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Roadmap to Revamping Your SharePoint Intranet in 2024 - Evolvous

Roadmap to Revamping Your SharePoint Intranet in 2024 

Having an efficient and accessible intranet is instrumental in enhancing collaboration and productivity. If you already have a SharePoint intranet for your business, it would be a smart idea to revisit your strategy and revamp the infrastructure to better align it with your requirements.  

Being a certified Microsoft Gold consultant, Evolvous offers extensive support to revamping your SharePoint intranet. With our custom intranet solutions, businesses from diverse industries have been able to upgrade their intranet experience.  

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How to Revamp Your SharePoint Intranet – An Overview of the Process 

The process and the extent of SharePoint revamp depends on your needs and requirements. At Evolvous, we have a detailed discussion with your stakeholders to capture your unique needs and then produce a tailored roadmap.  

However, in most cases, these are the stages that are involved in revamping a SharePoint Intranet. 

STAGE 1: Assessment 

STAGE 2: Enhancing the SharePoint Intranet Structure 

STAGE 3: Planning for Better AI Integration 

STAGE 4: Revamping the Design 

STAGE 5: Improving the Content Experience 

STAGE 6: Enhancing Data Security and Governance 

STAGE 7: Testing 

Let us look at each of the stages in greater detail and discover the objectives that need to be achieved at each of them! 

The Different Stages of SharePoint Intranet Revamp 

Let us delve a bit deeper into the individual stages of revamping your SharePoint intranet and what needs to be done at each of them 


STAGE 1: How to Assess Your Requirements Before SharePoint Intranet Upgrade? 

Assessment is the first and perhaps the most critical stage of the process. At this stage, you need to assess your requirements and your existing SharePoint infrastructure. Here are the questions that you need to ask yourself when you are assessing your SharePoint Intranet: 

  • Purpose and Goals 
  1. What is your primary purpose of revamping the intranet? What are the specific issues you are facing with the current system? 
  2. What are the specific goals and objectives you aim to achieve with the revamp? 
  • User Needs 
  1. Will you be adding new users, which distinct requirements? 
  2. Which features or functionalities would improve user experience and productivity? 
  • Content Management 
  1. What types of content are currently hosted on the intranet? Are they organized effectively? 
  2. Are there any content gaps or inconsistencies? 
  • Collaboration 
  1. Are there any collaboration tools or features that are currently underutilized? 
  2. What improvements can be made to enhance collaboration and communication among users?
  • Customization and Branding 
  1. Does the existing intranet reflect the branding and identity of your business effectively? 
  2. Are there any customization options or branding elements that need to be updated or added? 
  • Security and Permissions
  1. How are access controls managed on the intranet? 
  2. Are there security concerns or new compliance requirements that need to be considered? 
  • Budget and Resources 
  1. What budget and resources are available for the intranet revamp? 
  2. Are there any time or other type of constraints? 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

The SharePoint consulting team at Evolvous will help you conduct a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure and needs. We will have a detailed discussion with stakeholders to understand the needs at various levels of your organization. 

STEP 2: How to Enhance the SharePoint Intranet Structure? 

The next stage of the process is to enhance the SharePoint intranet structure. Now, depending on your needs, there are a range of improvements that can be made. Here are a few of them. 

  • Organizing the Information Based on a Well-defined Hierarchy 

It is recommended to revisit the content hierarchy at this stage. Categorize or recategorize documents based on logical categories, topics, or themes. 

Try to use intuitive labels, headings, and navigation paths so that users can easily get the information that they are looking for. Similarly, you should use metadata, tags, and filters to enhance flexibility and granularity in the way you organize your content. 

  • Implementing Consistent Navigation and Taxonomy 

A substantial number of SharePoint users face issues with their navigation. So, when you are revamping your SharePoint intranet, it is important to look at the navigation. It is important to design a consistent navigation menu, breadcrumbs, and site maps. You must also ensure that the navigation and taxonomy align with preferences and the expectations of the user. 

  • Optimize Search Functionality 

When you are looking to enhance the SharePoint intranet structure, you should also look at how effectively your search works. You need to configure your search setting, filters, and the algorithms to improve search results. Make sure that you provide search suggestions, auto complete, and advanced filtering options to your users so that they can refine the search results. 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

Based on your needs and preferences, we would review the SharePoint information hierarchy and make necessary changes. We will also test the impact of the changes and resolve any issues. 

STEP 3: How to Plan for Better AI Integration During SharePoint Intranet Revamp? 

Microsoft has added a lot of AI functionalities to their SharePoint platform in the past few years. If you have been using SharePoint intranet for some time, then you need to consider integrating AI features into your intranet. 

To begin the process of integrating the latest AI-features to your SharePoint intranet. This might include features such as: 

  • AI-powered content recommendations. 
  • Intelligent search and discovery 
  • Automated content tagging 
  • AI copilot for virtual assistance 
  • AI-powered predictive analytics for content usage patterns. 

