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7 Reasons why Small & medium Hospitality Firms need SharePoint - Evolvous

Top 7 Reason why Small & medium hospitality firms needs SharePoint  

Hospitality firms throughout the country are tightening their belts due to weak spending across the board. Simultaneously, they balance costs and resources that may help them improve their production and expertise. If we take any hotel chain as an example, their IT team spends around 20- 21 hours per month managing the hundreds of email servers and mailbox operations at each location. They are usually in charge of user transfers between branches, which often happens in the hotel business. The IT team’s responsibilities don’t stop with server administration.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yAGQ1VOUNA

7 Reason why Small & medium hospitality firms needs SharePoint - Evolvous


Today’s market is too unpredictable for businesses to concentrate only on cooperation, improved communication, and cost-effective solutions. SharePoint Server helps the hotel sector achieve new levels of reliability and performance, simplifies administration, and empowers users to fulfil their expectations for increased business mobility by:  

  • Providing a simple and scalable collaboration policy to reduce IT costs. 
  • Assists in business security. 
  • Assists in increasing production by utilizing cost-effective and efficient management techniques. 

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The competitive and worldwide marketplace poses additional challenges for this (hospitality firms) industry as volume grows, such as:  

  • Consistency in client communications and operations is essential. 
  • Information (daily task maintenance, complaint management & closure statistics, etc.), knowledge & expertise (standard operating procedures, business reports, insights, etc.) are shared and accessed in real-time across locations. 
  • Providing a better client experience through different methods such as online booking, customer feedback, and so on. 

7 Reason why Small & medium hospitality firms needs SharePoint rates - Evolvous 


  • Developing a plan to boost employee productivity. 
  • Optimizing labor scheduling and staff training, appliance repair scheduling, improving employee onboarding experience, and simplifying food and beverage to prevent waste are all ways to cut costs. 
  • Employee satisfaction surveys are available to help retain employees. 
  • To protect consumer data, use strong data security. 

With its excellent built-in features and functions, Microsoft SharePoint can help small and medium hospitality businesses increase efficiency by improving employee and customer satisfaction.  

Hospitality Firm businesses may use SharePoint in a variety of ways.  

  1. Advance Technology
  2. Data security & compliance are essential.
  3. Ensure Employee satisfaction!
  4. Increased Efficacy and cost-effectiveness
  5. Business process automation
  6. Access to centralized information from several areas

Advance Technology

As the world becomes smaller, there is a greater focus on seamless and trouble-free communication among employees and clients. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, 70% of millennials are more inclined to book a hotel with digital features like mobile payments, keyless entry, to name a few. As a result, enterprise-wide communication skills and techniques that can allow this cooperation are critical in the hotel business.

In this regard, SharePoint comes with a wide range of capabilities facilitating processes, communication, and collaboration. Furthermore, as a key component of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint ensures 99.9% uptime, which is critical for small and medium hospitality businesses to provide reliability and customer satisfaction 

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SharePoint Data security and compliance are essential:

Data security is a significant problem for all businesses – large, medium and small. SharePoint ensures data security and industry compliance with end-to-end encryption, highly adjustable and robust data controls, and integrated data loss prevention.

While allowing for easy collaboration and information sharing, SharePoint also secures enterprises by preventing employees from mistakenly or purposely revealing critical information. By imposing auditing policies and security settings from a single dashboard, SharePoint administrators can control and regulate the governance.  

Ensure employee satisfaction:

SharePoint provides all workers in a business with a unified and engaging experience while also keeping them linked. Instilling a sense of belonging and being a part of the team promotes greater cooperation, increased productivity, and improved employee satisfaction, leading to higher employee retention.  

Increased efficacy and cost-effectiveness:

SharePoint Solution may be used to address a variety of company needs, including document management and intranets. SharePoint OOTB provides you with a cost-effective solution that includes all the necessary features. You may grow and adapt your SharePoint deployment to meet your business objectives, such as complaint management, feedback gathering, facilities management, and service management. It can be easily tailored into a solution that meets your specific company needs.  

Business Processes Automation:

SharePoint’s ability to develop and deploy complex workflows is one of its primary advantages. By applying business logic to objects or documents in a SharePoint Library, workflows enable the automatic movement of documents to handle typical business operations efficiently. Workflows are useful for coordinating corporate operations such as document review, approvals, and other related duties while saving time and money.

It effectively monitors and tracks human tasks by delivering email notifications to workflow participants with task instructions and a link to the request for approval that must be approved. Thus, workflows can be a useful option for the hotel business to obtain permission, collect feedback, collect digital signatures on a document or form, and even track a problem, all of which can dramatically improve your staff efficiency by lowering turn-around time. 

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Collaboration across the entire company:

SharePoint allows for company-wide collaboration. SharePoint allows users to exchange files and information from anywhere with real-time co-authoring thanks to its comprehensive integration with Microsoft OneDrive.  

Access to centralized information from several areas:

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to organize all your documents and information in one place. It will enable your employees to access information such as service, request, and maintenance statuses and knowledge such as news updates, events, and activities from any place. SharePoint may be utilized as a corporate knowledge base due to its great search capability and analytics built in. A single version of information that can be accessible across the company results in more consistent communication with clients and, as a result, increased efficiency.  

 Summary:  Microsoft SharePoint can be the greatest collaboration and communication solution for your hotel industry because of its collaborative capabilities, simplified sharing, simple setup and integration, and solid security and up-time. We provide complete SharePoint services such as SharePoint consulting, development, migration, and integration thanks to our deep domain expertise, experience, and certified SharePoint consultants. Contact us today to learn more about our low-cost, high-quality SharePoint services.

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