoft 365Dynamics 365 and more.

User Training and Support

With our comprehensive training and support, you will get the confidence to manage flows and resolve issues on your own.

So, get the right solutions from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and automate your processes to power the growth of your organization.

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    Our Clients Say

    The entire team of Evolvous were an absolute pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Evolvous for their topnotch SharePoint knowledge, incredible support system, overall professionalism and client experience. They were easily available and did not rest until the end result reflected with our vision for our intranet services.

    Ronnit Schwebel

    Director of Marketing

    Very smooth and easy to work with Evolvous. Their team shared excellent ideas, and we are extremely likely to recommend them.

    Oliver Drijovski

    BI Reporting Manager, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions

    It was a good work with SharePoint experts. The team of Evolvous provided ideas and insights and were very quick to action. We highly recommend Evolvous for their promptness & responsiveness.


    eCommerce Manager



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    Power Automate FAQs

    Is Power Automate the Same as Microsoft Flow?

    Microsoft Power Platform is the rebranding of the well-known Microsoft Flow cloud-based tool, including all the familiar features of Microsoft flow, along with a host of new capabilities.

    How Does a Microsoft Power Automate Consultant Help You?

    If you are based in Canada and are searching for ‘Power Automate (Microsoft flow) services near me,’ then you can contact our Calgary or Toronto offices. A Power Automate RPA Consultant helps you to break down existing processes into logical steps, as well technical support to scale up the system or to make changes as required.

    What are the Different Subscription Plans for Power Automate?

    The basic plan which includes only Cloud Flows, also known as Digital Process Automation, starts from 15 USD per month, per user. If you need to get attended RPAs (Robotic Process Automation), then that would cost you 40 USD per month, per user. You can also subscribe to per flow, where you would need to pay USD 100 per month, per flow (for a minimum of 5 flows).

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