Once you have identified the features, you need to identify specific use cases and scenarios where those features can add value to your intranet. Configure and customize settings and parameters to align with the preferences and requirements of your organization. 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

Evolvous helps you to select the right AI features and integrate them into your SharePoint environment. With the help of AI Copilot Studio, you can build your custom AI copilot that allows you to execute tasks with ease with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

Learn More About AI Copilot 

Our AI Copilot Studio Solutions will help you build a customized AI assistant that can not only be deployed for your SharePoint intranet but also on Power BI, Power Apps, and other Microsoft products that you might use. 

Visit our AI Copilot page to know more. 

STEP 4:  Revamping the Design of Your SharePoint Intranet 

Now, let us talk about redesigning the visual elements of your SharePoint intranet. Here, we are going to talk about revamping the design of the hub site, which is the interface that most of your users will be using. Here are some of the things that you should do to make the design of your SharePoint hub site more attractive.  

  • Try to use modern web parts, such as news, events, or highlighted content, to display vital information and keep users engaged. 
  • You also need to use audience targeting to display relevant content to specific groups of users based on their roles or interests. 
  • It is also important to work on your navigation on the hub site. You need to utilize the navigation bar of the hub site to provide easy access to important sections or resources. 
  •  Integrate third-party apps and services to extend the functionality of the hub site. SharePoint can easily integrate with a range of productivity tools, communication platforms and other services used by your organization. 
  • To give a consistent experience to your users, you can use your company colors and logos on the hub site. 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

Our team will work towards enhancing the usability and functionality of your SharePoint hub site. Based on your needs, we will customize the design elements of your hub site to ensure that you deliver the desired experience to your team. 

STEP 5: Tips for Improving the Content Experience on Your SharePoint Intranet 

Next, we will be moving towards enhancing the content experience on your website. Content experience is key to improving the performance of your intranet. Here are some of the important things that should be done to improve the content experience on your intranet. 

  • Encourage your team to use SharePoint’s document libraries, list, and folders to categorize and group similar content together.  
  • Use clear and consistent labelling for document titles, links, and headings. This will make the document even more searchable. 
  • If you are using multimedia content, make sure that the content is responsive and accessible to all the users. 
  • Compress images and other media content to reduce load times. 
  • Make sure to monitor and optimize the performance of the environment to ensure a smooth and reliable access to the content! 

How Does SharePoint Help? 

We would analyze the existing content experience that you are delivering through your SharePoint environment. The team will identify the areas for improvement and implement the changes required to enhance the content experience. Our team will also help you to manage integration with other applications to enhance the quality of content experience on the platform. 

STEP 6: How to Boost the Security and Governance of Your SharePoint Intranet? 

With the rise of security threats and newer industry regulations, it is important that you enhance the security and governance features of your website. Here are some of the things that you need to do to enhance your security and governance features. 

  • Utilize SharePoint’s Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to assign permissions to only the relevant people in your organization. 
  • SharePoint also has Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies. Make sure that you reconfigure the DLP policies to better suit your current requirements 
  • Make sure that you log events like file access, document modifications, permission changes etc., to detect any compliance violations. 
  • Define suitable DLM (Document Lifecyle Management) policies to govern issues like how long the document will be accessible to everyone, how and when it will be archived, under which circumstances it will be disposed of, and what data will be retained etc. 
  • It is important to keep your SharePoint environment up to date by applying the latest security patches, updates and fixes released by Microsoft. 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

We will start by conducting a detailed security audit of the system to identify the specific steps that need to be taken to boost the security and governance features. Our team will implement the changes and provide adequate training and documentation to your team members, so that they are aware of the changes in policies and can work confidently by adhering to them. 

STEP 7: Testing the Revamped SharePoint Intranet 

Lastly, you need to test the revamped system to ensure it functions as expected. It is important that you check every aspect of the system before going live so that your team members can use the system with minimal disruption. 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

Evolvous conducts a thorough testing of the system to ensure that you get the desired level of performance. Even after rolling out the changes, our dedicated team will constantly monitor the changes and address issues as soon as possible. 

Expected Results After SharePoint Intranet Revamp 

As a result of a well planned and executed SharePoint intranet revamp, you can expect the following results: 

  1. Better Collaboration: Significant increase in contributions to discussion and collaboration spaces 
  2. Increased Access to Content: Increase in the number of documents accessed, viewed, and downloaded. 
  3. Higher Value Extraction from Documents: With an increase in simultaneous editing and document co-authoring, you will be able to increase the value of each document. 
  4. Decrease in the Time Spent on Searching for Information: You can boost productivity by being able to find the required documents with ease with the help of better navigation, custom metadata, and accurate labelling. 
  5. Decrease in Support Tickets: By solving common intranet issues during revamp, you can easily reduce the number of tickets raised, reducing the workload of your support teams. 

These are only some of the benefits you will get when you revamp your SharePoint intranet with Evolvous. For more details, visit our SharePoint intranet page. 

Getting Started with SharePoint Intranet Revamp 

To get started with revamping your SharePoint intranet, contact our team today. Discuss our project with our experts and discover how we can help.  

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