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SharePoint Custom Development Solutions in Canada & United States - Evolvous

SharePoint Online Custom Development from Evolvous

At Evolvous, Our Microsoft-certified professionals will understand your unique requirement and with our expertise in SharePoint customization, our solutions that perfectly support digital transformation, employee engagement and enhanced collaboration across your business.

SharePoint is a versatile platform that can be customized to fit the needs of any organization.

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Why Do You Need SharePoint Custom Solutions?

Why should you consider getting online custom SharePoint development services for your business?
There are many varied reasons why you should think about customizing your SharePoint environment.
Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Flexibility and Efficiency for Your Business Processes

One of the keys aims of SharePoint is to ensure that all SharePoint assets meet your business requirements. It also adapts effortlessly to future expansions and increased customer/vendor transactions.

Increased Admin Control

Microsoft 365 SharePoint does offer some control to the admins. But you might require control in specific cases. For example, you want oversight on the content usage and the workflows in which the documents are to be used. Custom SharePoint development helps to customize the control options for the admins.

Better Analytics

An efficient data analysis system is key for any modern business’s success. Custom development can help you integrate various Business Intelligence (BI) platforms like Power BI, Tableau, and the like into your SharePoint site, making analytics seem more seamless.

Discover Other Benefits of SharePoint

There are a host of other benefits of SharePoint getting Custom development from Evolvous. Contact our team to explore how we can help your business get more from your SharePoint assets.

The Different Elements of SharePoint that can be Customized

  • Site Templates- You can customize site templates to define the layout, structure, and functionality of SharePoint sites.
  • Custom Web Parts-Customize web parts to display dynamic content, data visualizations and custom functionality on SharePoint pages.
  • Theme and Branding- Apply custom themes, colors, fonts, and logos to match the branding and visual identity of your organization.
  • Custom Navigation- Configuring navigation menus, links, and system hierarchy to improve usability and enhance functionality of your website.
  • List and Libraries- Create custom lists and libraries to organize and manage content, including custom columns and views.
  • Page Layouts- Designing custom page layouts to control the look and feel of the SharePoint pages. Create customized headers, footers, and content sections.
  • Custom Search- Configure search settings, scopes, and managed properties to improve search relevance and accuracy within SharePoint.
  • Permissions and Security- Managing permissions and security settings to control access to sites, lists, libraries, and individual items within your SharePoint environment.

Choose Evolvous for Custom SharePoint Development Services

Evolvous solutions brings its expertise in SharePoint development to ensure that you realize the true potential of Custom development. Our services are tailored to meet your needs. Here are some of the advantages you get when you get our solutions.

Better Infrastructure with SharePoint Support Services - Evolvous

We Help You Identify the Right Processes to Customize

Our team of experts will carefully analyze your business needs and recommend the processes you should optimize to achieve the desired goals. This might include anything from putting your logo and watermark on the document automatically or integrating RPA software like Power Automate to automate processes.

Custom SharePoint Solutions: Enhancing Business Requirements - Evolvous

We Possess the Right Technical Skills

We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, which is a testament to our level of expertise. We are driven by a team of highly qualified and experienced developers who will handle planning, development, and deployment without any issues.

Custom SharePoint Solutions: Enhancing Business Requirements - Evolvous

We have the Required Experience

Over the past decade, we have helped several businesses from diverse industrial sectors. Whether your business is just starting, growing rapidly, or looking to capitalize on current opportunities, we know how to develop the right solutions to help you achieve your goals.

How We Help with SharePoint Customization?

With our 6-step approach, our SharePoint customization solution helps you to create a bug-free multi-
purpose application seamlessly integrating with other enterprise systems.

Step 1


Let our experts evaluate your current SharePoint environment and understand your unique business needs.

Step 2


Plan and design your SharePoint tailored to meet specific business needs considering the latest design trends.

Step 3


Implementing the plan with your SPOC, concentrating on user experience throughout the developmental cycle.

Step 4


Our expert developers ensure that you receive a technically sound and bug-free solution.

Step 5


We take care of the deployment from beginning to end and allow your IT team to focus on other critical projects.

Step 6


We ensure to provide our comprehensive support, including updates and backups.

Custom SharePoint Solutions: Enhancing Business Requirements - Evolvous

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